May 14, 2008
American DJ
Mighty Scan
- Ch 4 DMX 0-175 - These ranges are not fully defined in the manual and the
first range (CTC) also has a typo defined as 0-255 for this one colour.
- Ch 4 - The open slot is not the first position on the wheel hence it has a non
zero default value.
- Ch 4 DMX 176-208 and 222-255 - Both these ranges are down in the manual
as colour wheel spin. Jands has assumed that one of them should be reverse
and have assumed it as the second wheel. Please advise if the spin ranges are
- There are no gobo images for this fixture, so Jands have used stock images for
the ones with obvious names.
- CH 5 - Jands has assumed that the "large spot" gobo is actually the open
position and that the default for this channel is therefore 0.
- Ch 5 DMX 176-255 - This range is not defined in the user manual. Have
assumed it is wheel spin as per ch 4 - please advise if this is not correct.
- Ch 6 DMX 24-127 and 128-255 - Both these ranges are down in the manual as
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