Attendance Maintenance
High School and Middle School
eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Attendance Administration
This user manual covers Attendance Administration within the eSchoolData (eSD®) Student Management System for
attendance managers to monitor, record, and reconcile attendance information.
User Manual Contents
Attendance Profiles
View Student Contact Information
View Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Cumulative, and Historical Attendance Reports
Edit Attendance
Entering Attendance Events
Run Attendance Exceptions Report
Daily Attendance Report in Student Portfolio
Attendance Management Reports
Period Attendance Summary
Attendance Closeout Defaults
Explanation of Attendance Closeout Procedure
Daily Attendance Status by Date report (list of students Absent or Tardy for the day)
Attendance Status by Date (displays any Absence and/or Tardy by student for all periods/daily)
Student Attendance Events report
Daily Attendance Reconciliation
Attendance Utilities
Attendance Event Wizard
Field Trip Wizard
Additional Attendance Reports
Attendance Closeout Report
Excessive Absences
Perfect Attendance
Attendance Reasons Search Report
Attendance Steps Reference
Attendance Reports Reference
Entering OSS/ISS/Home Tutoring
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Attendance Profiles
Student > Attendance> Attendance Profiles
This report provides a direct way to view daily, weekly, monthly, cumulative, and historical attendance details by
student. Users can also edit attendance, enter Attendance Events, view student Contacts, and access a list of
Attendance Exceptions.
Viewing Student Contact Information
for household, guardian, contact, and student allergy information. Red phone and red arrow icons
indicate a Guardian Alert.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Viewing individual student attendance
Student> Attendance> Attendance Profiles> Student ID
In the Attendance
Profiles screen, click
the ID Number for the
student attendance
you want to view.
Select Weekly, Monthly, or
Cumulative/Custom tabs
to view Student Attendance
by a specified week, month,
or date range.
Change date to view
attendance for a
different date, and
click Search.
Go back to Attendance Profiles
Open the student portfolio
Edit Student Attendance
View Attendance Reasons Table and Codes
List of student Attendance Letters and dates
Historical Attendance Report by year
Permanent Student Attendance Record
Attendance Status Key:
P = Present
AE = Absent Excused
AU = Absent Unexcused
A* = Absent Unexcused with
no reason attached
TE = Tardy Excused
TU = Tardy Unexcused
T* = Tardy Unexcused with
no reason attached
PE = Partially Excused
PU = Partially Unexcused
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Cumulative/Custom Tab
Tip: Clicking on underlined
attendance will take you to
Daily Attendance for that day.
Attendance History Report (History of
student attendance by year)
Student-> Attendance->
Attendance Profile->
Select student from list-> History Button
Attendance Record
Student-> Attendance-> Attendance Profile->
Select student from list->
Attendance Record Button
Attendance Reasons
Student-> Attendance-> Attendance Profile->
Select student from list->
Reasons Button
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Editing student attendance
Student> Attendance> Attendance Profile> Student ID
Click Edit on the Attendance Profile for the Edit Student Attendance screen.
Click Save to
save changes.
Clear: to set
attendance back
to Present.
Must click Save
for Clear to
to enter a
comment for Daily
Attendance. Teachers
see this comment in
their attendance
Daily Attendance
Mark student Present, Absent or Tardy for the day. Daily Attendance can only be accessed by the Attendance Officer.
To Mark student Absent for the day:
Select Absent for Daily from the dropdown. The absence will filter to all periods. The same happens for Reason, Note,
and Verified.
To Mark student Tardy for the day:
Select Tardy for Daily from the dropdown and enter the Time. Full periods missed by the student will be changed to
Period Attendance
Mark student Present, Absent, or Tardy to class. Entered by teachers, but can be changed by the Attendance Officer and
will only affect the selected period.
Note: Attendance entered or edited by a Super User (Attendance Officer), can only be edited by a Super User.
Teachers cannot edit attendance entered by a Super User.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Entering Attendance Events
Student>Attendance> Attendance Profile> Select Student ID> Attendance Events button
An Attendance Event is a feature to quickly enter attendance for a planned event (i.e. Early Dismissal for a
Doctor’s Appointment). There are 4 Attendance Event choices: Full Day, Midday, Early Dismissal, and Late
enter an Event
Select Event
Select an Attendance Reason.
Enter Date and Time. (Full Day Event enables you to enter a date range.)
Things to Remember:
Upon entering an Attendance Event, the Daily and Period Attendance will be updated in both the Student Attendance
Report and the Teacher Attendance Roster.
Late Arrival event marks the student
Tardy for day with the time and absent
for the periods the student is absent from.
Early Dismissal event marks the student
AE/AU for the periods the student is
absent from.
Once an event has been entered, the
attendance affected by the event will
appear gray in the student’s Edit
Student Attendance screen and cannot
be edited unless the event is deleted or
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Viewing and Editing Attendance Event
Event for the day can be viewed or edited by clicking on Events at the bottom of the Student Daily Attendance
Red X = Delete Event
Pencil/Paper = Edit
Change the type of event, date or
time in the Edit Event screen. For
example, change an Early Dismissal
to Midday if the student leaves
school and returns.
When a Student Returns to School from an Early
1. Click on the + Events to view the Early Dismissal
Edit Event symbol
2. Click on the
3. Change the Event from Early Dismissal to Mid
Day by clicking on the dropdown for Event.
4. Enter time returned and Save. The attendance
will update in the student record in teacher
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Mass Entry of Early Dismissal, Late Arrival, Full Day, and Mid Day Events
Student> Attendance> Attendance Profile- Early Dismissal, Late Arrival, Full Day or Mid Day
After selecting the Event button, the following screen will open. For each student entry, you must enter the following
1.) Date (by default will show current date)
2.) Time (unless using Full Day event)
3.) Reason
4.) Student Name
Searching for Student Name:
1.) Click on a letter of the alphabet for a
list of students by last name.
2.) Click in box to select student. More
than 1 student can be selected at a
3.) Click Save.
Student Name can also be searched by entering
a Criteria and clicking Search.
The student’s Attendance Profile and Teacher Attendance Roster will both be updated. You can edit Time and Reason or
Delete Event records from this window.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Attendance Exceptions Report
Student> Attendance> Attendance Profile> Attendance Exceptions button
The Attendance Exceptions Report provides a list of student instances that may contain a conflict in the
attendance record. In particular, if the student is marked Absent for the day with an Attendance Reason setup as
a Daily Present reason.
1.) Enter in a date range, and click Search.
2.) Clicking on the student name will open the
Edit Student Attendance screen for the selected
student and date to view or edit attendance.
Not all records in this report need correction.
Daily Attendance Report in Student Portfolio
Student> Attendance> Attendance Profile> Select Student from list> Portfolio button> Daily Attendance tab
This report shows the student’s Daily Attendance by date for the entire year, including Attendance Reasons, Note,
and Verified.
To edit Attendance, click on the Status
and the Edit Student Attendance screen
will open for that date.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Attendance Reports
Period Attendance Summary
Student> Attendance> Period Attendance Summary
This report enables the user to view the attendance taken by period and class at any point during the day.
! means teacher has not taken
attendance for this class.
To view the Teacher Attendance Roster, click on a Course Number. Attendance can be taken for the teacher
from this screen.
= Student missed
one or more classes
Teacher Attendance Roster
Click SAVE to
save changes.
= Student is absent
for the day
= Student is partially
scheduled for this class
View Student Schedule
Click button to change
attendance from Present
to Absent to Tardy.
Things to Remember:
1.) Attendance entered on this screen will filter to student’s Period Attendance in their Attendance Profile. If a
student is Tardy to school, this should be entered on the student’s Attendance Profile for Daily Attendance.
2.) Teachers can click on the Red A to view the student’s daily and period attendance for the day.
3.) Teachers see Events with the time.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Attendance Close Out Defaults
Student> Attendance> Attendance Close Out Defaults
The Attendance Close Out Defaults is a utility that copies “Attendance Period” attendance (HR attendance) to
Daily Attendance, for all students. Run this utility before running the Daily Attendance Reports.
Click Run Close
Out button
Note: Student attendance can be manually edited throughout the day, before and after the Close Out has been run.
Attendance Closeout Procedure
After the school day has ended, eSD® uses a “close-out” process to derive Daily Attendance based on school Attendance
Closeout Default parameters. The close-out process examines period attendance records by student for the day, and
applies an overall Daily Attendance Status according to these parameters. For example, if the school Attendance Policy
states that Homeroom Class (setup in this school as Period 1) should be applied to Daily Attendance, after the Closeout
Process is run, any student marked absent for Homeroom would be marked as Daily Absent.
Note: The close-out process will never overwrite a Daily or Period Attendance entered by a Super User or Teacher.
What this means is if the Attendance officer has manually entered a student’s attendance or run the Attendance Close
Out (which affects Daily Attendance only), that student’s attendance will be locked and the close-out will not change Daily
attendance that is locked.
Note: The Closeout Process only affects the attendance for that day. It does not change attendance for past dates.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Daily Attendance Status By Date
Student> Attendance> Daily Attendance Status by Date
The Daily Attendance Status by Date report is a list of students that are Absent or Tardy for the day. The report
pulls this information from student’s Daily Attendance. The Attendance Close Out Defaults updates this report.
Check the Attendance Status to
be included in the report and
click Search.
This report can
be printed or
opened in Excel.
Attendance Status by Date
Student> Attendance> Attendance Status by Date
The Attendance Status by Date report enables the user to monitor Real Time student attendance by period.
The report can be run by many different search options or by a specific period.
Print a list of Guardian
Only or All Contact
information for each
student in this report.
Print the report or take
the report out to Excel.
Click on + to
view Event.
Click on student
ID to Edit Student
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Student Attendance Events Report
Student> Attendance> Student Attendance Events Report
The Student Attendance Events Report is a list of all Events setup for students in a specified date range. These
Events include: Full Day, Early Dismissal, Midday, Late Arrival, and Field Trips. This report can also generate a
list of Events setup for a specific student by any date range.
Open report in Excel to
print list.
Daily Attendance Reconciliation
Student-> Attendance-> Daily Attendance Reconciliation
The Daily Attendance Reconciliation report is used to quickly update attendance reasons, note, and/or verified on
Daily Attendance for attendance records within a date range. This report can also be used to get a list of
students that have not submitted a note.
Click student ID
to update Period
Attendance for
that date.
Click “Save”
after entering
all changes.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Attendance Utilities
Attendance Event Wizard
Student> Attendance> Attendance Event Wizard
The Attendance Event Wizard is a utility for assigning an Attendance Event to a group of students in mass.
Step 1: Attendance Event List
Select the Event, Reason, Date, and Time
Click “Search”. A list of students already setup with an Event according to the criteria entered will appear.
If there are no students assigned to this event, you will see “No results”.
To assign students, click Next.
Step 2: Select Students
1. Click Search or select criteria for
students to be assigned to the Event,
and click Search.
When searching by course,
type in course number and
click the yellow arrows
pointing to the right to
update the list of Sections.
2. Click on the student name in the
“Source Students” list to move
student under the “Selected
Students” list. Students already
assigned to the Event will appear in
Red under Selected Students.
3. Once the students have been
selected, scroll to the bottom of the
screen and click Next.
All buttons move
all the students in
either direction.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Verify the Event
information is correct.
If incorrect, click Back
to reach the Main
screen and make
Click Update to assign
students to the Event.
You will see a message when
Edit Events in the Wizard
Editing an event that had been created through the
wizard needs to be done by student.
1.) Go to the Attendance Event Wizard
2.) Enter the Event type, date, reason, time
3.) Click Search
This will bring up the list of students assigned to the
4.) Click on the Paper/Pencil icon in front of each
student’s name and edit the event in the Edit Student
Attendance screen.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Field Trip Wizard
Student> Attendance> Field Trip Wizard
The Field Trip Wizard is used to manage a group of students on a school-sponsored field trip or any other school
activity. This tool can be used to print a list of students and guardian information. A field trip cannot be entered
for a past date, but can be entered for a future date, the same day, or a multiple date range. Once setup, a field
trip can be edited before or during the Field Trip time. (It cannot be edited once the Field Trip is over.)
Creating Field Trips
Step 1: Create a New Field Trip, click the yellow +.
Enter information in all fields with a Red *.
Then click “Save”.
Step 2: Assigning Students
On the main screen, click in the check
box in front of the field trip and click
To delete a field trip, click the Red X.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Step 2: Assigning Students (Continued)
To narrow student search, select
criteria and click “Search”.
Click on student names under “Source
Students” to move under “Selected
After students are listed under Selected
Students, click “Next” at the bottom of
the screen.
Click “Update” to assign
Selected Students to this field
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Taking Field Trip Attendance
Take attendance for a field trip:
1. Check mark the Field trip.
2. Click on Clip Board Icon next to
the yellow +.
3. In the Master Field Trip Attendance
window students can be checked
Present, No Show, or Drop from
the Field Trip.
4. To Drop a student from the field
trip, put a check in front of the
student’s name and click the Drop
button at the top of the page.
5. Click “Save”
Viewing or Editing a Field Trip
To view a field trip, click on
the Magnifying Glass Icon.
To edit a field trip, click
on the Pencil Icon.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Attendance Closeout Report
Reports > Attendance> Attendance Closeout Report
The Attendance Closeout Report is a snapshot list of attendance totals for a particular date generated after the
Attendance Close Out Defaults is run. Any changes made to student attendance after that date will not be
reflected in this report. The attendance totals are listed by Status, Grade, Ethnicity, and Gender.
Excessive Absences
Reports> Attendance> Excessive Absences
The Excessive Absences report searches for students meeting the selected attendance criteria for Absences
and/or Tardies. There are two Report Types: Excessive Class Absences or Student Excessive Absences
Select criteria and
click “Search”.
Print report or
open in Excel.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Perfect Attendance
Reports> Attendance> Perfect Attendance
The Perfect Attendance report identifies students with perfect attendance based on the criteria entered. This can
be run for any date range and includes the ability to ignore specific Absent/Tardy attendance reasons that should
not count against a student’s attendance record according to your school’s attendance policy.
Note: Checking “Daily Only” will look at only Daily Attendance. Leaving this check box empty will include
Period Attendance in this report.
To ignore specific attendance reasons for Tardy and/or Absent, click on the Tardy or Absent button and click on
the reasons to be ignored in the list. Then click “Search”.
Attendance Reasons Search Report
Reports> Attendance> Attendance Reasons Search Report
The Attendance Reasons Search Report allows a user to search for students who were absent/tardy for a
particular reason or group of reasons for a specified date range.
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Reports> Attendance> AT-6
The AT-6 report can be run for any date range. Enter the date range and click “Run AT6”. Runs are stored and
can be re-run from the “View Previous Run” dropdown.
Reports> Attendance> SA129
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Editing individual student attendance.
Student> Attendance> Attendance Profile
Add future attendance events to an individual
(Doctor’s appointment, illness, early
dismissal, vacation)
Student> Attendance> Attendance Profile
> + Events > Attendance Events
Rapid entry screen for Early Dismissal , Late
Arrival, Full Day, or Mid Day
Student> Attendance> Attendance Profile
> Early Dismissals, Late Arrivals, Full Day, or Mid
Day button
View teachers who have not taken attendance.
Student> Attendance > Period Attendance
Copy HR attendance to daily attendance.
Student> Attendance > Attendance Close Out
Enter Notes
Student> Attendance > Daily Attendance
Attendance Event for a group of students
Student> Attendance > Attendance Event Wizard
Field Trips
Student> Attendance > Field Trip Wizard
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Absent/Tardy List
Student> Attendance > Daily Attendance Status by
Skip Report
Student> Attendance > Attendance Status by Date
List of all early dismissals, late arrivals, etc.
Student> Attendance > Student Attendance Events
Absent/Tardy reasons report
Reports> Attendance > Attendance Reasons Search
Attendance totals based on student status, grade,
ethnicity or gender.
Reports>>Attendance > Attendance Closeout Report
SA129 report
Reports>Attendance > SA129 Report
AT-6 report (This report can also be run by
Reports>Attendance > AT-6
Find attendance errors or things that just are not quite Student> Attendance > Attendance Profile
> Attendance Exceptions
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eSchoolData Attendance Guide
Entering OSS/ISS/Home Tutoring
Student> Attendance> Student Attendance Report
The easiest way to enter attendance that covers a whole day or more, such as Out-of-School Suspension, InSchool Suspension, Home Tutoring, or Vacation, is as a Full Day Event. If the Event covers more than 1 day into
the future, the system will update the student’s attendance automatically.
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