User’s Manual
1. Packing Content
2. Part Numbers Description
3. XYwayCam Introduction
Main Functions
4. Installation Guide Instruction of Mute Button
LED Indicators Status Description
5. Hardware Configuration Guide
Setup Procedure
6. Player -5G Tracker
System Requirements
Operation Procedure
Interface Guide
7. FAQ
Version 10.25.09
Packing Content
XYwayCam Unit x 1
GPS Antenna x 1
Cigarette Charger x 1
Suction Bracket x 1
The Integration of Mobile Video, Driver Safety & Eco-Driver
Conservation Technologies is at the heart of the Driver Training Device.
The Driver Training Devices (DTD) include built in dual cameras, an
internal GPS module, 100% solid state digital video recorder (DVR)
with built in 3-axis G sensor.
These “In Vehicle Monitoring System” IVMS offer continuous video
while the vehicle is driving and has variable recording and frame rate
resolutions to adjust to customer needs.
These “In Vehicle Monitoring System IVMS” offers standard features
most Video Event Drive Recorder VEDR do not have including internal
3-axis G-sensor alerts that warn drivers of potential dangerous driving,
hard breaking and quick acceleration detection.
Introduction To Driver Training Devices (DTD)
Why spend a fortune on a Automated Drive Recorder ADR or Video
Event Drive Recorder VEDR, system that will only show you part of
what happened when your vehicles are involved in an accident?
When you can invest in an interactive driver safety “In Vehicle
Monitoring System” IVMS, that can help prevent an accident, by
calling attention to potentially dangerous driving behaviors either
actively, in the case of warning alerts or at least documenting them for
proper management oversight that can then solicit additional driver
The DTD will help train your drivers to drive safely & learn what
potentially dangerous driving behaviors they might be unaware of that
could end up costing them their jobs, or their lives?
While they are learning to drive in a safer manor, they will also be
saving your company up to 25% in wasted fuel, while reducing
considerably the air, soil and water pollution caused by wasting fuel.
Wire Splice x 6
3M Double sided adhesive
sticker x 1
SDHC Card x 1
SDHC Card Reader x 1
5G Tracker Player x 1
CSS File Maker Setup
Software x 1
User Manual x 1
AV Cable x 1
Please use the SD Card in this packing. Using other cards may
cause an error.
Make sure that packing contents are identical with the photos.
Please contact the distributor if any mistake.
Packing Content
Part Numbers Description
Mounting Board
Attached to the windshield
Mounting Bracket
Supporting XYwayCam Unit
Front Camera
Capturing the outside of the car
SDHC Card Slot
For SDHC Memory Card
A u d i o / Vi d e o O u t
For the ear phone or the monitor
MMCX Socket for
For GPS Antenna
GPS Antenna
Angle Adjustment
Adjusting the angle of the camera
Highly sensitive microphone for
audio function
Alarm Output
War n in g t he co nd it io n o f
LED Indicator Lights
Displaying current status of
Rear Camera
Capturing the inside of the car
IR LED Light
Capturing invisible light and
providing illumination for video
Mute Button
Pause/Resume Recording, Start/
Stop Capturing (Multifunction)
Part Numbers Description
Part Numbers Description
DC-5.5V/1A Socket
GPS Antenna Signal
Connecting to XYwayCam Unit
Attaching to the car shell with an
GPS Antenna Signal embedded magnet.
It is proposed to put the antenna
at a place with good signal.
Power Output
Supplying power for XYwayCam
5.5V 1A
Car Power Adaptor
Connecting to the car cigarette
5.5V 1A Power Input Port
Part Numbers Description
Part Numbers Description
******Important Notice: Password Protection******
This product is equipped with a user selectable very high level file
security program similar in most ways with Law Enforcement /Military
version of encoded software and video file protection, to insure
sensitive, video and audio files are not accessible by any unauthorized
users. The 16-digit password protection securely locks out access to
all unauthorized users who may gain access to the video files.
It is imperative that the System Administrator store the password
in a location that will be not only secure but also accessible to
management in the future should they misplace or forget the password
that was set. Once this password is set it will permanently lock the
Audio/Video files themselves from all unauthorized users access. This
is an extremely secure system with variations already in use by Law
Enforcement and Military agencies.
This is not a program password that enables access to the program; it
is a secure lock on all selected Audio/Video files. Once engaged, this
password must be properly unlocked in order to access any of the
Audio/Video files. Loss of this password by the System Administrator,
whether accidental or deliberate will make the Audio/Video files of the
vehicles this program is loaded on unavailable, unless considerable
effort is expended by the manufacturer at prohibitively high costs.
Consider carefully if your company needs this high a level of file
security before selecting to turn on the password protection. Once set
it is solely up to the System Administrator to manage their passwords.
Once those passwords are lost, Audio/Video files made under those
password settings are lost and in almost all scenarios will not be cost
effective to restore.
Password Protection
YwayCam is a drive recorder which records driving
information including images, sound, GPS, speed,
coordinates, routes, etc. It provides non-stop recording,
resulting in complete driving information and drivers' habitual
The built-in cameras, with high performance and
night vision capabilities, can capture images and sound inside
and outside the car for a whole day. It combines the latest
technologies, including GPS and three axial G-Sensors, to
record the route of the car. With Google Map system, the builtin
5G Tracker Player can show the route
of the car. Therefore, XYwayCam helps to manage a fleet and
improve the safety of drivers, making people safer and more
XYwayCam Introduction
Main Functions:
Recording images during a car accident
While a car is running, XYwayCam can continuously
record images inside and outside the car.
If there is a car accident, the recorded images can be
played on the computer for investigating possible causes of
the accident.
Recording information of a location
XYwayCam records the GPS data in detail, including
the location, time, speed, and route.
Recording the information of the driver and the car
XYwayCam records the name of the driver, the VIN
number, and the license plate number.
Recording the states of the car
XYwayCam records the inertia forces of the vehicle -vibrations resulting from emergency braking, acceleration,
U-turns and other movements.
Information Playback
In addition to playing the record on the computer and
reading information of GPS and states, XYwayCam also
supports easy-to-use software, so that users can capture
images and set up several functions.
PC Basic Skills Disclaimer:
The XYwayCam operates on a PC program viewer program named 5G Tracker. This
program has been designed to be intuitive and require no formal training to operate the
program, as long as the user possesses basic PC skills.
Use of this program is predicated on the assumption that the customer/user of this high
tech management tool has authorized personnel who will be operating this program who
are competent with the basic operation of their own company PCs. Companies lacking a
trained PC competent authorized user for this system will need to have their designated
persons trained on the basic use of their company PC prior to using this product, as
lack of basic PC operation skills and use could compromise the integrity of the product
application, the video files and possibly their admissibility as evidence in a court litigation
The manufacturer and their representatives are not responsible, licensed or certified to train
users of this program on the basic functions of a customer or company’s own company
XYwayCam Introduction
Fleet Driver Safety Training Benefits of DTD:
• Deter & document dangerous driving behaviors while there is
time to change them
• Highlight drivers who need additional safety training to
overcome any behavior
• Management oversight to insure dangerous driving behaviors
do not return
• Establish a safety standard that promotes employee safety on
the roads
• Safer drivers reduce accident claims saving company funds &
wasted time in handling accidents
• Safer drivers save lives, reduce company expenses & reduce
insurance costs fleet wide
XYwayCam Introduction
Active Eco-Driver Conservation Training Benefits of DTD:
• Offer a proven method to reduce fuel costs up to 25% in
wasted fuel
• E n c o u r a g e s d r i v e r s t o b e e c o - f r i e n d l y t o p ro m o t e
• May significantly reduce air pollution & vehicle fleet carbon
• May qualify companies for eco-related tax credits & other
business consideration
• May extend a vehicle M.P.G. for significant long term savings
• Offer businesses a responsible way to show they care about
pollution reduction
Document Your Driver Actions & Performance
Does the driver text on a phone when they are driving?
Does the driver surf the net on a laptop PC while driving?
Does the driver watch video movies or TV while Driving?
Does the driver pickup hitchhikers?
Does the driver use the company vehicle for non-company
Does the driver have unauthorized passengers in the vehicle?
Was the vehicle used on weekends for unauthorized trips?
Where the vehicle is parked during the day and nights?
Digital Video Evidence of Driving Behavior
Documents what happens in front of vehicle
Documents Speeding & Other Dangerous Driving
Documents Running Red Lights & Stop Signs
Documents Failure to Stop At Railroad Crossings
Documents Hard Braking & Dangerous Turns
Documents Drinking, Eating, Texting, Cell Phone Use,
Documents Taxi Cab Customer Payment Collection
Documents Driver Assaults, Can Aid In Prosecution
Documents In-Vehicle Driver Passenger Interaction
Documents Accident Data for replay in court
Documents Accidents Even If Driver Does Not
Documents Conversations with Law Enforcement
Vehicles in driving schools
Bus / Taxi
Vehicles transporting money
Security Vehicles
Hazardous material transports
Consumer Vehicles
XYwayCam Introduction
Vehicles Applicable:
XYwayCam Introduction
Front and rear cameras with high
performance and night vision capabilities
Infrared (invisible light) light-emitting-diode
(IR LED), providing illumination inside a
vehicle for video recording
D1 720×480 Pixel / Cam, Up to 16fps
Built-in GPS
Built-in 3 axial G-Sensor
(colliding, accelerating/braking, turning
left/right, vertical vibrations)
SDHC Card (512MB-8GB)
Audio Input
Highly sensitive microphone for audio
Mute Function
Pressing the mute button to stop recording
Image Output
An AV cable for connecting to a screen
to examine images and the angle of the
current status
Using 4 colors for LED indicators
Alarm Output
A built-in alarm beeps to warn the driver.
(W) 11cm x (L) 10cm x (H) 2.8cm
Input: 12V~24V (connecting to the
Specifications of cigarette lighter)/
the voltage
Output: 5.5V 1A (Power Cable), for
Backup Battery Built-in fast-charging battery
XYwayCam meets the requirements of Voluntary
Control Council for Interference by Information Technology
Equipment (VCCI), and it is an information Technology Device
of Grade A. If it is used at home, there might be radio frequency
interference. If it is interfered, users have to deal with it.
XYwayCam Introduction
Installation Guide
A figure showing the devices in the car
It is suggested to install XYwayCam before the rearview mirror. Fix the bracket before installing XYwayCam.
Paste the attached 3M Double sided adhesive sticker on the
windshield at the one-fifth position (Please see the red dotted
line on page 16). Please note that do not insert the SD Card
before installation.
Installation Guide
Step 1:Select Installation Location and Fix
Installation Guide
Step 2:Connect to and Install GPS Antenna
Connect XYwayCam to the GPS Antenna. It is
suggested to put the receiver at the outside of the car. GPS
receiver can stick to the car and it is waterproof. (Please
arrange the GPS cable along the seams of the car as the red
lines showed on page 16.)
Please note that do not insert the SD Card into the
XYwayCam. Connect the 5.5V power input to XYwayCam, and
plug the other end of the cable into the cigarette lighter. (as the
red lines showed on page 16) When the lights on the cigarette
lighter and the LED indicators on XYwayCam have lit up, power
is connected.
Please make sure to use the adapter in this packing.
Installation Guide
Step 3:Connect to the Cigarette Charger
Installation Guide
Step 4:
If there is no SD card, XYwayCam will beep and stop
recording. (Refer to the LED indicators Status Description).
If you want to make sure the cameras are set at right angles,
use the AV cable to connect XYwayCam to a screen or a
television, and you can use the Mute button to switch between
images from two cameras. After that, pull out the adapter from
the cigarette lighter, and then XYwayCam will be turned off.
Use PC to prepare the setup file of XYwayCam (Use
CSS _Setting_File Maker
refer to Hardware Configuration Guide to learn how to create a
setting file).
Step 5:
Insert the SD card with the setup file (CSS_SFM.ini)
into XYwayCam, and connect XYwayCam to the cigarette to
turn it on again. After XYwayCam is turned on, the installation
and setup is completed and you can start recording.
When you start the car, XYwayCam will be turned on
automatically and start recording within 15 seconds.
The time spent to receive GPS signals will differ by where
you are.
Installation Guide
Installation Guide
Instruction of Mute Button:
You can press or hold the Mute Button for different functions.
And it has different functions in different status too.
When the green LED flashes quickly, XYwayCam is
When the green LED is off, XYwayCam is not
Please check the status in advance.
Press the Mute Button:Press it for 1 second.
Hold the Mute Button:Hold it for more than 3 seconds.
Switching the mute status between On/
Off (3 short beeps)
Stopping recording
(After 8-10 seconds, the image will be
completely written into the SD card.)
Watching images from the front/rear
(Using the AV cable to connect to a
Starting recording (a long beep)
Installation Guide
Recording Status
Installation Guide
LED Indicators Status Description:
Operation Status
Mute (red LED): Mute function only works while
If the red LED is on, no sound will be recorded.
Record (green LED): The green LED flashes quickly
while recording.
The quicker it flashes, the more frames per second
(fps) the cameras record.
The cameras are not recording if it is not flashing.
Power (blue LED): It flashes once or twice per
second after XYwayCam is turned on.
It flashes twice per second when the backup
battery has not reached full charge (within 3
minutes after XYwayCam is turned on).
It flashes once per second when the backup
battery has reached full charge (XYwayCam can
be turned off in a normal way).
Operation Status
GPS (orange LED): The orange LED is an
independent light, having no connection with
other LED lights.
On: GPS has not determined the location (Satellite
signals are interfered.).
Flashing Once per Second: GPS has determined
the location.
Installation Guide
Installation Guide
LED lights will flash, and there will be beeps.
Alarm Output
*:short beep (about 0.5 second)
-:long beep (about 2 seconds)
Status & Alarm Output
The memory space on the
SD card can only allow for
one more hour of recording:
The warning shows up only
when XYwayCam is set up
in the mode of non-cycling
Beep:**(5 times,
repeating in 5 minutes)
Status & Alarm Output
The memory space on the
SD card can only allow for 30
minutes of recording:
The warning shows up only
when XYwayCam is set up
in the mode of non-cycling
Beep:***(repeating in 3
Battery Error
Beep:-* (repeating in 3
Installation Guide
Installation Guide
LED4 indicates the state of the GPS. It is
independent from other lights. The GPS module
connects to the satellites
On: GPS has not determined the location.
Flashing Once per Second: GPS has determined
the location.
Status & Alarm Output
SD Card Error:
SD card failure or SD card
not inserted
(If XYwayCam is set up in
the mode of non-cycling
recording, perhaps there is
no more space on the SD
Beep:-**(repeating in 3
GPS Error:
Beep:-***(5 times,
repeating in 3 minutes)
No Cigarette Power Supply:
In 2 seconds, XYwayCam will
stop recording and be turned
Showed with serial pictures
Installation Guide
Configuring the GPS Data Log:
Installation Guide
To make sure that you use XYwayCam correctly and
ensure your safety, please note the following rules.
1. Do not insert/remove the SDHC card before you turn off
XYwayCam, or the data on the card will be corrupted.
2. To make sure that the recorded images can be saved onto
the card, please wait for at least 3 minutes after you connect
XYwayCam to the cigarette power supply, so that the backup
battery can reach full charge. If XYwayCam has started
recording but you are not sure if the battery is full charged or
not, hold the Mute button for more than 3 seconds, so that
XYwayCam will stop recording and write to the card (8-10
seconds required to finish).And then you can remove the power
3. Please make sure to use the cigarette charger packed along
with XYwayCam, and connect to the cigarette lighter according
to the instructions on the User Manual. Using other cigarette
chargers or connecting XYwayCam to other power supplies
may cause an error or a fire.
4. In some cases, even when the car engine has shut down,
the cigarette lighter keeps supplying power for XYwayCam and
consuming the power of the car battery. If this is your case,
please remove the cigarette charger before you leave the car.
6. The 3M double sided adhesive in the packing is one-time
use. Please make sure the place before you attach it to the
windshield. Install XYwayCam firmly. We are not responsible for
the damages resulting from inappropriate installation. After the
3M double sided adhesive is attached to the windshield, please
wait for 24 hours before installing XYwayCam.
5. Properly clean camera lenses by using alcohol and soft
cloth when lenses are dirty. Do not touch camera lenses, or the
definition of videos will be affected.
7. Please use an SD card of SDHC format in XYwayCam, and
use an SDHC Reader.
(Using an SD card of other formats in XYwayCam may cause a
slow speed and a write error.)
8. If XYwayCam is set up in the mode of non-cycling recording,
it will stop recording and beep as an alarm when there is no
more space on the SD card. If you hold the Mute button for
more than 3 seconds to make it start recording, the recorded
images and sounds on the SD card will be deleted, so that new
images can be recorded. Please operate carefully.
9. Never disassemble, repair or reshape XYwayCam. We
are not responsible for the damages resulting from behavior
mentioned above.
Installation Guide
Installation Guide
10. Be careful to keep XYwayCam away from water when you
clean the car. A wet XYwayCam may cause errors or even a
fire, and people in car may get an electric shock.
11. Never use chemical cleaning products which may damage
the surface of XYwayCam and even corrode the internal
12. Keep XYwayCam away from everything including liquid.
If XYwayCam is hit or any liquids inject into it, there may be
errors. Please be careful.
13. If there are blocks, like stickers, before the camera,
XYwayCam may not function well. Please always make
sure there is no block. In addition, clear out objects around
XYwayCam because they may show up in the image after
being reflected by the window glass.
14. Staring at XYwayCam or operating it while driving may
cause a car accident. Please be careful.
15. Avoid XYwayCam being hit, and keep it away from liquid
and salt. After XYwayCam is installed, do not try to move it with
force or hit it, or there will be errors.
16. At places, like the entrance and the exit of tunnels, where
the brightness changes suddenly, under strong sunshine or in a
dark night, the definition of the images may get worse.
18. If XYwayCam is damaged because of serious accidents, it
may not be able to record images and information.
19. The GPS antenna is water proof. It is suggested to put the
GPS antenna outside of the car, so that GPS can determine the
location quickly and precisely. (If you put the antenna in the car,
things like window films will have an influence on the speed
and accuracy of GPS.)
17. Too much smoke before the car may cause images blurred
or distorted. Please be careful.
20. To best receive GPS signals, please keep the GPS receiver
horizontal, and do not place anything on it.
21. GPS knowledge:
Commercial GPS devices have a distance error which
is more than 15m by average.
When the car is near tall buildings, subways, elevated
roads or trees, there may be a distance error of more than 100
It takes some time to receive satellites signals. It takes
some time to receive the first GPS satellites signals, and it will
be affected by the weather or situation in the surroundings.
Do not use products which emit electromagnetic waves
or products like GPS at the same time because they may affect
the GPS reception.
Installation Guide
Installation Guide
XYwayCam may not able to display the situation of
the roads and the current location if there is an error about the
location information from the GPS satellites. If you are driving
on the road with the situations in the following, your current
location may not be displayed.
- between two tall buildings
- when roads are close together
- narrow forks
- driving parallel to other roads during U-turns
- on ships
- on tight turns
- on consecutive turns
- on twisting mountain roads
- in snowy or rainy weather
- when driving from roads with no map data
- on turntables
22. Please paste XYwayCam on the front windshield at the
one-fifth position (between the rear-view mirror and the front
windshield), so that it won't block the driver's view.
Installation Guide
Hardware Configuration Guide
Users can change the settings of functions in
XYwayCam. They can use the software packed along with the
Maker” to setup, and create the necessary configuration file for
XYwayCam to read.
(Please backup the
_File_Maker.exe on the SDHC card to prevent deletion.)
Setup Procedure:
Step 1:
, you will see a
window like this. Click on
the Language button
to choose a language for the user interface.
Click on the
button, or choose settings
depending on your own need.
Fill in the information of the driver (Driver's Name/
License Plate Number/Number of the engine).
Hardware Configuration Guide
Step 2:
Hardware Configuration Guide
Step 3:
Click on the
button. If the setting is
correct, there will be a new setting file (CSS_SFM.ini).
The system will ask if you want to copy the file to the
SD card. Please follow the instructions to specify the location
of the SD card.
Step 4:
Insert the SD card with new settings (CSS_SFM.ini), and
connect to the cigarette lighter. XYwayCam will read the new
settings and proceed accordingly.
Please insert the SD card before you connect XYwayCam to
the cigarette lighter.
If you want to change the settings which are saved in
XYwayCam, please repeat Step 1~4.
CSS Setting File Maker Advanced Functions setup
Instructions is available with purchase of system only.
Hardware Configuration Guide
Hardware Configuration Guide
1. If you have checked to "Format SD Card By Recorder",
XYwayCam will format the SD card. All files on the card,
including images, GPS data logs and the player, will be deleted
(finishing in about 5-15 second).
2. XYwayCam will check if there is a GPS data log (gdlog.bin)
with right size configured on the SD card. If there is no data
log or the size of a log is not correct, XYwayCam needs to
be reconfigured. During the configuration, the LED lights will
flash in a serial (finishing in 5-20 seconds. The access speed
depends on different SD card).
3. Storage Mode Setup, including:
Non-Cycling Recording:
The recording will be stopped when there is no
more space on the SD card. If you hold the Mute button on
XYwayCam for 3 seconds, the recorded images and sounds
on the SD card will be deleted and XYwayCam will restart
recording. Please operate the mode carefully.
Cycling Recording:
If the SD card does not have enough space, the
recorded imaged will automatically be deleted so that
XYwayCam can continue recording.
3 pieces outside vs. 1 piece inside
2 pieces outside vs. 1 piece inside
1 piece outside vs. 1 piece inside
5. "Video Capture FPS" is the total frames captured in the front
camera and the rear camera.
4. "Video Frame Swap Type" is only valid in the mode of two
The more FPS, the shorter recording period will be.
6. With an SD card of the same capacity, the higher the quality
of the images is, the shorter recording period will be.
If you want to remove the SD card, please cut off the power
supply and make sure that the XYwayCam has been turned
off (4 LED lights are off), and then you can open the lid. Push
the SD card a bit, and a spring should pop it back out.
Hardware Configuration Guide
Player-5G Tracker
System Requirements:
Pentium 4 (or AMD) 2.0GHz
or higher
1024MB RAM or higher
Hard Disk Drive Space
1GB or higher
1024 x 768 x 32 bit Color or
Operating System
Microsoft WindowsXP or
DirectX 8.1 or higher versions
SDHC Reader
Sound Card
Internet Access
If your system does not meet the minimum requirements,
the sound may break off and the images may not be able to
If you want to play with the full screen of the Google Map, it
is suggested to use a screen with 1280 x 1024 x 32 bit Color
or higher.
1. Please insert the SDHC card into the card reader.
2. Double click on
you will see the player.
5G Tracker.exe, and
(The SDHC card has 5G Tracker.exe on it. Please make a
backup lest that you delete it. If 5G Tracker.exe is deleted
unexpectedly, please contact distributor for 5Gtracker player
Operation Procedure:
3. Click on the folder button
, and choose what you want
do play.
The media file recorded by XYwxyCam is stored
under the vfile directory on the SDHC card. The format of the
filename is YYYYMMDDhhmmss.
For example, the filename “20080920153020.cssf”
implies that it is recorded at 15: 30: 20, 20th Sep 2008.
4. And then click on the play button
, you will see all
that XYwayCam has recorded, including GPS data, G-Sensor,
maps, routes, dates, driver's information and the information
of the vehicle.
(It is suggested that you copy the media file from the SDHC
card to your computer.)
Player-5G Tracker
Player-5G Tracker
Interface Guide:
Software Update
Image Display
Driving Information
Tool Bar
Map Enlarge Button
Area Selection
2 Image Display:
At the upper left corner of the image, there is
information about date, time, longitude and latitude, and
speed. The image display can be a single image or picture in
picture.(However, images recorded while the vehicle is moving
may not be able to show the correct time because the GPS
signals may be interfered.)
Outside Image
Player-5G Tracker
Inside Image
Player-5G Tracker
Picture in Picture
Player-5G Tracker
Picture in Picture - Inside
Player-5G Tracker
Picture in Picture - Outside
Player-5G Tracker
3 Driving Information:
File Information
Information including filename/toolbar/speed/size of
files, and the driver's name/license plate number/number of
the engine.
(the same as those set up in
G-Sensor Data
X:Forward & Backward - Acceleration & Brake
Player-5G Tracker
4 Tool Bar:
Previous/Next Video. Press "Pause" before
you select another video.
Save as JPG
Rewind by
Play at
normal speed
Forward by
Player-5G Tracker
If the speed is not set up at normal speed, the sound will
not be heard.
5 Map:
According to the GPS data recorded in the video, the
route can be drawn on the Google Map.
You may choose from street map/satellite imagery/
street map with terrain.
(The map information is taken from Google Map)
(To use the map, your computer has to connect to the
internet. Images recorded while the vehicle is moving may not
be able to show the map because the GPS signals may be
The small window on the right hand side shows the
map, displaying the location and the route of the vehicle.
Satellite Imagery
Street Map
Player-5G Tracker
Street Map
with Terrain
Click on this button to enlarge the
viewing area of the Google Map. (Please see
the figure on page 53.)(This function is only valid
on screens with a definition of 1280 x 1024 or
Player-5G Tracker
Click this button to select a map.
Player-5G Tracker
8 Links:
Connecting to announcements, special prices or
service information. (Special prices and service are provided by
other websites. We only provide the information.)
Player-5G Tracker
Other Buttons:
Displaying the version information of the player
Minimizing the window
Closing the player
(Ending the program)
Security Key Lock:
One of the most notable features apparent when the
XYwayCam is pictured beside most other low tech ADR and
accident cameras is their lack of any mechanism to secure the
SD card.
Put yourself in the drivers seat
for a moment, you just had a
“Mini” cut off your big rig, the
driver flashed you the bird out
the sunroof, and instinctively you
fired off a tirade of obscenities
yelling threats of physically
impossible tasks if you ever got
your hands on that driver, as
you change lanes to stay away
from this idiot. Then he spills
his cappuccino coffee in his lap, burning his nether region and
slams on the brakes while pulling down on the steering wheel,
as he moves from the lane he was and again cuts right in front
of your truck, causing you to now hit him.
At 50 MPH his tiny car, stopped on a dime and your 40,000
pounds of vehicle could not avoid squashing the vehicle like
a bug on your windshield. You know it was his fault, as much
as you know you will be the one getting the ticket, what about
the threats and tirade on the video recorder, and that ticket
could put you over the limit and loss of license for a period is
something you cannot afford right now, so you reach up and
toss the SD card out the window.
In this case the drivers action to eliminate any possible ill
It is often necessary to protect a good driver from himself or
herself. The XYwayCam with integral key lock does just that,
insuring the company purchased protection will be available
when the SD card is removed by management.
will due to his comments made in anger, might deprive the
company who paid for the device to get the legal protection in
the first place, cause them to lose their ability to defend their
driver as the small car did cut the truck off and then slam on
his brakes right in front of the truck, which could reduce any
chance for the companies insurance to go up from the incident.
Eco Safety Drive Management Daily Report
This optional reporting system is available for all users of the
XYwayCam and operates in a stand-alone version with Administrator
password protection.
This feature must be ordered when the system is ordered as the
software program is integrated with the hardware at the time of sale
Hard Wired Installation :
The XYwayCam comes with a standard cigarette lighter power
plug for quick mobility from vehicle to vehicle. For professional
fleet applications the systems needs to be hard wired into
the vehicle electrical system to prevent any potential driver
The system will be provided with a female 12v plug adapter
that can be attached the existing cigarette plug and then hard
wired to the vehicle electrical systems
Red wire is connected to Key on after Ignition (+12V DC after
ignition) Black wire is to be connected to solid chassis ground
(-12V DC after ignition)
1. While playing the video, please make sure that the computer
is connecting to the internet, otherwise the map information
and the links cannot be displayed.
2. If the video does not show information about the GPS
coordinates or speed, the GPS could not determine the location
while recording (perhaps the satellite signals were interfered or
the GPS antenna was not connected). Also, the map cannot
show the correct location. (Please see item 19 and 20 on page
3. If there is message saying, ” File Seek Error,” “Error File
Format,” or "Unable to open the file," it means that the file
has been corrupted. Perhaps the reason is that XYwayCam is
shut down within 3 minutes after it is connected to the power
supply. Therefore, the backup battery has not obtained enough
power to close the file in a normal way and caused the file
corruption.(If the file corrupted, the file configuration on the SD
card may be disordered. It is suggested to format the card.)
(Please see the 2nd item on page 30.)
Player-5G Tracker
Warranty Statement:
Mobile Video Systems LLC (MVS) makes the following limited warranty, which is effective
at the time of the original end-user purchase.
MVS warrants its products against defects in materials for a period of 1 years after the
date of purchase. During this period, MVS will repair or replace a defective product or
part without charge to the customer. The customer must send the defective product or
part to MVS or an authorized MVS dealer. MVS’s total liability is limited to the original
product cost.
Customer’s Responsibility
The above warranty is subject to the following conditions:
• Customer must notify MVS of discovering the defective product or part and provide a
description of the defect and complete information about the manner of its discovery.
• All warranty servicing of this product must be performed by MVS or an authorized
• Warranty extends only to defects in materials as limited above. Warranty does not
extend to any product or part that has been lost or discarded by the customer; to
damage to products or parts caused by misuse, accident, improper installation, improper
maintenance, or use in violation of instructions furnished with the product; to units that
have been altered or modified without authorization of MVS; to damage to products or
parts thereof that have had the serial number removed, altered, defaced, or rendered
illegible; or to any failure of the product to function caused by fire, flood, war, riot, civil
commotion, Acts of God, or any other condition beyond the control of MVS.
Obtaining Warranty Service
To obtain warranty service, the customer must contact the MVS dealer or 888.721.5777
to report a defective product. (The customer must report the model number and serial
number if available.)
Shipments must have a RMA number issued in order to process procedure with
necessary oversight.
Authorized Dealer for Sales/Service:
1. Q: Can I change the SD card at any time?
A: Sorry. XYwayCam does not support this. Please turn it
off before you change the SD card to prevent file error or
configuration error on the SD card.
2. Q: Why can't I open or play the recorded video?
A: Perhaps the reason is that XYwayCam is shut down
within 3 minutes after it is connected to the power supply.
Therefore, the backup battery has not obtained enough
power to close the file in a normal way and caused the file
corruption. (If the file corrupted, the file configuration on the
SD card may be disordered. It is suggested to format the
card.) (Please see the 2nd item on page 30.)
3. Q: I have inserted an SD card into XYwayCam. Why does it
keep beeping that there is an SD card error?
A: Perhaps the SD card was set up as Lock, so it cannot be
written. Also, it could be caused by the poor connection of
the battery. Please make sure that the SD card unlocked,
and wipe the connection point of the SD card.
4. Q: Why does XYwayCam beeps while recording?
A: If the speed of writing into SD card suddenly slowed
down, XYwayCam beeps to warn. As long as the beeps
do not last more than 6 seconds, the cameras will keep
recording. If it happens very often, it is suggested to format
the SD card or use a new SD card.
5. Q: Why can't I see the map with GPS coordinates and
correct location in the recorded video?
A: Perhaps the satellite signals are interfered or the GPS
antenna was not connected, so the GPS cannot determine
the location. It is suggested not to put the GPS antenna
inside the car, otherwise it will fail to determine the location.
(Please see the item 19 and 20 on page 33.)
6. Q: Why do GPS coordinates have deviation?
A: Commercial GSP devices have a distance error which
is more than 15m by average. When the car is near tall
buildings, subways, elevated roads or trees, there may be a
distance error of more than 100meters. (Please see item 21
on page 33.)
7. Q: How does XYwayCam start or stop recording?
A: Under the default settings, XYwayCam starts recording
when connecting to the power supply, and stops recording
when the power is cut off. XYwayCam is designed to protect
the driver who almost does not have to operate the cameras.
(Please see the item 2 on page 30.)
8. Q: Does XYwayCam keep recording after a car accident?
A: XYwayCam supports continuous recording. It will not stop
recording after a car accident. Even though the car battery is
corrupted during the accident, XYwayCam can still make use
of its backup battery to record as long as possible.
9. Q: Does XYwayCam support cycling recording?
A: Yes, XYwayCam supports two modes, cycling recording
and non-cycling recording. (Please see item 3 on page 38.)
10. Q: What is the lowest lumination of XYwayCam?
A: 0.5Lux for the front camera, while 0Lux for the rear
camera (built-in IR LED)
11. Q: Does XYwayCam support Event Trigger Recording?
A: No. G-Sensor of Event Trigger Recording is often not
triggered during an accident, resulting in no record on the
accident. Therefore, XYwayCam is designed to support
continuous recording. The G-Sensor data includes the
driver's driving habits, road conditions and the states of the
car before and after an accident for the driver's reference.
12. Q: I have started the engine and connected XYwayCam to
the cigarette lighter, but LED lights are still off. Why?
A: Please check if the indicator of the cigarette adaptor
is on or off. If it is off, perhaps the fuse is blown. Please
open the metal lid and replace a new fuse of the same
specifications (1.25A).
13. Q: If XYwayCam has not been used for a long period of
time, should I reset its time?
A: XYwayCam is designed to update with the GPS
satellites (supposed that the GPS satellites have
determined the location), so you do not have to reset the
System Features:
• Dual Cameras
• SD (SDHC) Max 8GB
• Built-in G Sensor (3D)
• Indoor Night IR LED Cam
• Video & Audio Recording
• Falsify Detection
• Mute Key Multi-Function
• Exclusive Viewer Player
• Built-in GPS
• Google Map Linking
• D1 720 x 480 Pixel Video
• Quick Start Recording
• Built-in Mic & Alarm
• Battery Back-up
• AV Out Function
• Continuous Recording
Mobile Video Systems
23905 Clinton Keith Road Suite 114-388
Wildomar, California 92595
Tel: 888.721.5777 • Fax: 951.257.0411
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