User Manual for S The initial procedure to open th and changing

User Manual for S The initial procedure to open th and changing
User Manual for Sangh Pramukh
The initial procedure to open the screen on internet, logging in
and changing password is the same as for individual member.
Only difference is the login id. For example, the number of the
Sangh is 12503GR, the user_id and first time password are same,
i.e., 12503GR.
Thereafter system will force you to change
The following screen will appear on your PC after
changing the password successfully.
Sangh Pramukh can check whether all members have filled in
their Magani
ni Patrak under the TAB ‘Manage Products.’ Please
note that Sangh Pramukh has only viewing powers and he/she
cannot alter or delete the data entered by individual members.
Screen No. 1 Sangh Pramukh Login Screen to view products and members’ indent.
Under the option ‘Manage Invoice’, Sangh Pramukh can view bill
for the Sangh alongw
with summary of goods to be supplied,
summary of bills and individual
contribution memo. The bill, by
default, will be for current month and will be available on 1st of
every month for which order has been placed. Sangh Pramukh
can also choose any previous month in case of necessity.
The screen will be as under Screen NO. 2 : View, enlarge, move, save or print bill of the Sangh.
This view can be moved to right / left, zoomed in / out, saved on
PC and printed, by clicking on the option available at the bottom
of the screen. These options will be viewed only when you move
the mouse to the right hand bottom of the screen.
To go to previous screen click on Left Arrow at the left hand top
The next screen is to fill up details where you want to unload the
goods. Choose ‘Miscellaneous’ option for this and the following
screen will appear.
Screen No. 3 : Details of the place where goods are to be delivered / unloaded.
That’s all. In this case Sangh Pramukh need not send the
coloured slip giving the above details to Grahak Bhavan.
However, he / she is required to send the duly filled in coloured
slip to MGP in case of any addition or deletion of a member.
We have provided a running ticker at the top to communicate any
important issue / update.
For password related issues call Chandrakant Jadhav or Shilpa
Ippa on 26209319 or 26700897 during office hours and they will
be pleased to reset your password. They may ask you a few
questions to identify whether you are the same person. For other
issues, call Chandrakant Jadhav or Suresh Salvi on the same
numbers during office hours.
(Compiled by Abhay Datar, Mumbai Grahak Panchayat)
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