Manual B-Speech Clip
Clip & GO!
User Manual
Safety and General Information
Please read the following information before using this product. Users are not
permitted to make changes or modify the product and accessories in any way.
DO NOT put the small parts into mouth to avoid swallowing.
1. DO NOT use the product while operating a motor vehicle.
2. To avoid electronic interference and/or compatible conflicts, TURN OFF the
product in any facilities where posted notices instruct you to do so.
For example: Aircraft, Military Base, Hospital or Health Care Facilities.
3. To avoid impairing your hearing in the long-term operation, keep the headset
volume in the moderate level.
4. Keep away of fire, water, and high voltage equipments
5. Observe the charging procedure described in this manual to charge the
Product Overview
1. In the off state, press and hold multifunction key for about 8 second until the
red and blue LED flash alternatively.
2. Follow the operating instruction of your Bluetooth mobile phone to start the
pairing process. Typically, this is done by going to a ”Connect” or “Setup” menu
and then selecting the option to search the Clip&GO! that is still in the pairing mode
3. The mobile will find Clip&GO! headset and ask whether you are willing to
connect your mobile with the headset. Press “Yes” or “Confirm” to confirm this
4. The mobile phone’s display should then prompt you for a passkeyor PIN. Enter
0000 (a sequence of four zeros) and the display should prompt the pairing
result. If the connection is successful, the blue LED of the headset will flash 3
times. Then blue LED will flash one time every 7 seconds.
If the pairing is unsuccessful, please turn off the headset and turn it on again.
Then, return to Step 1 and do the pairing procedure again.)
Designed for an active lifestyle, Clip&GO! Bluetooth Stereo Headset combines
the stylish design and reliable technology in the ideal mini size units. With
Bluetooth wireless technology, Clip&GO! gives you the convenient wireless way
to enjoy the streaming stereo music transmitted from the Bluetooth A2DP-Source
device such as a mp3 player, PC or PDA in the available range.
Moreover, you can use Clip&GO! to remote control the music playing functions of
your Bluetooth device if it supports Bluetooth AVRCP in addition.
Switching between music and phone calls, Clip&GO! also allows you answer or
make calls with the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone while you are listening to
music. After you ended the call, the music will follow to be streamed in few
seconds. Besides the wireless stereo and mobile hands-free applications, you
can apply the Clip&GO! to the Bluetooth-enabled PC with the Internet messenger
such as Skype, MSN Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger.
Make a Call
1. Use the mobile phone’s keypad to dial the phone number.
2. Press mobile phone’s “Send” or “OK” key. The mobile phone initiates the call
and transfer the call from the mobile phone to the headset Normally speaking
if there is no disturbance between headset and mobile, the voice quality is better.
1. The playback or its plug-in Bluetooth adapter/transmitter needs to support
Bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).
2. The playback or its plug-in Bluetooth adapter/transmitter needs to support
Bluetooth AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile).
3. The mobile phone needs to support Bluetooth HSP (Headset Profile) or HFP
(Hands-free Profile) support Bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).
4. Some mobile phones do not release the Bluetooth connection automatically
will cause the headset to fail to switch the Bluetooth connection.
5. The computer or its plug-in Bluetooth adapter needs to support Bluetooth HSP
(Headset Profile).
End a Call
Use either of the following methods to end a call.
Method 1. Press multifunction key one time to end a call from the headset.
Method 2. End a call from the mobile phone’s keypad.
In the meantime you are answering or making a call, the headset will switch the
connection from the music player (A2DP) to the mobile phone (HSP or HFP);
moreover, the streaming music will be paused temporarily. After you ended the
call, the music will be played and streamed to the headset continuously.
Structure and key definition
Answer a Call
1. If there is an incoming call while you are listening to the streaming music, you
will hear beep prompt from headset.
2. Just press multifunction key one time.
Notes: When you press multifunction key to answer or end a call, please
just press one time. Do not press and hold.
Adjust volume
You can press the four-direction button of volume +/- key to adjust volume.
Redial the last dialed number
Press and hold multifunction key for 2 second to redial the last dialed number.
Trouble shooting:
Voice dialing (dialing a number by saying a name)
It is possible to make a call directly from the headset using voice recognition. To
use this voice dialing function, your mobile phone must provide this option and
corresponding voice samples must have been recorded.
1. Press the multifunction button of the headset one time, you will hear a beep
2. When you hear a short tone, say the name of the person you wish to call loudly.
2.5 mm earphone jack
mini USB charging port
Four-direction button for VOL+,VOL-,previous song, next song.
Multifunction button
- Turn on the headset, press the multifunction button for 3 seconds until the
blue LED flashes and there is a beep prompt from the headset.
- Turn off the headset, press and hold the multifunction button until the blue
LED is on 2 times slowly and there is a beep prompt from the headset.
- Enter Paring mode, press the multifunction button for 8 seconds until the red
and blue LED flash alternatively.
- Answer a call press one time.
- End a call, press one time after finishing the call.
How to use Clip&GO!
Pairing is the process of establishing encrypted link between Clip&GO! and
Bluetooth devices.
11/2007 * Technische Änderungen vorbehalten! / * Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
If disconnection occurs, please check the following factors:
1. Ensure that the headset has enough power, is turned on and has been
successfully paired to the mobile.
2. The Bluetooth function of the mobile is enabled.
3. Check whether the range between the headset and mobile is over 10 meters
(about 30 feet.) Or there is wall or other disturbance or other electrical devices
between headset and mobile.
Battery and Charging Notice
We use rechargeable battery for Clip &GO!. Please make sure the battery has
been fully charged and fully released when the beginning of three times use it for
keep the battery has the best performance.
Always use correct AC Power Adapter to charge the headset. Using any incorrect
power supply device will cause damage and void the warranty.
After finished charging, please pull out the cable from the headset and plug the
adaptor from the electricity outlet. Do not put the headset in charging state for a
long time. This will shorten the lifetime of the battery.
Do not use the headset in too hot or too cold environment. Dot not install, place
or use the headset near any source of heat such as a stove, radiator, oven, toaster, coffee maker or other apparatus (including microwave oven) that gives off
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