Centsys | A10 | 0.07.B.0006 A10D10D10 Turbo Theft

A10/D10/D10 Turbo Theft-resistant Cage
Parts Identification
1. General description
The CENTSYS A10/D10/D10 Turbo Theft-resistant Cages are designed to significantly
reduce the risk of an intruder gaining access to the operator’s Manual Release, and increases
the resistance of the unit against theft. Manufactured from 304 brushed stainless steel, it will
not only enhance the security of your entrance, but will add to the aesthetic appeal too.
It is important that the Theft-resistant Cage is properly fitted as per the instructions given
and that a suitable lock is fitted. Please note that a lock is not supplied in this kit. CENTSYS
recommends using a discus-type lock.
Disclaimer: Centurion Systems (Pty) Ltd cannot be held liable under any circumstances for
any damage, loss or action that results from the A10/D10/D10 Turbo Theft-resistant
Cage being forced open or tampered with.
2. Product identification
Left hand front strap
page 1
Base plate
Right hand front strap
page 2
3. Step-by-step installation instructions
1. Ensure that the foundation plate has
been properly installed. Refer to the
Installation Manual for details.
2. Remove all four captive nuts from the
underside of the gearbox as shown.
These are no longer required, as the
threaded holes in the cage baseplate
serve for height adjustment.
3. Screw the four M8x40 socket head grub
screws supplied with A10/D10/D10
Turbo into the threaded holes in the
base plate.
4. Place the base plate over the
foundation plate.
page 3
5. Place the gate motor over the base
plate, making sure that the four grub
screws and two mounting bolts from
the foundation plate fit through the
gate motor as shown.
6. Slide the gate motor forward or
backward so that the pinion will
correctly engage with the rack.
7. Adjust the height of the gate motor by
tightening the four socket head grub
screws equally; making sure the gate
motor is level once complete.
8. Assemble nut, spring washer, and load
spreader onto the mounting bolts.
page 4
9. Tighten nuts progressively i.e. left
hand, then right hand, then left hand.
Do not over tighten nuts.
10. Replace the lower gear box cover.
11. Replace the main gear box cover.
12. Fit the over strap over the gate motor.
The over strap will only fit one way.
page 5
13. Assemble the left hand and right hand
side straps to the base plate.
14. Hook the left hand side strap into the
vertical slot provided in the left side of
the base plate.
15. Hook the right hand side strap into the
vertical slot provided in the right side of
the base plate.
16. Finally, secure the cage by locking the
left and right hand side straps together.
A padlock with a 13mm diameter pin
and 25mm ’throat’ is recommended,
(often referred to as a ‘78mm’ lock).
page 6
DR: A10/D10/D10
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