The first AABR Screener without Disposables
MAICO MB 11 BERAphone®
z Fast and automatic ABR-screening, reliable results within seconds
z Unique BERAphone® with integrated electrodes saves costs for disposables
z CE-Chirp-Stimulus ensures fast results
z Automatic Impedance Check indicates impedance conditions
z Export function of test data for quality ensuring tracking
z Stimulation level at 35 dBHL
z USB connection for power supply and data transfer
z Optional “Follow Up” with Standard ABR and Time Step Stimulus
MAICO MB 11 BERAphone® Excellence in Newborn Hearing Screening
Screening within a few seconds
The MAICO MB 11 BERAphone® offers a fast automatic
AABR screening test up to the brainstem for newborns
and young children.
The measurement is very easy using the patented
BERAphone® technology. The BERAphone® is simply
placed onto the babies head, after just some application
of electrode gel. Within a few seconds you will get the
information if the baby is hearing well. If a response at
35 dBHL is detected and verified, the test result is PASS.
When performing AABR measurements - in contrary to
OAE measurements - you also get information about
possible hearing defects located behind the inner ear,
such as auditory neuropathy (AN).
MB 11 BERAphone® and cradle
The new patented CE-Chirp™
Technical Data
Stimulates all regions of the cochlea at the same time and
thus generates much higher responses and consequently
faster results than a standard click. This leads to very
reliable results under normal noisy conditions.
Number of channels:
Stimulus type:
CE-Chirp stimulus™
Stimulus rate:
Stimulus levels:
35 dBHL
Time Step Stimulus (opt) Click
ABR (option):
Stimulus type:
Stimulus rate:
Stimulus level:
0 … 70 dBHL
Dynamic transducer (8S ) built-in in MAICO
BERAphone® measuring probe
Preferably, EEG measurements require as good a
conduction as possible between the patient’s skin and the
electrode. The integrated automatic impedance check
displays impedance testing conditions.
Integrated tracking and data transfer
The software allows the user to export patient and test
data for documentation and tracking.
EEG Amplifier Amplification: 87 dB (23.000 times)
The patented BERAphone includes the speaker, the
electronic and the measuring electrodes in one unit. The
power supply and the data transfer are made through USB
Follow Up (Option)
For a “Follow Up” after a REFER result, a “standard” ABR
measurement is available for visual verification by an
expert. For a fast threshold measurement the integrated
Time Step Stimulus test allows to test six different click
intensities in one measurement. By using this test the
threshold becomes apparent at one glance.
No disposable costs – highly cost effective
As the stainless steel electrodes are integrated in the
BERAphone® no application of disposable electrodes is
necessary. Thus no disposable costs arise and the
measurement is highly cost effective.
MAICO Diagnostic GmbH
Salzufer 13/14, 10587 Berlin / Germany
Tel.: + 49 30/70 71 46 50,
Fax: + 49 30/70 71 46 99
e-mail: [email protected]
Signal quality check:
Power supply
Standard Accessories:
Normal mode: test result (PASS/REFER/
ABORT), test diagram, signal quality display,
traffic light for impedance test.
By signal quality bar (EEG)
patented FSS-test (fast steady state)
> 99,9 %
> 96,7 %
IEC 601-1, BF
according to medical
directive 93/42/EEC
USB-Port 5V DC max. 400 mA
MAICO BERAphone® measuring probe,
MB 11 box, carrying case, software-CD,
electrode gel, USB cable, user manual
Computer requirements: Intel Pentium III compatible 800 MHz, or
better, min. 256 MB RAM, 2 GB Harddisk,
800x600 colour display or monitor,
WINDOWS XP > SP2, Windows 2000 SP4,
Power supply with ground connection
Distributed by:
Sonic Innovations
851 991/3 03/10
Automatic impedance check
1/10 Dorsey Street, Milton, QLD 4064
PO Box 1869, Toowong DC, QLD 4066
Free call: 1800 639 263 F 07 3368 1044
E [email protected] W
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