"user manual"
A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns
or flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a television screen or while playing video
games, including games played on the PlayStation game console, may induce an epileptic seizure in these
individuals. Certain conditions may induce previously undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who
have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family, has an epileptic condition,
consult your physician prior to playing. If you experience any of the following symptoms while playing a video
game – dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any involuntary
movement, or convulsions – IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your physician before resuming play.
Getting Started
The Screen
Guest Characters
Mini Games
Brand New QUEST
Limited Warranty
Do not connect your PlayStation game console to a projection TV without first consulting the user manual for
your projection TV, unless it is of the LCD type. Otherwise, it may permanently damage your TV screen.
• This compact disc is intended for use only with the PlayStation game console.
• Do not bend it, crush it or submerge it in liquids.
• Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near a radiator or other source of heat.
• Be sure to take an occasional rest break during extended play.
• Keep this compact disc clean. Always hold the disc by the edges and keep it in its protective case when not
in use. Clean the disc with a lint-free, soft, dry cloth, wiping in straight lines from center to outer edge.
Never use solvents or abrasive cleaners.
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50 years ago, a mysterious weapon constructed from an unknown material was discovered in
the remains of an ancient German castle.
The weapon came to be known as EHRGEIZ™. It was presented to the winner of a tournament
that determined the world’s greatest fighter. In time, it became the name and symbol of the
tournament itself.
In the Middle East, under the command of a particular organization, an excavation site was
constructed to explore the ancient ruins believed to hold the secret of immortality. However, the
key to the final door of the ruins could not be found. Now, a legend has surfaced among the
people, hinting that the mysterious stone embedded within EHRGEIZ may be the key to this door.
The ambitious, hoping to finally unveil the mystery of the ancient ruins, are now set on obtaining
EHRGEIZ in the championship tournament.
Anticipation rises as the aircraft informing the public about The EHRGEIZ Championship
Tournament flies around the world. The exhilaration of the participants slowly begins to pulse
through the air.
L2 BUTTON - (Jump)
L1 BUTTON - (Jump)
OR ANALOG JOYSTICK (Move, press twice to Jump)
Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in its Instruction Manual. Make sure the
power is OFF before inserting or removing a compact disc. Insert the EHRGEIZ disc and close the disc cover.
Insert one or two Controllers into the Controller ports and turn ON the PlayStation game console. The opening
movie can be skipped by pressing the START button.
SELECT BUTTON (Not used during play)
R2 BUTTON - G (Guard)
R1 BUTTON - G (Guard)
BUTTON - H (High Attack)
BUTTON - S (Special Attack)
BUTTON - L (Low Attack)
BUTTON - H (High Attack)
START BUTTON - (Pause/Menu)
ANALOG BUTTON (Analog/Vibration ON when LED is lit)
Four types of control configurations have been issued for the
You may have a
controller that looks like
Controller. The button functions above apply to the Arcade Mode.
this, if so please follow
In the PlayStation Mode, the √ button combines the High(H) and
the digital instructions
outlined above.
Low(L) Attack buttons, and disables the jump function using the
directional buttons. These buttons have been arranged so that they
are suited for play on the PlayStation. With the Custom feature, the player can set the button positions to
their preference. When selecting the character, press the SELECT button and enter the button configuration
menu. EHRGEIZ is also compatible with the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK™). The player can control the
character using the Analog Joystick, while the button functions remain the same. The vibration function can
be turned ON/OFF in the Options menu.
A menu with the following will appear after the opening movie sequence:
Use the directional buttons to highlight an option and press the ≈ button to
execute. Pressing the button will result in the appropriate screen being displayed.
For details on each game option, please refer to the corresponding page:
Brand New QUEST 23
From the EHRGEIZ screen, it is possible to return to the main menu by selecting
EXIT, or by pressing the ç button.
For Mini Games, it is possible to return to the main menu by pressing the ç
button during the introduction.
After entering the Brand New QUEST mode, it is not possible to return to the main
menu. Please be aware that the EHRGEIZ game data will disappear if not saved.
Select the MEMORY CARD heading from the main menu. This option will allow data to be saved and loaded for
the Arcade Mode and the Mini Games Mode only. Only one memory block is necessary to save game data in
both the Arcade Mode and the Mini Games. The QUEST Mode will require two memory blocks. For saving and
loading instructions for the QUEST Mode, please see “Saving” and “Loading” on page 26.
The necessary directional buttons and operation of each button to play the game.
Press a directional button once in any direction.
Hold down a directional button in any direction.
High Attack - Press the √ or ç button.
Low Attack - Press the ≈ button.
Just Frame Technique - Explained on page 08.
(Jump) Press the L1 or L2 button.
Guard - Press the R1 or R2 button.
Special Attack - Press the Ω button.
Press at the same time.
The goal of each character is to fight and win battles against
opponents that continue to appear through successive stages of battle.
Freely use conventional fighting techniques and Special Attacks to
weaken the opponent and win. The character who depletes the other’s
Physical Strength gauge completely, or the character whose Physical
Strength gauge remains greater than the other when the Time Limit
reaches zero, will receive one set point. If the Physical Strength gauge
of each character becomes empty simultaneously or if at the Time Limit, the Physical Strength of
the two characters is equal to one another, the situation is deemed a tie and both parties will
receive one set point. The first character to win two set points is the victor.
This mode allows the character to fight against computer controlled opponents. A second player
may choose to join in at any time by pressing the START button of the second Controller. The player
who wins the match will be able to continue to fight in the Arcade Mode. Players may pause the
game at any time by pressing the START button. An option to EXIT and return immediately to the
main EHRGEIZ menu will be available when the game is paused.
Game Over/Continue
When the selected character loses in the Arcade Mode, the word CONTINUE will appear. If the
START button is pressed before the timer reaches zero, the player will be able to continue the game
with a rematch. If the player fails to press the START button before the Time Limit expires, the
words GAME OVER will be displayed.
1. Time Limit
Displays the amount of time left in a match. When the
timer reaches zero, the match comes to an end.
2. Physical Strength Gauge (Blue Bar)
Displays the character’s Physical Strength. The gauge
on the left represents Player One’s Physical Strength,
and the gauge on the right represents Player Two’s
Physical Strength. The gauge will decrease as
characters receive damage from an attack. A character
is considered knocked out when their gauge depletes.
3. Special Attack Gauge (Red Bar)
Displays the remaining amount of energy that can be used to perform Special Attacks. The gauge
on the left is for Player One, and the gauge on the right is for Player Two. Each time a Special
Attack is used, or an Interrupt is performed, the gauge will decrease. When the gauge is depleted,
Special Attacks and Interrupts can no longer be performed.
4. Acquired Set Points
Displays the number of set points acquired for the current match.
This mode allows two players to fight against each other. On the selection screen, by using the
directional buttons, each player can select a character to be played. After character selection, the
players will be able to choose the battle stage and handicap level to be played. Upon this final
selection, the battle will start.
Practice allows players to familiarize themselves with their character of choice by
letting them fight with an unlimited amount of time and Physical Strength. To begin,
the player must choose their character and the character that they want to practice
against. The player may customize the battle to their specification by pressing the
START button, which brings up an Option menu. Use the up and down directional
buttons to choose an option and press the left and right directional buttons to
change the selected settings. To return to Practice, press START. The available
options are as follows:
PLAYER / ENEMY: The player may select the controls and set the movement patterns of the
computer controlled character.
CONTROL DISPLAY: The player can switch ON/OFF the control data displayed at the bottom of the
screen which shows the buttons being pressed on Player One’s Controller.
STATUS DISPLAY: The player can switch ON/OFF the techniques displayed on the screen and the
data display for damage.
SPECIAL GAUGE: The player can set the Special Attack gauge to FULL or EMPTY.
STAGE: The player may select the stage they want to practice in.
CHARACTER SELECT: Choosing this option will take the player back to the character select screen.
EXIT TO TITLE: Choosing this option will take the player back to the main menu.
The player will be able to modify settings within the game. Press the directional buttons up or down to
select an option and press the ≈ button to execute.
GAME SETTINGS: Selecting this option will bring up a sub-menu with the following additional options.
Use the left and right directional buttons to change the default settings:
CPU LEVEL: Allows the player to select the skill level of the CPU opponent. There are five levels,
ranging from VERY EASY to VERY HARD.
SET COUNT: Allows the player to select the number of matches per battle, from 1 to 4.
TIME: Allows the player to select the length of each match from twenty seconds to infinity.
HIT POINT: Allows the player to choose the Physical Strength of the
BOX: Allows the player to choose whether an arena will have boxes in it.
(A box can be used as a weapon, and may contain useful items.)
EXIT: Allows the player to return to the Options menu.
DISPLAY ADJUST: Allows the screen to be centered.
VIBRATION: Allows the player to choose whether they want the vibration function of the Analog Controller
MOVIE PLAYER: Allows the player to watch the movies they have accumulated. Use the left and right
directional buttons to select the movies.
SOUND SETTING: Allows for the selection of BGM within the game and the selection of Stereo or
Monaural output.
EXIT: Allows the player to return to the EHRGEIZ menu.
In EHRGEIZ, regardless of where the opponent is, each character can move freely in 360 degrees
using the directional buttons.
Run (ñ in any direction)
When executed, the character will run in the direction that the directional button is pressed.
The character is defenseless while running, but will be able to move quickly.
Walk (ñ in any direction while pressing the R1 or R2 button)
When executed, the character will move slowly while facing the direction of the opponent. While
walking, the character will be able to Guard while in an upright position. Walking slowly towards
the opponent is a basic part of the game.
Evade (press R1 or R2 while holding down the diectional button)
This allows characters to move by rotating the body. During this time, the character’s body
becomes half-transparent, and will be able to evade Special Attacks.
Crouch (hold down either the R1 or R2 button)
This allows the character to lower their gravitational balance and avoid the opponent’s High
Attacks. This movement also incorporates Guarding against Low Attacks.
Roll (˜˜ while holding down either the R1 or R2 button)
This allows the character to roll in the direction entered with the directional
buttons. If an attack button is pressed while rolling, the character will be able to
attack once the roll is completed.
Note: Rolling does not work with the Analog Joystick.
Jump (˜˜ or G + S or the L1 or L2 button)
This allows the character to jump in the direction entered with the directional
buttons. The longer the directional button is held down, the higher the jump. If an attack button is
pressed while jumping, the character will perform a Jump Attack.
Note: While using the Analog Joystick, characters cannot use the directional buttons to jump.
Step (˜ while holding down the R1 or R2 button)
This allows the character to step lightly while Crouching in the direction entered with the
directional buttons. The character will be able to perform characteristic attacks in this manner.
Note: Stepping distance varies between the directional buttons and the Analog Joystick.
Attacks listed here can be used by any of the characters.
This attack is performed by pressing the √ or ç button. This attack aims towards the upper part
of the opponent’s body. Characters will be able to avoid this attack by Crouching or by Guarding in
an upright position.
By combining these functions with the directional buttons, the player will be able to perform various
attack techniques. Displayed below are some examples:
This attack may be initiated by pressing the √ or ç button and the ≈ button at the same time.
Other attacks may be initiated by pressing combinations of the √ or ç button. This attack aims for
the mid-section of the opponent’s body. Characters will be able to avoid this attack by Guarding in
an upright position.
This attack may be performed by pressing the ≈ button. This attack aims for the lower part of the
opponent’s body. Characters will be able to avoid this attack by Guarding.
By pressing the Ω button, each character will perform an individual Special Attack. Guarding has no
effect against Special Attacks, but it is still possible to evade certain Special Attacks.
To defend against High and Mid Attacks, the character can automatically block by standing upright
and facing the opponent. For Low Attacks, the character will be able to defend by using the
Crouching Guard. However, the character cannot Guard against Special Attacks. Guarding is also not
effective against attacks when the opponent’s body glows red. Since Guarding is not possible in
these cases, try to evade the attack. There will also be times when the character’s body will glow
blue. This is to signal that the character’s back is facing the opponent. Characters in this position
will not be able to defend themselves.
If a character performs a Special Attack at the same time as the opponent, the character will
perform a Guard and automatically counterattack. This also applies when standing on the ground
and receiving the opponent’s attack. Certain attacks may not be interrupted.
It is possible to perform a special technique while pressing buttons at a specific time during an
attack. When these commands have been executed successfully, the point of contact is surrounded
in a burst of blue energy and a “J” will show up on the technique list. The timing is different for
each technique, so it is best to try various timings.
Strong Upper Attack: G + H
Strong Lower Attack: G + L
Running Attack: H or L attack while running
Walking Attack: H or L attack while walking
Jump Attack: H or L attack while jumping
Body Press: H + L attack when standing in a position above the opponent
Blade Catch: G while matching opponent’s sword attack
Triangle Jump: H while running towards a wall
Ultimate Special Attack: Hold down S until executed
Grasping Attack: G + H + L
When holding down G + H + L, the character extends a hand to grab the opponent.
(This will also occur when the H + L combination is performed while a Guard(G) is being executed).
If a successful grab is executed, the following types of moves are possible:
Attack From Grasping
• Throw: No moves are necessary after a successful grab is executed
• Strike Attacks: H or L repeatedly (up to 3 hits are possible)
• Rope Throw: Press directional button in the direction of the ropes
Hold Break
Hold Breaks can be performed to Interrupt an opponent’s Throw or Rope Throw. When grabbed
by the opponent, Guarding at a certain time will enable the player to slip though the attempted
throw. For Strike Attacks, an Interrupt can be performed if a Special Attack is executed at a
certain time.
Special Throw
Press all directional buttons in a circular manner or rotate the Analog Joystick once, then G + H + L.
This move instantly grabs the opponent and executes a powerful throw. Unless the character is in
close proximity to the opponent, the opponent cannot be thrown. If a Guard is executed when the
throwing character is glowing white, the opponent may be able to escape the attack.
Tackle: G + H + L while running
This move quickly tackles and throws the opponent. Unless the character is in close proximity to
the opponent, the opponent cannot be thrown. If a Guard is executed when the throwing character
is glowing white, the opponent may be able to escape the attack.
If a successful tackle is executed, the following types of attacks are possible:
• Strike Attack: H or L repeatedly (up to 3 hits are possible)
• Throw: No moves are necessary after a successful tackle is executed
Boxes are strategically positioned throughout certain stages. Boxes can be pushed or climbed
upon. Pushing the box at the opponent is possible by stepping close to the box and executing a
move consisting of the G + H + L combination. Items and weapons may appear when a box is
destroyed. Use these items to an advantage.
If blown back by an attack, Guarding in a timely manner before falling
to the ground will enable the character to recover or avoid down time.
This will also work if attacked in the air.
In order to avoid the opponent’s additional attacks after being knocked
down, try to rise up as quickly as possible. If the character remains in the down position for a
certain amount of time, it will automatically rise.
If the player’s character is knocked down, the following movements are possible:
Rise in position
Jump Rise
Rise, Lower Attack
Rise, Mid Attack
Head Spring
Rotational Kick
directional button
H + L when the opponent is near the character’s head
H + L when the opponent is near the character’s legs
An ex-mercenary from the mysterious Red Scorpion
organization. Upon uncovering the true significance of
the ancient ruins in regard to immortality, he severs his
right arm as a means to leaving Red Scorpion, believing
that his own plans for the ruins would make up for the
sacrifice. Sharing some of what he knows with a powerful
organization, he garners an ally that provides him with a new
right arm along with the means to establish his own company
dedicated to uncovering the secret of immortality. At the same
time that he acquires a new right arm, he learns from his
research teams that the EHRGEIZ stone may be the key to the ruins and the
secret they hold. His growing ambition leads him to join the EHRGEIZ
tournament in an attempt to gain possession of the weapon.
Ex-mercenary; President of
Mishima Construction Co.
Weapon (Special Attack): Arm Gun / Thunder / Grenades
One-two Kick: H, H, H
Divide Combo Step: H, H, J, H, H, H, H, H, J, H, H, J, H, H, H, G
Rising Upper: H + L
Arm Gun: S
Mach Punch: H, L, H, H, H, H, H, H, H, H, H
Triple Arm Gun: Hold down S
Shoulder Tackle: H + L while running
Rolling Mine: S while rolling (G to explode)
Divide Combination Step: Step, H, L, J, H
Grenade Toss: S while jumping
Yoko’s father is an explorer who studies archaeology, and her mother
is an expert in Kishiboujin ryu Jyujutsu. At age 10, her parents
divorced, leaving her to be raised solely by her mother. Although still
in high school, her talents in Jyujutsu have been acknowledged by
the ICPO (Interpol) which enable her to participate in their hand to
hand combat research team. One day, she received a letter from
her estranged father, entrusting her to carry out the duties necessary
to acquire EHRGEIZ. In addition to this, she has been ordered by the
ICPO to enter the tournament to investigate suspicious activities
surrounding EHRGEIZ.
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: ICPO (Interpol) Agent
Weapon (Special Attack): Yo-Yo
Triple Upper Attack: H, H, H
Burning Rage: H, H, J, L, H, H, J, H, H, H, H, H, J, L, L
Moon Kick: H + L
Kishibojin Yo-Yo: S
Rapid Aerial Kick: G + L, H, H, H, H
Marbles: S while jumping
Crescent Kick: G + H while running
Mad Dog Walk: Hold down S
Slammer: Step, L, L
Backhand: S after the Special Attack gauge is depleted
His motto is, “I’ll destroy anyone who stands in my path!” Each day, Doza
seeks a more powerful opponent. However, in the world of kickboxing, he is
already without equal. Able to defeat his opponents with his bare fists,
Doza has become bored and is in need of a challenge. In the midst of his
unrest, he receives word of the EHRGEIZ tournament where weapons,
psychic powers, and projectile weapons are permitted. Here, he is
determined to test his skills. Although he has no interest in the secret that
EHRGEIZ holds, his fighting spirit is fueled by the appearance of
opponents that are more powerful than he has ever imagined.
Nationality: British
Occupation: Kickboxer
Weapon (Special Attack): Rocket Punch
Jumping Knee: H + L
Divine Reverence: H, H, J, H, H, H, L, H, H, H, H
Body Break Shot: H, H, H, H, L, L
Hurricane Straight: H + L + S
Hurricane Spin Kick: Press the directional buttons in a circular manner or
rotate the Analog Joystick, then H, H, H, H, H
Death Fire: S
Triple Death Hammer: H, H, H, H while running
Desperado Fire: Hold down S
Low Boomerang Hook: Step, H, H
Loose Boot: S after the Special Attack gauge is depleted
Although it is evident by his appearance that he is a Ninja,
Sasuke’s true identity remains unknown. Presently, he
works as an agent for Red Scorpion, but since he has a
mild case of amnesia, he cannot remember his true
name. However, during a mission in which he was
to assassinate the adventurer, Koji Masuda, he
notices a mysterious stone embedded within a
broken sword held by Koji. Believing that this
precious stone will enable him to recover his long lost
memories, Sasuke aims to acquire the legendary weapon,
Nationality: Japanese (?)
Occupation: Future Ninja
Weapon (Special Attack): Shuriken, Katana
Ninja Sword Run: H, H, H, L, H
Flip Slash: G + L + S
Rising Back Flip To Slash: H + L, H + L, H
Shooting Star: S
Triple Slash: H, H, H while running
Super Star: Hold down S
Ninja Deception: Step, L, L, H
Smoke Bomb: S while jumping
Kagehisa: H, H, H, and in between, J, H
Quick Slash: S after the Special Attack gauge is depleted
Known as the master of lethal Kempo, Lee holds the power and technique
that can kill a man in a single strike. It has been said that Lee, founder of the
Hakkyoku Ken, was killed some time ago through lethal poisoning. However,
through the power of a legendary elixir found in the tomb of the first emperor,
Lee has miraculously been brought back to life. Not only did this elixir
bring him back to life, it is also making him younger as time proceeds.
At this rate, he will ultimately become younger and eventually return to the
void. In an attempt to avoid such a fate, he embarks on a mission to
acquire the true key to immortality. Thus, he begins his journey to uncover
the mystery behind the legendary ancient ruins.
About 47 (for now)
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Self Defense Assassin
Weapon (Special Attack): Nagayari
Hellstorm: H, H, H, H
Dragon Cannon: Hold down H + L + S
Cold Shoulder: H + L
Divine Spear: S
Double Heaven Kick: H, H while running
Judgement: Hold down S
Sweep To Tiger Elbow: Step, L, L, H
Brandish Spear: Press the directional buttons in a circular manner or
rotate the Analog Joystick, then S
Magical Double Hand Slap: Press the directional buttons in a half circular
manner or rotate the Analog Joystick 90 degrees, then H, J, H
Palm Rush: S, H after the Special Attack gauge is depleted
As an infant, Jo survived an airplane crash in the Amazon, sustaining only
minor injuries to her head. Raised by wolves, she gains physical strength
which exceeds and surpasses normal human capabilities by as much as
three times. Following the death of her “wolf” mother, Jo becomes
known as a “Man-eating wolf girl”, and is eventually captured and
imprisoned. There, she exhibits uncontrollable hostility towards her
supervising officers. Having heard about this girl through various
rumors, Red Scorpion scouts her and gives her the name, Jo. She is
given direct orders by Red Scorpion to seek EHRGEIZ without
knowing or understanding the reason why.
Nationality: German, but since she is considered dead,
she has no nationality
Occupation: Prisoner
Weapon (Special Attack): Transformation
Prisoner Kick: H, H, H
Hornbreak Dread: H + S, L, L, H, H + L, J, H
Tail Strike: H + L
Transformation: S
Destruction Spin: Press the directional buttons in a circular
manner or rotate the Analog Joystick, then H
Wolven Kick: H after Transformation
Lunatic Dance: H + L, L while running
GA-Suppressor: H + L while running (after Transformation)
Rolling Fang: Step, L, L
Lunatic High: S after the Special Attack gauge is depleted
Inoba is a prominent wrestler and a disciple of Karl Schneider, the
founder of The EHRGEIZ Championship Tournament. He is also a
member of the EHRGEIZ supervising committee. With the recent
death of his master, Inoba discovers a note left behind by the late
Schneider which suggests that Schneider had been investigating
the connection between the stone embedded within EHRGEIZ and
the ancient ruins. Ever since laying eyes upon the mystical stone,
Inoba has been fascinated by its presence. Compounded by his
urge to obtain the stone and to uncover the mystery
behind his master’s investigation, he is determined to
get his hands on the legendary weapon.
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Pro Wrestler
Weapon (Special Attack): Wrestling Techniques
Triple Chop: H, H, H
Grand Knuckle: H + S, J, H, J, H
Rolling Upper: H + L
Dasher Bomb: S
Dasher Lariat: H while running
Final Dasher: Hold down S
Brawl Kick: Step, L
Homing Body Press: S while jumping
Heel Slam: G + L + S
Dasher Scissors: S after the Special Attack gauge is depleted
A master of Tae Kwon Do and a young action star without need of a stuntman,
Han is a popular lad amongst the public. What the public does not know is that
his right leg is actually artificial. During a movie shoot a year ago in the Middle
East, Daehan’s leg was engulfed by a mysterious cloud of black smoke.
Peculiarly, although his leg has disappeared, he continues to retain a
sensation of its existence. As he continues to seek an explanation for
this particular phenomenon, he stumbles upon
information that similar incidents occur every
several decades in the area containing the
ancient ruins. Daehan is another who
becomes drawn to the mysterious
surroundings of the ancient ruins.
Nationality: Korean
Occupation: Action Movie Star
Weapon (Special Attack): Missile
Killing Blade: H, H, L
Bloodhound: G + L, L, J, H
Swallow Thrust: H + L, H
K-1: S
Death Flail: G + L, L, L, L
K-10: Hold down S
Tomahawk: H, H, H while running
Scarecrow: S after the Special Attack gauge is depleted
Rapier Kick: Step, H
Crowpick Combination: H (8 times) after Scarecrow
Characters who make an appearance in the EHRGEIZ tournament,
having been mysteriously summoned from the Final Fantasy® VII world.
Some guest characters will only appear after certain conditions have
been met.
An ex-SOLDIER of the Shinra Company who now works freelance.
The large sword he carries has the destructive power to
split anything in two.
A childhood friend of Cloud’s, and a member of AVALANCHE, an anti-Shinra
revolutionary group. In addition to being the poster girl at a pub in the
slums, she is adept in the Zangan-ryu martial arts practice. Thus, her fists
and legs are quite destructive.
The legendary SOLDIER that Cloud has always dreamed of emulating.
After learning the secret of his past, he is filled with so much hatred
that he heads towards self-destruction. His weapon is the powerful
sword, Masamune.
A descendant of noble Ninjas. She refers to herself as “Materia Hunter”,
as she collects Materia from all over the world. Although slightly sly and
selfish, her giant shuriken and adept Ninja skills make her a valuable ally
in this world.
An ex-gunman of the Shinra Intelligence Sector (The Turks) who has had a dark
past and was put to sleep in the Shinra Mansion. After being killed by someone
within the Shinra Mansion, Vincent underwent anatomic reconstruction, and was
brought back to life. He now possesses new and improved abilities beyond those
of normal men.
Awaits visitors in the back of the ruins. A mystical creature
seeking a mysterious force. A veil of mystery shrouds this
particular character.
Four Mini Games have been included in this game. Select one from the main menu.
Note: The controls for the Infinity Battle and Battle Runner are basically the same as for EHRGEIZ.
Select the Controller mode preferred at the time of character selection. Keep in mind that settings
such as key configuration are set according to each Mini Game.
This particular game is geared toward the individual player, and involves defeating all
opponents that appear in the character’s path. When the character’s Physical
Strength gauge is depleted, the game is over. When an opponent is defeated, the
character’s Physical Strength is replenished. (The amount of Physical Strength
replenished depends on the speed in which the opponent is defeated). When the
Physical Strength gauge becomes full, it is stocked in a heart shaped gauge. If the
opponent is defeated without the character receiving any damage, the number of
hearts increases (maximum of 8). Aim for the highest score by defeating as many
opponents as possible.
This is a Mini Game which consists of running around a circuit type field. In order to
win, the player must run around the regulation course faster than their opponent.
After selecting a character, the player must select their course. (When playing against
the CPU, there will not be an option to select a course). The Physical Strength gauge
for each character will increase and decrease according to the amount of damage
inflicted or received. If an opponent receives damage from the character’s attack, the
character’s Physical Strength increases, as well as their running speed. (Running
speed also changes according to the surroundings). Attacking an opponent is one method of
disrupting their course. In addition, there are items that enable the character who collects them to
take the upper hand throughout the course. Strategic use of these items is the key to winning.
Course changes direction
Physical Strength gauges interchange
The Special Attack gauge recovers
Status change is dependent upon the item collected.
Set on a beach in mid summer, these battles consist of rapid button pressing. First, there is the
“Battle Dash” which consists of running through a short course and competing to see who can
reach the goal the fastest. Another type of race, “Battle Flag” is a competition involving dashing
and sliding along sand hills with the hopes of obtaining the flag. Lastly, “Battle Hurdle” consists of
dodging obstacles while trying to finish in first place. Compete to
receive a higher score than the opponent in all three events. The
gauge displayed at the top of the screen shows running speed. Hit the
Run buttons repeatedly. Press the Action buttons in a timely manner
and aim for the best record.
While The EHRGEIZ Championship Tournament is being held, an archaeologist by the name of Koji Masuda is
making his way towards the ancient ruins which have been said to hold the secret to immortality. There, Koji
finds a sealed staircase. Curiosity gets the best of him as he deciphers and unlocks the seal. Destiny awaits
him. This new world is best described as a foreign dimension with remnants of ancient memories. In search of
the spring of eternal life, Koji is drawn through the dungeon.
Father of Yoko Kishibojin (Yoyo Yoko), and 3 time consecutive
reigning champion of The EHRGEIZ Championship Tournament.
He is also an archaeologist seeking to uncover the truth behind
the mysteries surrounding the ancient ruins.
≈ or Ω button (repeatedly):
√ or ç button :
Battle Dash
Battle Flag
Battle Hurdle
Slide, Rise (when the character falls)
Jump, Lean (before the goal)
The Battle Panel mini game consists of two teams (red & blue) competing to occupy the 8x8 field
with panels of their respective color. After selecting a character, select the field and begin the
game. (When battling against the CPU, the field selection option will not be available). The player
will be able to change the color of an opponent’s panel to their color by bracketing them between
blocks of the player’s own color. The game is over when neither team can place any more panels.
At this point, the party with the most panels representing their color
is the winner. Throughout the game, neutral panels will appear from
time to time. These neutral panels can also be bracketed and
converted to the player’s color. To keep an opponent’s character from
taking over panels, try attacking them to knock them away.
directional button: Move character
≈ button:
Place panel
√ button:
Tackle opponent
A prodigy who entered the university at the tender age of 16.
She is an archaeology student of Koji Masuda. Although she is
independent, she is still considered naive. When Koji begins
his journey, she abruptly invites herself to be his assistant.
There are two modes in the Brand New QUEST. The Normal Mode allows two characters to explore the
dungeon one at a time. The Hard Mode allows one player to explore the dungeon without the option of
returning to the village.
directional buttons:
√ button:
Ω button:
≈ button:
ç button:
L1 button:
R1 button:
L2 or R2 button:
START button:
Move character.
Physical Attack. Attack monsters with equipped weapon. Hold down the button then
release to use a Special Attack.
Magic Attack. The Basic Magic effects of the Materia equipped will be cast when the
button is pressed. Hold down the button then release to cast Ultra Magic. Magic Stones
are necessary to perform a Magic Attack.
Pick up items.
Use items stored in the satchel.
Guard. Defend with the shield or weapon currently equipped.
Select items stored in satchel.
Displays Status Screen. It is possible to use items as well as
equip weapons and magic from this screen.
1. HP Gauge
(Blue Bar)
Displays current HP. If standing still, the character becomes “hungry” and the HP gauge
will begin to increase. When the gauge is empty, the character will collapse. (See p. 26 for
GAME OVER details).
Displays current state of the character’s “hunger” (full, empty, etc.) The more the
character moves, the faster the Hunger gauge will decrease. When the Hunger gauge is
empty, the HP gauge will turn green and slowly decrease.
Holds four items available for use on the Action Screen.
Displays the Materia currently selected to be used as Basic Magic.
Displays the Materia currently selected to be used as Ultra Magic.
Displays the character’s remaining number of Magic Stones.
Displays the dungeon level the player is on.
Displayed when the weapon or armor the character is
equipped with is nearing zero status or destruction.
Displays the map of the floor the character is currently on.
The red point designates the character’s current position.
The purple point designates the previous dungeon level.
The yellow point designates the next dungeon level. (Shown 1
when no monsters are present.)
2. Hunger Gauge
(Red Bar)
3. Satchel
4. Basic Magic (BM)
5. Ultra Magic (UM)
6. Magic Stones
7. Dungeon Level
8. Weapon (Wp)/
Armor (Ar) Warning
9. Map
4 5 6
Note: If the player presses the Ω button after selecting an item with the cursor, the
following menu headings will appear: (Not all headings are available for each item)
• Use • Equip • Drop • Place in Satchel • Equip Magic
Confirm the selection by pressing the Ω or √ button.
Merchant Shop - The character will be able to get information, sell and purchase
weapons, armor, and other items needed to continue the journey. More items will
become available as the character progresses through the game.
Blacksmith - Weapons and armor are built to endure wear and tear, but they
eventually break down if continually used. The Blacksmith can repair armor and
weapons to their original status. Also, weapons and armor can be combined here.
Magic Shop - This shop sells Magic Stones.
When the START button is pressed at a time when no monsters are present, the Status 2
Screen will be displayed. In the right item window, select the item icon. If the Ω or √ 3
button is pressed, the menu headings, “Use”, “View Status”, and “Drop” will be
displayed on the screen. Select menu headings with the directional buttons and make 6
final selections by pressing the Ω or √ button. (Selections can be cancelled by using 7
the ≈ button.) Press the SELECT button on the status screen. The menu headings
“Observe Health Status”, “Save Game”, and “End Game” will appear. Health depends
on eating habits and will affect the character’s rate of increase in each of the
character’s abilities at Level UP periods.
1. Level - Represents the current level of the character. Once a certain amount of Experience Points are obtained,
the character’s level will increase.
2. Experience Points - Represents the total number of Experience Points obtained.
3. Maximum HP - Represents the character’s maximum amount of Physical Strength.
4. Attack - Represents the character’s Physical Attack power. Equipped weapons will raise attack power.
5. Defense - Represents resistance to physical attacks. Higher numbers indicate stronger resistance.
6. Magic Attack - Represents the character’s Magic Attack power using equipped Materia.
7. Magic Defense - Represents the character’s resistance to Magic Attacks. Higher numbers indicate greater resistance.
8. Dexterity - Represents the character’s ability to skillfully use equipped items. Higher numbers indicate greater dexterity.
9. Speed - Represents the amount of time it takes for a character to recover from an attack.
10. Consumption Rate - Represents the rate at which the character becomes hungry. The higher the number, the longer
the character will last without becoming hungry.
11. EXP Gain Rate - Represents the amount of Experience Points the character will receive when an enemy is defeated.
Grocery Shop - The Grocery Shop sells food items that are necessary for survival.
Hotel - At the hotel, the player will be able to do the following:
The Front Desk: The player can deposit money here.
Guest Rooms: While one character is being used, the other character will wait in
the Hotel’s guest room. To use the second character, simply talk to him or her, and
the characters will change.
Restaurant: There is a talkative sommelier in the Restaurant. In order to gain
useful information about the quest, make it a habit to talk to and exchange
information with him.
To proceed in the quest, the player must defeat the various monsters their character will encounter in the dungeon by
using weapons, items and magic. Upon defeat, a monster may drop an item or money. Items can be used right away
or kept in inventory until needed. Money can be taken back to the Village where it can be spent on chosen items or
deposited in the bank.
About Physical Attacks
Characters can be equipped with a variety of weapons with which to battle the monsters they encounter. Once
equipped with a weapon, the player can press the Physical Attack button repeatedly for consecutive attacks and
hold down then release the button for Special Attacks.
About Magic Attacks
Equipping a character with Materia will grant them the ability to use Magic Stones. The magical effect of the
equipped Materia will be triggered when Magic Stones are consumed. Select whether the character would like to
use Materia as Basic Magic or as Ultra Magic. Press the Magic Attack button once for Basic Magic, and hold
down then release the button for Ultra Magic.
About Items
Each character has a maximum of 30 slots in their inventory to carry items. Money possessed by a character
also takes up space in the inventory at the rate of 100G per slot. Magic Stones are carried at the rate of 50 per
slot. Up to four items can be stored in a satchel for quick access. Even if a monster were to suddenly appear,
characters will be able to select an item from the satchel using the L2 and R2 buttons, and use it by pressing the
ç button. Certain types of items cannot be carried in the satchel. Excess items can be stored at a nearby Hotel
in the Village.
Escape From The Dungeon
By using “Dragon Wing”, the player can create an escape route to allow them to return to the Village. The escape
route remains open until the dungeon is reentered, so returning to the same location will not be a problem.
Regardless of whether the character is inside or outside the dungeon, it is possible to save gameplay at any
time. On the Status Screen, select “Save Game” using the SELECT button to save game status. Ending a game
will not cost the character anything, but saving a game will cost money.
For the QUEST Mode, it is not possible to load a saved game from the MEMORY CARD heading of the Main
Menu. Saved game data can only be loaded by entering the QUEST Mode.
Game Over
When a character’s HP reaches zero, the character will collapse. At this time, the other character which the player
is not using (Clair, when using Koji and vice versa) must rescue their partner by picking up a box containing their
spirit at the location where he/she had collapsed. Since Koji and Clair’s status are unrelated, it is necessary to
raise their levels individually. If a character dies before rescuing their partner, the game will end.
Square Co., Ltd.
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Special Thanks: Hideo Yotsuya, Lynn Biscoe, Junko Shibata-Burke;
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Wayne Leonard, Daniel Pinkham, Christina Crowley; Saatchi & Saatchi:
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