Security Management System (SMS) FAQs
Q. How does the SMS (Schlage Security Management System) compare to bright blue?
A. Schlage’s Security Management System is the perfect solution for systems with multiple
locations, and that require more advanced features such as Alarm Monitoring, Visitor
Management and customizable programming. SMS is the best fit for larger, more complex
installations. See comparison chart below.
bright blue
Security Management System
# Online Doors
32 or less
Greater than 32
Application type
Control who goes where and
Badging, video, visitor management, report scheduling
when; simple reports
Online only
Online and offline integration
Small commercial, property
University, Financial institutions, Hospitals, Large, Multi-site,
mgmt, medical, K-12, single
global organizations
Concurrent Users
System Usage
Up to 5000
Q. Does SMS support video?
A. Yes, Our Schlage Enterprise Video Management Systems (SEVMS) offers many solutions to
fit your needs. Please see website for additional information.
Q. Which system peripherals does SMS support?
A. SMS supports the complete line of Schlage online and offline devices, including the ADSeries Locks, legacy VIP and Wireless locks and Proximity, Magstripe and Smart Card
Q. Can I mix and match the new AD-300 & AD-400 Series Locks on a system with legacy VIP
and WA locks?
A. Yes, however a different PIM is required for the AD-400 Wireless Locks (PIM400-485-SMS)
Q. Do I need to upgrade my software to support the AD-300 and AD-400 Series Locks?
A. No, AD-Series locks will function the same as legacy VIP and WA locks with no software
upgrade. Some new features, like WoR (Wake Up On Radio) for AD-400 locks would require a
software upgrade.
Q. Can I use the legacy PIM-OTD-485 with the AD-400 Wireless Locks?
A. No, the PIM-OTD-485 will only communicate with legacy WA locks. You will need to use
the PIM400-485-SMS with the AD-400 Wireless Locks.
Q. How many AD-400 Wireless Locks will a single PIM400-485-SMS support?
A. One PIM will support up to (16) AD-400 Wireless Locks.
Q. Can I put a PIM on sub-controller boards?
A. No, the PIM itself is considered a controller and may only be connected to the main SRCNX.
Q. Does the PIM require a separate power supply?
A. The PIM-OTD-485 should be powered separately from a local power supply (593PI12VDC recommended). The PIM400-485-SMS (for AD-400 Series Locks) requires a 12 or
24VDC Power Supply.
Q. Which wireless products are supported?
A. SMS supports the following Schlage wireless products:
AD-400 Series Wireless Lock
PIM400-485-SMS AD-Series Panel Interface Module
PIM-OTS-485 WA Panel Interface Module
WA5200 Cylindrical Lockset
WA5600 Mortise Lockset
WA993 Exit Trim
WRI-OTD (outdoor wireless reader Interface w/2 relays)
WRI-IN (indoor wireless reader interface w/1 relay)
A list of supported wireless products can also be found in the SMS User Manual.
Q. Can I use a PIM-TD2 with SMS?
A. Yes, the PIM-TD2 is a wireless accessory that does not connect directly to the SMS
controller board (SRCNX). Note: A Reader Interface (SRINX) is required when using the PIMTD2.
Q. What are the benefits of adding an SIONX board to the system?
A. The SIONX board increases the number of supervised/unsupervised input points and
relay outputs. It connects to 1 of 8 communication channels on the SRCNX via RS-485. You
can connect 2 SIONX boards to the same communications channel. The SIONX board is used
in cases where there is a need for a high concentration of contact inputs, outputs or elevator
Q. What is the difference between an SRINX-1 and an SRINX-2? Can you connect 2 reader
heads to a SRINX-2?
A. Both boards are identical; however, the SRINX-2 has a 2 relay. All SRINX boards
communicate to one reader head only.
Q. Which readers/peripherals do not require a SRINX (Reader Interface)?
A. The Schlage AD-300 Series Locks and VIP Locks and can be connected directly to one of
the 8 communication channels of the SRCNX via RS-485. For Schlage legacy Wireless
configurations using a PIM (Panel Interface Module), the PIM-485 can be connected directly to
one of the 8 communication channels of the SRCNX via RS-485. See specifications for
application requirements and alternate wiring configurations. For the AD-400 Series Wireless
Locks, the PIM400-485-SMS is considered a controller and can be connected only to the
parent SRCNX controller board.
Q. Can I import cardholder data from third-party databases?
A. Yes. Versions 5.1.6 and greater have a standard import utility. If your needs are not met by
the standard import utility fill out the Engineering Project Request form (EPR) and send to the
project review board administrator so that the scope of the project can be determined.
Information that should be defined includes (1) details of the FTP transfer, (2) type of data
transfer (flat text, CSV, etc, and (3) schema of the data. The project review board will
respond to your request within one week with next steps.
Q. Can I use a graphical display to lock and unlock doors?
A. Yes. By using our Alarm Graphics feature, you can create a graphical representation of
your building. Doors can be locked or unlocking by right clicking on the corresponding icon
on the Alarm Graphics screen.
Q. Can the system route alarm events to specific client workstations?
A. Yes. We can route alarms to specific client workstations, specific logon IDs and to specific
e-mail addresses.
Q. Can the system alarm on a specific event?
A. Yes, any event can be programmed to be an alarm.
Q. Can the system allow for extended door held open times for specific cardholders?
A. Yes. We have special rules that conform to ADA regulations where necessary.
Q. How do we expand from a 1-Client to a 5-Client system? How do we expand to a 10Client or 25-Client system?
A. To expand from a 1-Client to 5-Clients, you only need to purchase a 5-client software
When expanding from a 1 or 5-Client system to a 10 or 25-Client System, the end-user will
need to upgrade their previous Microsoft SQL Desktop Edition (MSDE) to a full version of
Microsoft SQL (supplied by customer or Schlage). The customer must also purchase a 10Client or 25-Client software key. The software itself does not have to be reinstalled.
Q. What is the difference between the Microsoft SQL Desktop Edition (MSDE) and the full
version of Microsoft SQL?
A. The MSDE Version of Microsoft SQL can only be used in an application having a maximum
of 5 concurrent client workstations. To enable more than 5 concurrent client workstations,
you must use the full version of Microsoft SQL. In general, Microsoft SQL has greater
performance capabilities. The major limitation of MSDE is that the Schlage SMS Database is
limited to a file size of 2GB (including History). MSDE should not be used in systems with
heavy transaction rates, large databases and when keeping a large amount of transaction
history on-line is required. Contact Schlage SMS Support for questions regarding the
application of Microsoft SQL Server.
Q. Does the system allow for extended door held open times for specific cardholders?
A. Yes. SMS incorporates special access privileges that conform to ADA regulations. These
privileges can be customized per cardholder.
Q. Can more than one person be logged into the system at the same time?
A. Yes, depending on the number of ‘clients’ purchased, there is no limit to the number of
Q. Can I upgrade my SMS software to the latest version?
A. Yes, software upgrades are made available via our FTP site.
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