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Manual abstract:
· Close the filter holder and place the large carafe complete with lid onto the warming plate. · Select the filter coffee flavour as described in the paragraph
"How to choose the flavour of the filter coffee". · Press the "ON/OFF" switch for filter coffee (fig. 7). The ON/OFF indicator light for filter coffee above the
switch itself indicates that the filter machine is functioning properly. · The brewed coffee will begin to drip out after a few seconds. During filtration, it is
normal for the appliance to give off steam and for condensation to form near the lid. · To keep the coffee hot after filtration, place the carafe on the hot plate
and leave the appliance on (coffee ON indicator light): The coffee in the carafe is kept at the right temperature. fig. 1 fig.
2 fig. 3 fig. 4 fig. 5 Coffee Maker fig. 6 4 fig.
7 5732136000 BCO120 UK 4-04-2005 9:38 Pagina 5 How to choose the flavour of the filter coffee With the flavour selector, the flavour of the filter coffee
can be selected according to personal taste. By turning the flavour selector knob (Fig. 8), the coffee maker can be set for coffee with a strong (STRONG
position) or light aftertaste (LIGHT position). The flavour selector changes the strength of the aftertaste of the coffee, while the actual taste remains the same.
How to prepare espresso coffee 1.
Unscrew the boiler cap by turning it in a anti-clockwise direction. 2. Fill the small carafe according to the number of cups of espresso coffee that are
required, using the WATER LEVEL indicators printed on it (fig. 9) (see the chart page 10). 3. Pour the water into the steam boiler (fig. 10). 4. Replace the
boiler cap by turning firmly in a clockwise direction. 5.
Insert the filter for espresso coffee into the filter holder (fig. 11). 6. Fill the filter with the ground coffee, using the measures indicated in the chart page 10 and
level evenly in the filter (without packing) (fig. 12). It is important to use high quality ground coffee with a medium grind in order to avoid the blocking of the
filter during the brewing. 7. Remove any excess coffee from around the edges of the filter (fig. 13). 8.
To attach the filter holder to the appliance, position it under the hot water spout with the handle towards the left (fig 14). Push upwards, and at the same time,
turn the handle as far right as possible. It does not matter if the handle is not centrally aligned with the machine, as long as the filter holder is firmly attached
to the appliance. fig. 8 fig.
9 fig. 10 fig. 11 fig. 14 5 fig. 13 Coffee Maker fig.
12 5732136000 BCO120 UK 4-04-2005 9:38 Pagina 6 fig. 15 fig. 16 fig. 17 9. Place the small carafe under the filter holder (fig. 15), the carafe lid will slot
under the filter holder; be sure that the holes of the filter holder correpond to the carafe lid's aperture. 10.Position the "Vario System" selector knob
according to the type of espresso coffee desired: "LIGHT" for a weaker coffee and "STRONG" for a stronger tasting brew (fig. 16). 11.
Make sure that the steam release knob is closed. (to close turn in a clockwise direction until tightened) 12.Push the ON/OFF switch for
espresso/cappuccino.The ON indicator light for espresso/cappuccino will turn on (fig. 17). 13. After approximately two minutes, the espresso coffee will begin
to flow out (fig. 18). ATTENTION: to avoid spraying, do not detach the filter holder while the machine is brewing coffee. 14.
When the coffee no longer flows out from the filter holder, push the espresso/cappuccino ON/OFF switch to turn off the steam boiler. 15.The coffee can then
be served into cups. 15.To remove the used coffee in the filter, detach the filter holder, from the machine hold the filter in place with the special lever
incorporated on the handle and let the coffee fall out by turning the filter holder upside down and knocking gently (fig.
19). ATTENTION: Before removing the filter holder, it is important to eliminate all of the residual steam from inside the steam boiler. Allow the steam to blow
out completely by rotating the steam release knob in an anti-clockwise direction (fig 20). NOTE: For safety reasons, when the steam boiler is hot, it is not
possible to remove the steam boiler cap; this is a safety feature..
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