Multi-performer Wireless Sensors Digitizing Technology

Multi-performer Wireless Sensors Digitizing Technology
Multi-performer Wireless Sensors Digitizing Technology - 802.11b
The WiSe Box is the perfect companion for multiple performers using gestural
sensors. Its high resolution and data rate make gestural sensing more
accurate and make the continuous control of sound parameters smoother !
The WiSe Box can be applied to a variety of settings from Solo Laptop
Performances to Dance Pieces with several dancers. Its WiFi technology
makes it immediately compatible with computers and networks. All you need
is a computer equipped with a WiFi adapter or WiFi Access Point to be
connected with the WiSe Box!
Wireless sensor data can be used to control sound synthesis, spatialization or
Vjing; let your imagination flow with Max/MSP or Pure Data to create intense
interactivity between Gesture and Multimedia.
“WiSe up” your sensors, and let your Body speak!
Device Specifications
Product title : WiSe Box – Wireless Sensors
Function : WiFi / OSC sensors digitizing
Size : 110 x 65 x 28 mm
Weight : 180 g (6.35 oz.)
Color : black (ABS plastic housing)
WiFi Compatibility : 802.11b (11 Mbps)
Ad-hoc & Infrastructure modes support
USB (setup) : 1.1 compliant (5 pin Mini-B con.)
Analog inputs : 16
Sensors’ analog dynamic range : 3.3 volts
Input impedance : 470 kΩ
ADC : 16 bits – [0 - 65535] digital value
Digitized offset : 100 (typ.)
SNR : 86.5 dB @99.5%
Sampling rate : User defined [5;999] ms
(Sensors number Independent)
Radio time-of-flight @11 Mbps : < 100 µs
Power supply : DC [3.4V – 6.2V]
290 mA (without sensor)
Power mode : Batteries or USB (native port only)
Sensors powering : 100 mA max.
Polarity protection : none
Batteries : 4 x AAA alkaline batteries or
850 mAh rechargeable NiMH (this type ONLY)
Typ. autonomy* : 140 minutes (alkaline batteries)
125 minutes (Ni-MH batteries)
Range : 30 m (960 ft) within buildings
100 m (3200 ft) line-of-sight/outdoors**
OpenSoundControl : 16 integer list
Polyphony : 16 devices (Infrastructure mode)
with 4 AP on distinct channels
Accessories :
o USB cable
o Belt clip
o CD-ROM with user’s manual, drivers and
configuration utility
o 2 x blank HE-10 female plug (3M - #85164500JL)
Average, measured with 2 accelerometers and 4 flexion sensors
Relies on WiFi adapter / access point and condition of use
Minimum Requirements
Windows XP or MacOS X.3 for device configuration
Any OS with WiFi and OSC compliant software (compatible with OSC integer lists)
[Pure Data – Max/MSP – Eyesweb – Super Collider]
Pentium III 900 MHz / G4 800 MHz / 512 MB RAM minimum
One free USB 1.1 native port or powered USB hub.
802.11b WiFi adapter (ad-hoc mode) or 802.11b WiFi AP or Airport Extreme (infrastructure mode).
An access point is REQUIRED for multi-performer use.
We strongly recommend the use of the Linksys WRT-54g for enhanced performance
Some electrical engineering and wiring skills may be required to connect and operate sensors
Design & Contact
The WiSe Box has been designed by {Emmanuel FLETY – Nicolas LEROY – Remy MULLER} @Performing
Arts Technology Research Team
Please send your Technical Questions to : [email protected]
Marketing Contact : [email protected]
The Performing Arts Technology Research Team is supported by the DMTS and The Ministry of Culture
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