The Time Machine Is Missing

The Time Machine Is Missing
Disney Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Manual
(Nintendo DS™)
Getting Started ........................................................................ 2
DGamer .................................................................................. 2
Controls .................................................................................. 2
Beyond Pixie Hollow ............................................................... 3
Main Menu .............................................................................. 4
Game Screens ........................................................................ 4
Story Mode.............................................................................. 5
Famous Fairies ....................................................................... 5
Fairy Mode .............................................................................. 7 ...................................................................... 8
Disney Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Online Manual
(Nintendo DS™)
Getting Started
1. Make sure the POWER switch is OFF.
2. Insert the Disney Fairies Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Game Card in the
Nintendo DS™ slot.
3. Turn the POWER switch ON. Note: the Disney Fairies Tinker Bell and the Lost
Treasure Game Card is designed for the Nintendo DS™ system.
4. Please read and accept the Health and Safety screen by touching the bottom
5. If the game does not automatically launch, select the Disney Fairies Tinker Bell
and the Lost Treasure game icon from the DS launch screen.
Choose DGamer™ to enter the new online community exclusively for Disney gamers.
Once inside, check out all of the cool achievements you’ve unlocked, send gifts and
chat with friends, create a 3D avatar and more. (See the DGamer Quick Start Guide or
visit for more details.) Plus, while in LCD Off Mode you can plug in
your headphones, close your DS and listen to the music from DGamer.
Action Stages
Move to another
Drag the stylus the direction you wish to go.
Tap the fairy you wish to talk to.
Touch an arrow shown on the edge of your current location. The red arrow
indicates the next required location.
Top Screen
Map Icon
Task List
Shows you important details about where you are, where you can go, and
what you can do there!
The blue dot on the Pixie Hollow map indicates where you need to fly to next.
Use the Map Icon in top right corner of bottom screen to quickly fly to other
areas and to check your task list.
Check your task list to see what to do next!
Fairy Creation
Fairy design
Touch the category list to view customizable options (face, skin color,
eye color, etc).
Use the arrows to scroll through your choices.
Make your selection and touch OK.
Use the arrows at the right of the bottom screen to name your fairy or
Disney Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Manual
(Nintendo DS™)
select “?” for a random name.
Select icons on the left to view outfit items (tops, skirts, etc) and use
the arrows to scroll through your choices.
Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to see a 360 view of your
Room Creation
Open Room Creation
Touch the green arrow on the left side of the
screen in your home that says “Decorate Room.”
Use the left/right arrows to scroll and drag the
furniture from the list to the room.
Drag the furniture back to item creation menu.
Select Furniture
Remove Furniture
Mini Games and Map Interactions
Touch objects to hold them.
Tap “*” to jump.
Touch balloons to make them rise.
Tap fireflies to light them!
Touch and drag to move objects.
Touch and Drag
Beyond Pixie Hollow
When Queen Clarion asked Tinker Bell to create the Scepter for the Autumn Revelry,
she became Pixie Hollow’s happiest fairy. But when the Scepter broke and its
Moonstone lost, Tink became Pixie Hollow’s saddest. Worst of all, the accident may
have cost Tinker Bell her best friend Terence.
But if she can find the Moonstone, repair the Scepter, and save the Autumn Revelry, she
can also reclaim Terence’s friendship.
It’s a lot of adventure for one bright little fairy, but finding the Lost Treasure is only the
beginning of your adventures in Pixie Hollow.
In Fairy Mode, you can explore Pixie Hollow as you help your friends prepare for the
Autumn Revelry. Create and customize up to five of your own fairies – be a tinker fairy,
water fairy, animal fairy, garden fairy or light fairy. Go on quests, play mini games, earn
ingredients, unlock furniture and outfits and interact with your favorite fairy friends in
Pixie Hollow.
Discover more of this magical world by uploading your favorite fairy avatar and
ingredients to the online world of Pixie Hollow. You can also download the latest Never
News and Pixie Polls right to your Nintendo DS™! Complete a special quest in the
online world of Pixie Hollow and even unlock a special item on your DS!
Disney Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Online Manual
(Nintendo DS™)
Main Menu
Tap here to play as Tinker Bell on her adventure North of Never Land to find the Lost
Treasure and create the autumn scepter.
Fairy Mode
In Fairy Mode you can visit Pixie Hollow any time you like. You can help the Fairies of
Pixie Hollow prepare for the Autumn Revelry or you can just hang out and have fun.
Select Options to choose a Language or delete Save Data.
Choose DGamer™ to enter the online community created exclusively for Disney
Pixie Hollow
Get connected and upload your Fairy to Pixie Hollow online, transfer ingredients, get the
latest Never News, and much more.
Game Screens
Main Game Screen
You'll explore Pixie Hollow and help Tink and Blaze find the moonstone on the Touch
Screen. Use the stylus to tap objects to interact with them. Tap the Bag icon in the
upper right corner to open the Game Menu and tap the Scroll icon to open your To Do
List. The Top Screen shows you important details about where you are, where you can
go, and what you can do there!
Menu - This opens the Game Menu, where you can check your item
inventory and much more.
To Do List - Tap this to open your To Do List to find out what needs to be
Map Icon - Tap on this to bring up a list of destinations to move to.
Game Menu
Here's where you and Tinker Bell keep all of your secrets and your item lists – and most
importantly – all of your ingredients and honors!
Items - Check here to see what you have collected and learn how to use it
to make other things! The Materials list contains all the little bits you've
found or been given by other fairies. You use this stuff to make other stuff
Disney Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Manual
(Nintendo DS™)
(like Outfits and Furniture). The Outfit list contains the articles of clothing
you have made. The Furniture list details the furniture you have.
Tutorials - If you aren't sure how to do something, take a tutorial and learn
the tricks of the trade.
System - Mostly you will visit here to save your progress. Just tap Save to
do so. You can also return to the Title Screen from here.
To-Do List
The Minister of Autumn has plenty for you to do, as do many of your fairy friends. Your
To Do List helps you remember what you shouldn't have forgotten!
Once you have created a few separates (see “Creating Outfits” below), you can mix and
match them to create your own unique style. Use the stylus on the Touch Screen to
select your pieces and admire the look on the Top Screen.
You can also choose accessories for your hair and you can try on a new pair of shoes.
Story Mode
In Story mode, you can relive the adventure of Disney's hit movie Tinker Bell and the
Lost Treasure. The highlights are all here, and best of all you get to experience the thrill
right at Tinker Bell's side.
Choose Story from the Main Menu to begin the adventure.
Much of Tinker Bell's adventure takes place beyond Pixie Hollow. But plenty happens in
that familiar magical place. For details about gathering materials and building objects
and preparing for Autumn, Pixie Hollow style, read about it in Fairy Mode, below.
Otherwise, tap Story, and let Tinker Bell's adventure begin!
Famous Fairies
Tinker Bell – Tinker Fairy
Feisty, rebellious, impatient, impulsive, determined, and temperamental... yet still
charming and lovable. Her talent for tinkering has earned her the coveted duty of
creating a new fall scepter to hold a beautiful moonstone, the key to renewing the Pixie
Dust tree.
Blaze – Firefly
This young firefly is mischievous, inventive, and enthusiastic. Though he is tiny, his
bravery knows no bounds. Blaze buzzes around with puppy-like enthusiasm, always
ready to help his friend Tink.
Disney Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Online Manual
(Nintendo DS™)
Silvermist – Water Fairy
Her go-with-the-flow attitude can make her wishy-washy, and sometimes she takes
things way too literally, but her heart is always in the right place. Whether she's placing
delicate dewdrops on a spider web or training tadpoles to blow bubbles for the Autumn
Revelry, Sil approaches everything with an offbeat, cheerful manner.
Rosetta – Garden Fairy
A southern Belle brimming with confidence, grace and charm. She wants every friend,
flower, and fairy to look its best and will spend hours patiently primping a pumpkin until
it's the perfect shade of orange or mixing up a brilliant blend of flower petals for fairy
Iridessa – Light Fairy
One of the most talented light fairies, Iridessa is a detail-oriented perfectionist. She tries
to see the bright side of things, but often sees disaster lurking and is certainly the first to
worry about it. When she hangs firefly lanterns for a celebration, you can be sure that
every lantern will be placed just right and every firefly properly lit.
Fawn – Animal Fairy
A pony-tailed tomboy full of mirth and mischief, the only thing Fawn loves more than
playing with her fairy friends is playing with her animal friends. The more rough-andtumble the game, the better.
Fairy Mary – Tinker Fairy
The no-nonsense head of the tinker fairies, Fairy Mary is big, bold, brash and bossy.
She loves what she does and is proud of the place tinkers hold. She expects all tinker
fairies to live by her motto: “Tinker fairies never fail.”
Queen Clarion – Tinker Fairy
The monarch of Pixie Hollow, she is practically Mother Nature and is like a mother to all
of the fairies. She is warm, approachable, kind and loving, but she can be serious and
firm when she has to be. Her knowledge of fairy magic is so advanced that she can
even travel as a stream of pure pixie dust.
Terence – Dust Keeper Fairy
Tink's best friend.
Clank – Tinker Fairy
Clank keeps his ears full of fluff because he's always banging things. As a result, he
ends up shouting at everyone he meets.
Bobble – Tinker Fairy
Bobble sports a pair of really sharp dewdrop goggles that are perfect for fine tinker
work. He and Clank are best pals
Vidia is a fast flying fairy, maybe the fastest flyer of all. In her mind, she is certainly the
fastest flyer of all, no question about it.
Disney Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Manual
(Nintendo DS™)
Fairy Mode
Visit Pixie Hollow and become one of its leading residents. With just a few stylus taps
you can create your very own Pixie Hollow fairy and join all the other fairies as they
prepare for the Autumn Revelry.
Fairy Creation
In addition to choosing your fairy's name and selecting her clothing, you will customize
her appearance. Most importantly, you get to choose your fairy's talent.
Fairy Talents
Every fairy has a special talent. Not only that, but fairies of each talent have their own
special clothing and accessories and homes and furnishings.
Tinker Fairies, such as Tinker Bell, are good at making and fixing things. What
things? Any things!
Water Fairies are experts in all things liquid. They make raindrops dance and
waterspouts sparkle.
Garden Fairies like nothing more than tending flower beds, prompting the buds
to bloom and the fruit to ripen.
Animal Fairies enjoy a special connection to animals great and small, teaching
them songs and leading the lost ones home.
Light Fairies bring light to every occasion, as one might imagine, but such light!
They capture autumn sunsets and cast rainbows across the sky.
Creating Outfits, Accessories and Furnishings
While in Tinker’s Nook, find the Tailor Fairy, who can turn your collected items into new
outfits for your fairy to wear! Talk to her to see what types of clothing she can create,
and then collect the necessary materials by flying throughout Pixie Hollow. Once you
have the right combination of materials to create a piece of clothing, return to the Tailor
Fairy, and she will create a beautiful new piece of clothing for your fairy, like a new top
or skirt.
The Furniture Fairy is also located in Tinker’s Nook. She can turn your collected items
into furniture that you can place in your home! Talk to her to see what type of furniture
she has available, and then collect the necessary materials by flying throughout Pixie
Hollow. Once you have the right combination of materials to create a piece of furniture,
return to the Furniture Fairy, and she will craft you a comfortable piece of furniture like a
new bed or table.
Preparing for Autumn
The Autumn Revelry is right around the corner and the fairies of Pixie Hollow have a lot
of work to do. Good thing preparing for the Revelry is so much fun!
Disney Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Online Manual
(Nintendo DS™)
There is a Fairy for Every Activity
A lot goes into an Autumn Revelry and every fairy has a special task.
Tinker Fairies construct the magnificent float that leads the parade.
Water Fairies create a shimmering water curtain.
Garden Fairies decorate the Revelry grounds with flowers.
Animal Fairies provide the entertainment by leading the beasts, birds and bugs
in song and dance.
Light Fairies illuminate the grounds and thrill their fairy friends with a splendid
Many of the fairies you meet will ask for favors. Some favors involve finding things.
Some are about trading things. Some are about delivering things.
To accept a favor, tap "Yes". Refer to your To Do List to help you remember them all.
Fun and Games
Here are a few of the Fairies' favorite pastimes. There are lots more to discover and try!
Light Up the Fireflies - Light Fairies love to chase fireflies and light them up!
Tap a firefly among the swarm with your stylus to set it aglow, but be careful. If
you tap a shining firefly, you will extinguish its light.
Catch Water Drops - Use your stylus to catch the water drops the Water Fairies
toss. Try to fill up the flower in the lower left!
Plant the Flower Seeds - Garden Fairy magic causes flower buds to open and
bloom. Plant seeds by sliding them with the stylus into holes in the ground, but
watch out for the Sprinting Thistles! They can knock the seeds away!
Paint the Butterflies - Animal Fairies give critters their color, from the lady bug's
spots to the lion's golden mane. Choose a color from the palette with your stylus,
and then apply it correctly to the butterflies that need to be painted. Use the
image on the Top Screen as a guide.
Make Acorn Teapots - Tinker Fairies love to fiddle and fix. Watch for the icons
on the top of the Touch Screen and tap or slide the stylus to put teapots
together. is the only place online where you can get exciting Pixie Hollow news,
take part in fun Pixie Hollow polls and exchange items between Pixie Hollow on your DS
and your Pixie Hollow account online. And you can do it all right from your DS!
Disney Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Manual
(Nintendo DS™)
Account Details
When you create a Fairy, enter your online Pixie Hollow Account ID and Password to
link them together. If you don't have an online Pixie Hollow Account, go make one at!
Fairy Upload
You can upload the original fairy you create to your online account and play her in both
Item Upload
Ingredients you collect in Pixie Hollow on your DS can be transferred to your online
News and Polls
Whenever you connect your DS to, you can get caught up on Tinker
Bell and Pixie Hollow happenings in the Never News and share your opinion in daily
Pixie Polls.
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