Booklet ()

Booklet ()
Pictures taken of an actual Ion Detox Foot Spa session
After 10 Min
After 20 Min
After 30 Min
Dark-field studies have shown that Ion Detox Foot Spa machine improves oxygen levels.
The following live blood cell analysis picture on the left is
photo of the blood cell before a thirty minute Ion Detox
Foot Spa Session. Amazingly, the photo on the right is the
blood cell 30 minutes later.
Blood Cell after
Blood Cell before
12. Why does the water change color?
During the course of your ion Detox foot spa session, the unit's
water will most likely change color and bits of foreign matter
may appear as sediment (toxins being released with the foot
bath). This is to be expected. The water color change in the foot
spa is caused by a reaction between the toxins being released
from a user's body and particles in the water, salt added to the
water, the metals in the ionizer and the acidity or alkalinity of the
user. Please note that the color produced by the aforementioned reactions will depend, to a certain extent, on the user’s
food & lifestyle, chemical impurities of the water in your geographic area and existing health condition.
The following color chart is based on what we believe to be represented by the water colors (the colors used in the chart below
are not representative of the actual color of the water).
The water changes colors because of electrolysis of the plates in the array combined with a
break down of the salt and minerals in the water and an individual’s contribution (this is what
causes variances from one person to the next). Please see color chart on page 2 For an
analysis of colors and material in water.
13. Why is warm water recommended?
Cooler water can be used, but warm water is generally more comfortable and it opens the
pores of the feet which speeds up the ion activity in order to produce more effective results.
14. How do I dispose of the water after a detox session?
You can pour the water in your toilet or down the drain. Most people use their toilets for disposal.
15. When will my water be clear?
Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world and you are still taking in new toxins each day. After an
initial 10-day cleanse, it is important to have maintenance sessions to ward off the build-up of
more toxins.
16. Can the Ion Detox Foot Spa be used while taking prescribed drugs?
This is a difficult question to answer due to many different forms of medication on today's
market. In general, prescribed drugs consumed on a daily basis with the purpose of stimulating the body's defense mechanism, the regulation of a deficient system or to stimulate detoxification, are considered compatible with the Ion Detox Foot Spa Foot Spa. As explained
previously, high risk patients consuming life saving medication should first complete the entire prescription. If in doubt always consult your health care professional. Also e-mail us with
details of your medication for a specific answer.
17. Why do I feel tired after the treatment?
Color or Particle
Material or Area of the Body
Being Detoxified
Possible Symptoms
Accumulation of heavy metal
Diabetes, CVD, Liver
Liver, Tobacco, Cellular Debris
Smoking, obesity, cholesterol,
fatty build up
Dark Green
Gall Bladder, digestive system
Weak Immune system
Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout etc
Red Flecks
Blood Clot Material
Thrombus, Hypertension, Cold
hand & feet
White CheeseLike Particles
Most Likely Yeast
Constipation, insomnia and dreamful sleep, flatulence, hemi-crania
White Foam
Mucous from Lymph System
Skin allergy, irregular menstruation
Kidney, Bladder, Urinary
Tract, Female/Prostate Area
Gynecological diseases, prostitis,
Everyone has their own cycle of activity and rest, although generally they follow the same
pattern there can be variations. In some cases the bio-electrical stimulation can produce a
sensation of tiredness due to release of certain energies and the change in others. In others
there could be stimulation, "recharging the batteries", hence they feel more energetic and
awake. Our bodies normally regenerate during sleep. If you feel tired after the treatment then
we recommend that you use the Ion Detox Foot Spa during the afternoon or evening, that
way you will be able to give your body the rest required. If on the other hand you feel full of
energy then we recommend you have Ion Detox Foot Spa session during the morning or
early afternoon.
Thank you for incorporating The Ion Detox Foot Spa into your health maintenance program.
As you were advised when you purchased this unit, the Ion Detox Foot Spa is not intended
for the treatment or prevention of any disease or health condition. The unit does not include
any therapies or techniques that are regulated by the Authority
None of the information provided is intended to act as a substitute for medical counseling,
nor does it involve the diagnosis, prognosis, or prescription of remedies for the treatment or
prevention of any illness, disease or health condition. Before using this or any other alternative health devise, you are advised to consult a physician.
Please read this manual carefully before you start an Ion Detox Foot Spa session. The information within will help you understand the science behind the unit and answer most questions. Everyone is different and The Ion Detox Foot Spa can be adjusted to accommodate
99.5% of the population. Please follow the instructions carefully to derive optimum results.
The Ion Detox Foot Spa is intended to support herbal, homeopathic and vitamin detoxification protocols and procedures. Used properly, the Ion Detox Foot Spa provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins safely and without harmful side effects.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who should not use the Ion Detox Foot Spa?
Pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, or organ transplant recipients. Also any individuals with a pacemaker or metal implants (non-titanium). Individuals with congestive heart
failure or any other medical condition should consult their physician first.
2. Why should I use the Ion Detox Foot Spa?
There are lots of reasons why you should use the Ion Ion Detox Foot Spa. The principle
reason is that Ion Detox Foot Spa Foot Spa is a fast effective and inoffensive way of stimulating and balancing the bio-energetic field of the body, facilitating better organ function and
auto-detoxification. Remember that if you are 30, 40 or 50 years old then you have spent as
many years getting to your present state of health and toxicity. We strongly recommend that
you follow a regular and continuous Ion Detox Foot Spa Foot Spa stimulation and detoxification program
3. Why is there no amperage reading?
If the wrist strap is not properly connected, the machine will not function properly. Make
sure the wrist strap is on the wrist and securely attached. Make sure the cord is not being
pulled too tightly and severing the connection. If necessary, use a slightly damp piece of
paper towel between the wrist and wrist strap. This will safely enhance the connection.
4. Do I have to adjust the voltage? No—the voltage never needs adjustment.
5. What does the Ion Detox Foot Spa cure?
The Ion Detox Foot Spa does not cure or heal disease or ailments. It helps release toxins
from the body to allow the body to rebalance bio-energetic fields, which stimulates and
promotes self-detoxification. Organs with lower build-up of toxins can restore themselves to
optimum functioning.
6. Can people who have had hormone therapy use the Ion Detox Foot Spa?
Yes, it helps to lessen and even eliminate the side effects and the toxic leftovers, if any, of
the medicine and treatment.
7. Will I suffer any side effects from the treatment?
Although everyone is unique and their response to treatment will vary, generally speaking
you will not suffer any harmful side effects. Some people may experience mild headaches
or dizziness and others will experience tiredness after the first few treatments. These symptoms are evidence that toxins are being released. Increase your consumption of water, get
plenty of rest and do not exert yourself while participating in a detoxification regimen.
8. Is long term use harmful?
No. Since we are constantly exposed to toxins in the Air, Food, Water and Environment,
there is always a need to detoxify our body
9. Can I drink water in the foot bath? NO! Never drink water during the session
10. Should I remove jewelry or electrical appliances, such as mobile phone etc?
These could interfere with the bio-electromagnetic field that is being created and stimulated
due to the magnetic or radio frequencies being emitted. The purer the bio-electrical field the
11. Why do I feel pins and needles or a slight pain?
The explanation could be due to the bio-electrical field that is being generated by the Ion
Detox Foot Spa which is being absorbed and utilized by the body's organs and tissues.
There is a freeing of bio-electrical blockages. Once again demonstrating the affectivity of
the process. If the sensation becomes uncomfortable, you may wish to stop the session
and renew it in two or three days, increasing treatment time gradually until you can enjoy a
full session comfortably. We recommend that water is drunk before the Ion Foot session.
EMS—Electrical Muscle Stimulator
What Is EMS?
Electro-Muscle Stimulation, Electro Myostimulation or
EMS for short, is a technique to elicit muscle contraction by
delivering electric impulse to the muscles. EMS is predominately used by doctors and physical therapists to prevent or
reduce muscle atrophy, or improve muscle recovery. Doctors
also see EMS as a means of increasing blood flow to muscles,
increasing range of motion, increasing muscle strength, as
well as enhancing muscle endurance.
Table of Contents
Detoxification Color Chart…………………………..
Introduction ……………………………………….
Why Detox……………….………………………….
Benefits of Detoxification………………………….
Unpacking your Ion Detox Foot Spa………………..
Pre-operating Instructions..…………………………
Warranty Information & Certificate………………..
Operational Instruction……………………………...
Treatment Schedule……………………..…………
How to Clean and Store the Array……….…..………
How to get most benefit of Ion Detox………………
Bamboo FIR Belt & EMS Operating Instructions…
Frequently Asked Questions………………………
Benefits of EMS
A rhythmic pumping of the muscles, produced by the EMS
unit, helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Concurrently, waste products such as lactic acid are pumped out
of the muscles. This increased blood flow to the muscles cuts
down on recovery time and promotes healthy muscle activity.
EMS can also increase body temperature, heart rate and metabolism (promoting energy and fat absorption from the body).
How to Operate EMS pads:
1. Turn the power on (back of machine).
2. EMS can be used alone or in conjunction with the Ion Detox
Foot Spa.
3. The buttons on top right of the Ion Detox Foot Spa control
the EMS pads.
4. Remove plastic protector from impulse pad and place on
desired muscle (we recommend testing on calf muscle)
5. Press the ON/OFF button only AFTER you have placed the
EMS pads on muscles.
6. Pressing the IMPULSE button will select the strength—there
are four strength levels. ALWAYS START IN THE LOWEST
STRENGTH MODE before increasing it. The fleshier the
muscle (calf, quad, etc), the higher the strength you can
use. Less fleshy areas (shoulder, arms, etc) should only be
set on the first or second level.
7. When you are finished using the EMS function, press ON/
OFF once before removing the pads. ALWAYS TURN OFF
Far Infrared Charcoal Bamboo Belt
The Far Infrared Charcoal Bamboo belt can be operated in
conjunction with the Ion Detox Foot Spa, or on by itself. This
accessory increases internal warming of major organs and
increases the body's natural ability to detoxify itself. The far
infrared energy effects the body on it's natural cellular level,
and accelerates the metabolism and blood circulation in the
area of the body where it is placed. User can expect to experience relief in muscle spasms, increased blood flow, and decreased stiffness in joints in the area the belt is used. It also
enhances weight loss in the area it is placed due to additional
ionization which dislodges the toxins from fat cells.
How to Operate the Far Infrared Belt:
1. Turn the power on (back of machine).
2. Far Infrared Belt can be used alone or in conjunction with
the Ion Detox Foot Spa.
3. The buttons on top left of the Ion Detox Foot Spa controls
the Far Infrared Charcoal Bamboo belt.
4. The buttons that read L, M, and H correspond to Low, Medium and High and can be selected by pressing the MODE
button on top of the unit. (The MODE button on the front of
the machine corresponds to detox treatment modes 1, 2, 3,
4, and 5, so please do not get confused).
5. The ON/OFF button on top of the unit operates the accessories (belt and impulse pads).
6. Place the far infrared belt on the area which you want to
treat. Most people wrap it around their lower back. Athletes
like to wrap their upper leg to work on their quadriceps and
hamstring muscles—especially after an athletic event. People wishing to lose weight will place around their mid section.
7. Turn the accessories on by pushing the ON/OFF button
8. Select desired mode—high, medium or low.
9. The far infrared belt is now working. Be sure to hit the ON/
OFF button again at the end of the session to turn the belt
It is our great pleasure to present you
The Ion Detox Foot Spa—the most
advanced ionic cleanse machine.
The Ion Detox Foot Spa is a scientific
advancement in complementary and
alternative health care...and
thousands of people are benefiting
from it.
As a natural health care practitioner, products/service
provider, Chiropractor, spa owner or a home user, The Ion
Detox Foot Spa will help you achieve optimum health and
quality of life for yourself and your clients. Users have
noticed significant improvement in ailments and conditions
such as high blood pressure, pain and inflammation, sleep
disorders and digestive issues, just to name a few. For
healthy people who do not suffer from any ailment or
disease, they report even more robust health with elevated
energy levels, clarity of thought and general enhanced
We strongly advise to read the user’s manual thoroughly
before starting to use The Ion Detox Foot Spa. It is very
important to use it properly.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any
Best Wishes in Good Health
Why Detox?
We are exposed to toxins every day: the air we
breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.
Many people also engage in harmful behaviors such
as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption that
put them at further risk of toxin build-up.
These toxins hamper our bodies’ ability to heal itself
and leave us prone to illness and diseases. Through
proper detoxification, we can significantly reduce
the load of toxins on our system, slow down the
aging process and prevent illnesses and diseases.
The Ion Detox Foot Spa
The Ion Detox Foot Spa creates a naturally stimulating and
relaxing detoxification session. The process of water ionization
and osmosis of energy ions helps the body release toxins.
How It Works
An ion is a charged atom that
has gained or lost an electron
which creates a magnetic
field capable of neutralizing
oppositely charged particles.
These neutralized particles are
released from the body
through a process called
Osmosis is a scientific term
that is used to describe the
through a membrane from an area of lower concentration to
an area of higher concentration. In this case, the area of
higher concentration refers to the ion field that is created in
the foot spa through the array.
How to get most benefit from
Ion Detox Foot Spa:
Ion Detoxification
Drink 2.5 liters of pure water daily
(preferably pH 8.0 to 10.0)
Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits
(limit sweet fruits, wash thoroughly) and fibers.
Take a digestive enzyme, fish Oil-Omega 3 (should be of Pharmaceutical
Grade and molecularly distilled), with meal 2-3 times daily and a good
quality fiber supplement with probiotics, 15 minutes before breakfast and
dinner with a large glass of water, which will accelerate the elimination of
toxins from the body.
It is important to take at least five session of Foot Spa as after first 1-2 sessions,
dislodged toxins circulate in the body. After 2-3 sessions it starts moving
large amounts. For best result, you should take 10 sessions.
If you have specific health condition like, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart
Disease, High Cholesterol, Arthritis or any other health condition which
needs special attention, please contact a Health Care Professional / Naturopathic Doctor.
It is also important to take a Liquid Trace Mineral and a Multi Mineral supplement to balance minerals in your body. Please choose a better quality mineral complex.
Do not eat or drink anything during the session. After the session, do not move
rapidly, take 3-5 minutes rest and get up slowly. If you are hungry or
thirsty, eat or drink after 15-20 minutes
Age 10-17 (20 minute sessions)
Sessions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Frequency—once every week wait 4 weeks before repeating.
After First Cycle, 1 session every 10-15 days
Age 18-50 (30 minute sessions)
Sessions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Frequency—once every 5-7 days, wait 4 weeks before repeating, After First Cycle, 1 session every 7-10days
Age 50+ (30 minute sessions)
Sessions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 1 2 2 2 22 2 2 2
Frequency—once every week; wait 4 weeks before repeating
The Ionization Principle
The water in the foot bath is broken down into energy
ions- both positive and negative. Ions are charged atoms
that have gained or lost an atom, which causes them to
establish an electrostatic field that attracts and
neutralizes opposite charged particles and pulls them out
of the body via osmosis.
Approximately 95% of people experience a state of
acidity; that is, their bodies contain an excess of
hydrogen ions and their blood pH is lower than 7.45. These
people will greatly benefit from exposure to high
concentrations of negatively charged ions. However, we
find that most people benefit from, and enjoy, a mixture
of positive and negative ions in their initial sessions.
MODES 4 & 5 are professional use only
Array Cleaning and Storage
Dtoxa-Cell™ Array is one of the most advanced, simplified, economical
and easy to use Array, made with Food Grade Stainless Steel,. Cleaning
the Array properly will ensure long life 80 to 100 sessions. Clean the Array immediately after the session; Use any natural soap or detergent to
clean the Array surface, scrub with a dish washing sponge, run under
warm water, and then soak it for 15-30 minutes in water mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar / natural lime remover etc. You may also mix few
drops of Tea Tree oil.
Remove the Array from water wash again with warm water and keep it in
a dry place or in a plastic container. You can use a hair dryer. Never leave
the Array in water more than 30 minutes. Always keep the Array in a dry
area. The ionizer Array is a depleting material that has a varied life span,
depending on the local water and the acidity of the user. Keep plug prong
dry. Please keep the Array in a dry area when it is not in use. The Array
is the part that goes in the water and creates ions. The process of putting
electricity through the metal causes oxidation inside the array. This is a
natural process that eats away the metal. The residue deposits on the metal
coils, the array acryl frame case and in the water. To keep your foot bath
sanitary as well as functioning properly, please follow all the instructions
Color of the Water
Many colors and some objects appear in the water
during a detoxification session. There is a reaction
between the toxins and particles in the water, salt added
to the water, metal in the array, and the acidity or
alkalinity of the person being detoxed. The color change
will vary in accordance with the toxin released and
chemical components of the water. However, waterbased toxins will not stick to the side of the foot basin or
the array; whereas toxins released from the body will form
a sticky ring that must be removed with detergent (if you
do not use a foot basin liner).
Benefits from Ion Detoxification
Operating Instructions
Immediate Benefits
After just few sessions with the Ion Detox Foot Spa, you will notice increased levels of energy, a better quality of sleep (and
increased quantity if you suffer from insomnia) and improved
mental clarity and alertness.
Ongoing Benefits
As you progress through a series of Ion Detox Foot Spa sessions
you will experience many health benefits, such as:
Improved blood circulation
Decreased joint stiffness
Firmer, tighter skin
Improved digestion
Increased recovery time from injury or surgery
Bolstered immune system
Enhanced liver and kidney functions
Increased metabolism
Weight Loss
Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, that it is difficult to
lose weight? This is not uncommon since toxins tend to lodge in
fat cells. The process of detoxification promotes weight loss
when combined with healthy eating habits and active lifestyle.
By removing these toxins, the fat cells lose
their hold on the body and can be more
easily eliminated through proper diet and
Lose weight safely & Naturally
1. Make sure the user has feet in the water and is comfortably
2. Connect the wrist strap—make sure it is secure, but firmly
attached. You may use a slightly damp paper towel placed
between the wrist and wrist strap to enhance conduction.
3. Connect array—use input marked “ARRAY” on front of
1. Place array in the foot basin. Make sure the level of warm
water goes just over the top of the array.
2. Select treatment mode by pressing MODE button. The Ion
Detox Foot Spa will default to Mode 1. We recommend everyone start their detoxification regimen in Mode 1 or 2.
3. Select treatment time. The Detox Foot Spa will default to a
30 minute session time. To adjust this, use the + and - buttons to increase and decrease the time.
4. To begin the treatment—press START.
5. The unit is functioning when the display screen flashes arrows around the body picture and they move in downward
6. The primary treatment modality—either positive or negative– will also blink. When POS blinks, positive ions are being emitted; when NEG blinks, negative ions are being emitted. This will alternate in Modes 1, 2 and 3 as the treatment
alternates between POS and NEG ions.
7. When treatment is complete, the machine will beep. Remove
the wrist strap FIRST and then turn off the machine.
8. Remove the user’s feet from water and rinse with warm,
natural soapy water to remove residue.
9. Dispose of bath water—we recommend flushing down the
10. Thoroughly rinse the array. SEE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS
11. Disconnect array, wrist strap and any accessories before
replacing the Ion Detox Foot Spa back in protective carrying
Warranty Certificate
Unpacking Your Ion Detox Foot Spa
Full Name________________________________________________________
City______________________Province & Postal Code____________________
Your Ion Detox Foot Spa includes the following
parts and accessories:
Tel No. (H)_______________________(W)_____________________________
Purchased At:_____________________________________________________
Tel No.________________________Sales Person_______________________
Date___________________________Paid By___________________________
Warranty Certificate
Full Name________________________________________________________
City______________________Province & Postal Code____________________
Tel No. (H)_______________________(W)_____________________________
Purchased At:_____________________________________________________
Tel No.________________________Sales Person_______________________
Date___________________________Paid By___________________________
Customer’s copy
How to Operate your
Ion Detox Foot Spa
• Take device out of the package; remove all plastic covering from
the device and accessories.
• Please read instructions carefully before use. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us.
• Place the device in a proper setting with adequate light and ventilation. You will also need access to water, drainage and electricity.
• Please make sure to set the Voltage selector , 110V or 220V, as
per your country’s requirement.
• Put the device in a dry and stable place. Place it at a certain
height so that it is easy to operate and to prevent water contact.
• Use a foot basin and pour enough warm water to submerge your
feet. The water level should completely submerge the array.
Warranty Information
The Ion Detox Foot Spa comes with a 1-year warranty. The warranty
covers defects in material and workmanship for One years from
original date of delivery. We will replace any part which in our opinion is defective; if the housing has not been subjected to tampering,
alteration, or improper use after delivery and has not been repaired
by anyone except us. Our obligation does not include or cover the
cost of shipping. At our sole discretion we will repair or replace the
To make a warranty claim, and email must be sent to us describing
the problem/defect. We will issue a Repair Authorization Number
(RAN) on all returns/repairs. The unit must be packed in the original
shipping container and shipped, with insurance, to us. No units will
be accepted without an RAN.
Warranty is for original purchaser only and is non-transferable.
Important Note: It may be necessary to add sea salt to the bath water to
enhance ionic conduction. Place your feet in the foot basin, connect Array,
attach the wrist band select Mode and start your session before adding any
salt. If the amp level is 1.1/1.2 then there is no need to add salt. Only use
enough salt to reach this amp level. Start with 1/8 teaspoon of salt and add
salt 1/8 teaspoon at a time, stir it and wait 10-20 seconds until amp level is
above 1.1.
In case you have added too much salt, the machine will make beep sound
and stop. Watch the human body shape diagram, it will show the arrow
moving downward if the machine is running, it will stop if the machine is not
running. In such situation, change the water and start the whole process
again. Please do not add any more salt if the Amp is 1.1.
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