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Quick Start Guide
450 Twin Turbo
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Quick Start Guide
For complete information about your label printer, you can view the LabelWriter Printer User Guide
from the DYMO Label v.8 Help menu or from the DYMO Web site at www.dymo.com.
Follow these steps to install the LabelWriter printer and print your first label.
1. Unpacking your LabelWriter Printer
NOTE Do not connect the printer into your computer until after the software installation is complete.
1 Unpack your printer and save the packing materials.
2 Make sure you have all the items shown in Figure 1. (Labels included in the package may vary.)
Roll of DYMO Stamps labels
Roll of Address labels
Cleaning card
Quick Start Guide
Quick Start
Power adapter
USB cable
Power cord
LabelWriter printer
Figure 1
Become familiar with the printer’s major components. See Figure 2.
Serial number
Top cover
Label spool
Label guide
DC power
Label eject
Form-feed button
and LED
S/N 00000-0000000
Label roll
Label release
Label feed path
and tear bar
Figure 2
Cable channels
LabelWriter Printer Features
Your LabelWriter printer is a direct thermal printer and does not use ink or toner. Instead, the printer
uses heat from a thermal print head to print on specially treated labels. Labels are the only supplies
you will ever need to buy.
The form-feed button on the front of the printer advances a single label. The label eject button is
used to remove labels from the printer when changing rolls.
The status light visually shows the current state of the printer:
• Solid blue - power is on and the printer is ready.
• Flashing blue - labels are not loaded properly or the label roll is empty.
• Dimmed blue - printer is in power saving mode.
2. Installing the Software
Do not connect the printer to your computer until after the software installation is complete.
Windows Depending on your system configuration, the software installation could take
some time while the required Microsoft .NET™ software is installed.
To install the software on a Windows system
1 Close all open Microsoft Office applications.
2 Insert the DYMO LabelWriter CD into your CD-ROM/DVD drive.
After a few seconds, the installation screen appears.
3 Click Install and follow the instructions in the installer.
QuickBooks If you have QuickBooks 2007 or later, you will be prompted to install the DYMO Label
Add-in for QuickBooks. (US Only.)
To install the software on a Mac OS system
1 Insert the DYMO LabelWriter CD into the CD-ROM/DVD drive.
After a few seconds, the DYMO Label Installer icon appears.
2 Double-click the Installer icon and follow the instructions.
3. Connecting your LabelWriter Printer
NOTE Do not connect the printer to your computer until after the
software installation is complete.
Power adapter
To connect the power
1 Plug the power cord into the power adapter. See Figure 3.
2 Plug the power adapter into the power connector on the bottom of
Power cord
Figure 3
the printer. See Figure 4.
3 Plug the other end of the power cord into a power outlet.
4 Plug the USB cable into the USB port on the bottom of the printer.
5 Insert the power and USB cables through the cable channel and set
the printer down.
6 When the software is completely installed, connect the other end of
the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer.
Mac OS If the printer is not in the printer list when the installation is
complete, refer to the ReadMe file for instructions on how to add
the printer.
Figure 4
4. Loading Labels
The LabelWriter Twin Turbo printer holds two label rolls, so you can print two types of labels without
having to change the label roll. For example, load address labels on one side and DYMO Stamps
postage labels on the other side.
In order for the labels to feed properly during printing, pay attention to the following when loading
labels on the spool and into the printer:
• The label spool guide must be pushed flush against the label roll, with no gap. See
Figure 6.
• The labels must be loaded with the left edge of the label inserted against the left edge of the
label feed slot. See Figure 8.
To load a label roll
1 Press the form-feed button to eject the labels that protected the
printer during shipment.
2 Open the top cover and remove any packing material inside the
label compartment.
3 Remove the label spool on the left from inside the top cover and pull
the spool guide from the spindle.
Figure 5
4 Hold the spool spindle in your left hand and place the label roll on the
spindle so that the labels feed from underneath and the left edge of the label roll is firmly
against the side of the spool. See Figure 5.
5 Slide the spool guide onto the right side of the spool and press the
guide tightly against the side of the label roll, leaving no gap
between the roll and the spool. See Figure 6.
NOTE To ensure proper feeding of labels during printing, the label roll
must fit snugly against both sides of the label spool, with no gaps.
Figure 6
6 Insert the label spool into the left slot in the printer cover with the
labels extending from underneath the roll. See Figure 7.
7 Align the left edge of the label with the left edge of the label feed slot
and insert the label into the slot. See Figure 8.
The printer automatically feeds the label, stopping at the beginning of
the first label.
If the printer does not feed the labels, make sure the first label is fully
inserted and then press the form-feed button.
Figure 7
If the first label on the roll is not a full label, press the
form-feed button to eject the partial label.
Slide label guide
against labels
8 Slide the label guide to the left until the label guide
aligns with the right edge of the label. See Figure 8.
Make sure that the label guide does not pinch
the label.
9 Repeat steps 3-8 to load labels on the right side of
the printer.
10 Carefully lower the top cover.
Align labels
ainst left edge
Figure 8
5. Printing your First Label
The first time you open the application, you are asked to register the software. Registering the
software ensures that you will be informed of any software updates.
During the registration process, you will be asked to enter the serial number for your label printer.
The serial number is located on the bottom of the printer.
To print your first label
1 Start DYMO Label software by doing one of the following:
• For Windows, click Start, then Programs>DYMO>DYMO Label v.8.
• For Macintosh, double-click the DYMO Label icon in the Applications folder.
The first time you start DYMO Label software, a list of available label types is displayed on the
left side of the window and an address label is displayed in the Edit area. (See Figure 9.)
2 Click once in the address label in the Edit area and type some text.
3 Optionally, choose a font and a justification setting from the Formatting toolbar.
4 If necessary, click
and then click
to choose the side of the printer that has
address labels loaded.
5 Click
to print the label.
Figure 9 highlights some of the major features available in DYMO Label software.
Visually choose your
label type and apply
Print postage using
DYMO Stamps
Insert text,
addresses, images,
shapes, lines,
barcodes, dates, and
Verify and correct
addresses on your label.
Store your favorite
addresses in the
Address Book or view
your Outlook or Mac
Address Book contacts;
automatically insert
addresses on your label.
Select left or right roll
to print your labels.
Figure 9
For complete details on using the software, refer to the online Help.
From the Help menu, you can view the following:
• DYMO Label v.8 Help
• DYMO Label v.8 User Guide
• LabelWriter Printer User Guide
Printing Postage with DYMO Stamps
You can now print postage right from your desktop using your LabelWriter Twin Turbo label
printer. All you need is DYMO Stamps software, your LabelWriter printer, DYMO Stamps
labels, and an Internet connection.
To install DYMO Stamps and print postage
1 Sign up for your USPS account with Endicia. Go to: www.endicia.com/dymostamps
2 At the end of the sign up process, download and install the DYMO Stamps software.
DYMO Stamps software is available for both Windows
and Mac OS X.
NOTE You must have DYMO Label software and your
LabelWriter printer installed before installing the DYMO
Stamps software.
The first time you start the DYMO Stamps software, you
are prompted to enter the postage account number
assigned and the pass phrase you created during the
sign-up process.
3 Enter your account number and pass phrase, and then click OK.
4 Click
Buy Postage and purchase postage for
your account.
5 Select DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo from
the Printer list under Printer Selection.
6 Select Right Roll or Left Roll from the Label Roll
list, depending on where you have DYMO Stamps
postage labels loaded.
7 Click Test Print to print a voided postage label.
You are now ready to start printing actual postage
whenever you need it. Refer to the DYMO Stamps
online Help for more information about using
the software.
You can add postage, buy DYMO Stamps postage
labels, and order supplies directly from within the DYMO Stamps software.
Distributed by: DYMO, Atlanta, GA 30328
800-426-7827: www.dymo.com
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