Quartz Chronographs User`s Manual

Quartz Chronographs User`s Manual
Quartz Chronographs
User's Manual
Display and functions
 Hour hand
 Minute hand
 Seconds hand
 Date indicator
Chronograph :
 60 seconds counter hand
 30 minutes or 12 hours counter (depending on the model)
 1/10th second counter
Crown with 3 positions (8) :
I Winding position (not pulled out)
II Setting position for day/date (unscrewed*, half pulled out)
III Setting position for time (unscrewed*, completely pulled out)
* Models with a screwed crown:
IA Initial position (screwed down, not pulled out)
IB Neutral position (unscrewed, not pulled out)
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Quartz Chronographs
We would like to congratulate you on having chosen a chronograph Certina ®, one of the most highly renowned Swiss brands in the world. Meticulously designed,
using only the highest quality materials and components, your chronograph is protected against shock loads, variations in temperature, water and dust.
When operating as a chronograph, this model is able to time events lasting up to 30 minutes, displaying the results to the 1/10th of a second, and also provides
you with the following functions:
– Standard START–STOP function
– ADD function (partial times)
– SPLIT function (intermediate times)
To ensure that your chronograph operates with perfect precision for many years to come, we advise you to pay very careful attention to the advice provided
Usage / Settings
Models with a screwed crown
To ensure that they remain water-resistant, some models are fitted with a screwed crown. Before proceeding to setting the time or date, you must first unscrew the crown into position IB before pulling it out into position II or III.
Important : After each operation, you must always screw the crown back down to ensure that your watch remains water-resistant.
Setting the time
Pull the crown out to position III and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to set the desired time. Synchronize the small seconds-hand, located at 6 o’clock, to
an official time signal (radio/TV/ Internet) by pulling out the crown to its second stop; the seconds hand stops at this point. As soon as the time setting has been
synchronized, push the crown back down into position I (and tighten it back down on models with a screwed crown).
Quartz chronographs never need to be wind.
Rapid correction of the date
Pull the crown out into position II and turn it forwards until the correct date is displayed. During this operation, only the hour hand rotates.
Setting the counters to zero
The counters must be zeroed before chronograph mode is initiated. If necessary, proceed as follows :
1 Zero the 60 seconds counter hand (crown in position III, pusher A)
Zero the 30 minutes (or 12 hours) counter hand (crown in position II, pusher B)
3 Zero the 1/10th of a second counter hand (crown in position III, pusher B)
Simple chronometer (timing) operation
The simple « chronograph function » enables you to measure isolated events.
Readout of time (see example)
- 5 minutes,
- 57 seconds,
- 7/10ths of a second
3 Reset to zero
Note : Before each timing operation, the chronograph hands must be in their original settings. If necessary,
refer to the paragraph entitled SETTING THE COUNTERS TO ZERO.
Note : All the timing functions are available while the crown is pressed into position I.
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Quartz Chronographs
ADD function
The ADD function enables you to measure consecutive events without having to reset to zero between each
event. Each time recorded is simply added to the previous total.
2 STOP Readout
4 STOP Readout
6 STOP Readout
X Reset counters to zero
SPLIT-TIME function
The SPLIT-TIME function enables you to stop the hands to read an intermediate time, without interrupting the
timing operation. When you restart, the hands « catch up » the lost time.
Readout of time 1 (see fig. 2)
- 5 minutes,
- 4 seconds,
- 6/10ths of a second
3 RESTART (catchup)
Readout of time 2
- 15 minutes,
- 36 seconds,
- 8/10ths of a second
5 RESTART (catchup)
Readout of the last time (cumulative time)
- 25 minutes,
- 18 seconds,
- 4/10ths of a second
7 Reset counters to zero
Care and maintenance
We would advise you to clean your chronograph regularly (except for the leather strap) using a soft cloth and warm soapy water. After immersion in salty water,
rinse it in fresh water and leave it to dry completely.
Do not leave it anywhere where it might be subjected to major variations in temperature or humidity, in direct sunlight or near strong magnetic fields.
We would advise you to have your watch inspected every 3 to 4 years by an approved Certina ® representative or retailer. To benefit from the highest standards of
service and to ensure your guarantee remains in force, please always contact an approved Certina ® representative or retailer.
Certina ® Quartz chronographs benefit from the incomparable precision of quartz. Their power reserve usually enables them to operate for more than 2 years in
continuous use. If you envisage not wearing your chronograph for several weeks or months, we would advise you to put it to one side with the crown pulled out
into position II. This cuts the electrical power supply to the motor, thereby extending battery life considerably.
Replacing the battery
Once the battery has run flat, it must be replaced without delay by an approved Certina ® representative or retailer.
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