millpwr g2 - Acu-Rite

millpwr g2 - Acu-Rite
2 or 3 Axes Control / 3 Axes Readout
Powerful conversational
CNC retrofit system
for knee and bed mills
Boosting productivity is now
Make the MILLPWRG2 your
go-to choice for CNC retrofits.
Faster set-ups, shorter run times and a major boost in
productivity are just one “powerful easy” retrofit away. The
new ACU-RITE MILLPWRG2 control and retrofit kits can turn
just about any knee mill into a powerhouse money-maker.
USB and Ethernet compatible, the new G2 features a
bright 12.1” high resolution display, 1 GHz processor
and plenty of programming capabilities – estimated
runtimes, expanded tool/datum offsets, enhanced tool
paths, a dxf converter – plus much, much more.
The MILLPWRG2 is a contouring control that enables
you to program conventional machining operations
right at the machine in an easy-to-use conversational
programming language. It is designed for both
knee mills and bed mills with up to 3 axes.
MILLPWRG2 was developed specifically for machinists
where manual and automated operation are both useful
and needed. It’s designed to maximize throughput
by significantly reducing set-up time, scrap, and
other non-productive operations, thereby increasing
your efficiency, productivity and profitability.
A closed-looped system with positioning feedback
provided by ACU-RITE precision linear encoders
(1µm/0.00005” resolution), MILLPWRG2 also includes
Position-Trac™, an advanced, unique feature that
enables you to easily, quickly and accurately re-establish
work piece zero after shutting down, or power loss.
“The bright display and 3D graphics
make it very easy to use. Production
has increased due to the streamlined
navigation and faster set-ups, thanks
to user-friendly programming and
expanded tool/datum offsets.”
– John Reynolds, Plant Manager
MILLPWRG2 Retrofit Kit
CNC system for knee mills
and bed mills.
Kit Includes:
• Remote stop/go switch
• Ball screws
• (1um/0.00005” resolution)
precision linear encoders
• Servo drives and motors
• Motor mounting castings
and hardware
• Handwheels
• Console and encoder mounting hardware
• Machine specific bracketry
Plus the G2 CNC control itself.
Easy-to-master programming
improves efficiency, profitability
Standardized menus make it easy to program common
features like lines, arcs, custom pockets, bolt hole patterns,
and islands. To add a feature to your program, simply press
a function key and then follow the prompts. MILLPWRG2
also includes an “engrave” option for engraving
alphanumeric characters vertically, horizontally, diagonally
or along an arc.
TOOL - Program tools by diameter, length
offset, type direction and speed
Common machining features are
now as simple as press and go.
POSITION/DRILL - Drill, bore
and position
RECTANGLES - Pocket, frame, face,
and slot
from and to points or by angles
CIRCLES - Pocket, frame, ring
and helix
ARCS - Defined by from and to points,
or by sweep, center and 3-point arcs
HOLE PATTERNS - Bolt hole patterns;
full & partial circles, linear row/column,
rectangular frame and array
BLENDS - Insert a corner radius
between two lines, two arcs, or a line
and an arc
USB Connectivity - Front & Back
Loading and off-loading programs, importing data via USB is now a plug-and-play convenience,
with USB ports located on both the front and the back of the new G2 control.
MILLPWRG2 – Specifications
DRO Mode
Multiple Datums (Fixture Offset)
Zero Reset
Near Zero Warning
PGM Mode
Estimated Machining Time
Graphic View
Block Form
Custom Pocket & Islands
2D Line / 3D Line / 3D Solid
Yes, w/ User Override
Yes, Ramp Feed & Optimized Path
Replication (Repeat, Rotate, Mirror)
Engrave (Line / Arc)
Program Manager Navigation
Long Program Names
Tree w/ Program Type Filter
Program Preview
Listing & Graphic w/ Estimated Machining Time
Internal Storage
2.5 GB Flash (User)
Explode Step
Hole Patterns & Repeat / Rotate / Mirror
Reverse (Step / Path)
Shift Steps
Auto Save (Program)
Program Size Limit (MPT only)
9999 Steps
DXF File Import
G-code Program
Yes, w/ Graphics Support
On-Screen Help
User Manual Viewer (Text & Graphics)
Parts Counter & Clock
Manual / Auto Z Control
Optional Stop (G-code Only)
Feed Override
Error Compensation
Yes, 3 Axes
Linear & Bidirectional Non-linear
Remote Pendant (Stop / Go)
1 GHz Celeron® M
12.1” 1024 x 768 TFT LCD
Die Cast Metal (Bezel & Back)
Ethernet, USB (x2), RS-232
3D graphics system improves
programming efficiency and accuracy
Programming cycles use a simple, easy-to-understand set
of machinist language prompts, accompanied by contentspecific “help” graphics. Here is a step-by-step look at the
new G2 graphical interface, as a simple bolt hole circle and
pocket are entered: Intuitive navigation menus eliminate
the need for multiple screens.
STEP 1 – All programs begin with the tool. Parameters are entered in the middle
column and are graphically supported in the right column for each field.
STEP 2 – Select a cycle to be created. In this case, a circular bolt hole pattern.
STEP 3 – Once the circular bolt hole pattern data has been entered into the form
press the USE hard key and a graphic of the program is displayed.
STEP 4 – Create a second cycle. Adding a circular pocket that is mapped in real
time within the help graphic screen.
STEP 5 – Tool paths are also displayed in 3D graphics that can be rotated and
manipulated. The program is ready to run. Simply press “GO.”
Offline Software
Knee Scale for Coupling
Z (Quill) and W (Knee) G2
Electronic Edge Finder
or Touch Probe
This option provides the machine
operator positional feedback on
the control when the knee is
manual moved.
The stylus is deflected when it
contacts the workpiece, and the
edge finder sends a triggering
signal over the connecting cable.
This allows you to create
programs on a Windows
compatibile PC and permits
those programs to be loaded
into the MILLPWRG2 via USB
or ethernet.
Upgrading from an old MILLPWRII
to MILLPWRG2 only requires the
new G2 console and mounting arm.
The edge finder allows you to set
datums quickly and easily, without
leaving marks on the workpiece.
MILLPWRG2 is backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty and
supported by a nationwide network of factory trained and certified
distributors. Our distribution network is readily available to provide
you with prompt delivery, product training and skilled technical
service installation and support.
333 State Parkway | Schaumburg, IL 60173-5337
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