User Manual of Mp3 Sunglasses Camera
User Manual of Mp3 Sunglasses
 Product Accessories
● Mp3 Sunglasses camera
● a clip
● USB cable
● Glasses bag and cloth
● User manual CD
● a pair of earphone
● Charger
 Picture & Buttons
1. Power on/Off
2. Record/ Volume Increase/PREV
5. SD card slot
4. MIC
7. Earphone port / USB port
9. Reset
10. Model switch
3. Camera
6. Earphone port
8. Indicator light
11. Photo/Volume Decrease/FFWD
 Technical Data
Main functions: recording video and audio at the same time, taking photo, Mp3
player, USB drive, sunglasses
Quality Polaroid Lens from brand makers
Video format: AVI, 640*480
Photo format: JPEG, 1280*1024
External memory: micro SD card 2GB-8GB
USB: 2.0 (Hs)
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Battery use time: Polymer Li battery. can use 2 -3 hours continually
9) Operation systems: No need for driver installation if the operating system is
Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista or above (Windows98 is excepted)
 Operation
Before switch on, insert the Micro SD card.
 Switch on
Under power off mode, long press the Power on/Off button, blue light first on then off,
then yellow light keeps on, the camera is under standby mode.
1) If there are not Mp3 files in the SD card when power on, the camera will come into
standby mode, if there are Mp3 files in the SD card when power on, the camera will
come into playing mp3.
2) In the case that there is no SD card when power on, blue lights on first, seconds later
turns to yellow light and then turns off, the system automatically shut down.
 Recording video and audio
Start to record
Under standby mode, short press Record/ Volume Increase/PREV, yellow light flash three
time quickly and keeps on, five seconds later, the yellow light keeps flashing slowly, the
camera comes into the recording video mode.
Stop and Save
Short press the Record/ Volume Increase/PREV again, the yellow light turn off, five
seconds later the yellow light keeps on. The video file stopped and saved, the camera
backs to standby mode.
Note: If continuous recording video, the system will save a video file automatically every
30 minutes.
 Taking Photo
Under standby mode, press Photo/Volume Decrease/FFWD , the camera enters into
taking photo state, the yellow light turn off, ten seconds later, the yellow light keeps on,
indicating one photo is taken and saved and the camera returns to standby mode.
 Mp3 playback:
Under standby mode, short press the Model switch button, the yellow light is off, blue
lights flash slowly, the device comes into MP3 playback mode. Short press Record/
Volume Increase/PREV, choose the next song music files; short press Photo/Volume
Decrease/FFWD button, selecting last song music files. To pause play, short press the
power on / off button, then the indicator light keeps blue; if we want to continue playing,
short press power on / key button. Long press the Record/ Volume Increase/PREV to
increase volume; long press Photo/Volume Decrease/FFWD button, reducing the
volume; then short press Mode switch mode, stop the music player and return to standby.
Switch Off
Under standby mode, press the power on / off button, the yellow light off, the camera is
power off. Or use the paper clip to touch of the reset button, the yellow light goes out and
shut down.
 Reset
Insert the pin into the RESET hole to restart the device once it does not work normally
under incorrect operations.
Note: Under recording video mode, if you shut down the camera by reset button,
video files will not be saved.
 Charging
Under power off/standby mode, connect the camera to the computer via a USB cable,
blue light keeps flashing slowly, indicating the camera is under charging, when blue
light keeps on it is full charged; when power is low, yellow light keeps on for 30
seconds, automatic shutdown.
Note: The camera built-in high capacity lithium polymer battery, a memory effect, so the
initial use of the first five times, and then charge the battery to run out of capacity, to start
the battery maximum capacity, access to standard working hours.
 Playback
Finishing recording video/ taking photo, connect the camera to the computer with a USB
data cable, click on removable disk, and select the video file you can double-click the
computer to play. Connect computers to ensure that the relevant player software has been
installed, double-click to see photos.
Note: Make sure the USB cable is connected to the USB interface to be read the disk, If it
is connected to the other side, mp3 earplugs, it cannot read the data.
 Setting time
When using the device for the first time or the time is incorrect, you can reset the time
through the following way:
Connect the camera with computer
Create a new “Time.txt” file
Edit time as format: 2010.12.12 12:12:12 in the file
Copy the file to the root of the disk of the camera
When starting the camera again next time, the time will be simultaneous as the
 Attention
1) When it is recording, if power is low, the system will first save the video content first,
then automatically shut down.
When continuous recording, every single operation, the system will automatically
generate a new video file.
When the memory inventory is full, the yellow light keeps on, under standby mode,
can play MP3 music.
4) Please keep the camera in brighter environment, to maintain the camera vertical
and stable, and keep the review within a certain distance to obtain better effect.
The time of PC recognizing the device is different according to its different
system and configuration, so please not operate during recognizing. If the device
can’t be recognized, please check your computer’s operation system, device
drivers, USB port and the USB cable is normal, and then connect the hardware
6) Remember that when you tap with the paper clip to reset, do not be too hard to avoid
damage to other components.
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