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The PA11-HON2 interface connects iPod products directly to Honda audio system. Its on-board software
translates the factory radios external CD Changer controls functions into commands that the iPod understands.
This interface enables the iPod to take the place of a Honda external CD Changer and provides the following
1. Direct connection of the iPod to Honda vehicle audio system for optimum sound quality
2. In Playlist mode: select songs and playlist on the iPod using the CD Changer buttons on the radio
In Direct Mode: Search and select songs directly on the iPod.
3. Maintain current playlist when switching from portable use to in-car use.
4. Charge the iPod internal battery --- and to prevent battery-drain, charging automatically ends one hour
after iPod is paused
5. Auxiliary audio input [connect an audio device (mp3, DVD, Game, SAT radio etc) and listen to it on the
factory system]
6. Plug-n-Play: This complete package includes installation cables, mounting screws and user’s manual.
The PA11-HON2 interface is compatible with iPod (G3, G4, G5) iPod Mini, Nano, Photo, Video models
featuring a dock connector. The functionality and features of the iPod interface described in this owner’s manual
are confirmed with software version:
Firmware v2.3
iPod Nano
iPod Photo
iPod Video
iPod Mini
firmware 1.0
Firmware 1.2
firmware 1.0
firmware v1.4
firmware v3.1 (G4)
Please visit and update the firmware on your iPod.
Future firmware updates for your iPod, iPod Mini, iPod photo or iPod video may affect the features and functions
described in this owner’s manual.
Important: Display of artist, song title information, track search and artist, song title, album or genre is not
displayed on the Honda radio. Radio will show Track and disc number. (CD Changer display mode)
This interface is designed as an alternate replacement to the Honda external 6 Disc CD Changer. Therefore it is
not possible to have the external 6 disc CD changer and the PA11-HON2 iPod interface simultaneously
connected to the Honda radio.
Note1 The PA11-HOND2 also works directly with factory Navigation system in 2003-06 ACCORD. A CASHON2Y adapter cable (sold separately) is required to work with factory Navigation + XM Radio (tuner).
Note2. The PA11-HOND2 requires a CAS-HON2Y cable (sold separately) to work with factory Navigation
and/or XM receiver in Civic, CRV, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline, S2000, RL, TL, MDX, TSX
The PA11-HON2 provides two ways of controlling the iPod through the car radio, namely Playlist Mode and
Direct Mode.
Search and select music on the iPod directly just as you would in portable use. Music will playback through your
car stereo. Use the track up/down, fast forward and reverse buttons on your Honda radio or steering wheel to
control music playback. All control functions on the iPod will still be available. Please see section 4 of this
manual for additional information
Operate and control the iPod as if it was a CD Changer. This mode allows you to access up to five playlist on the
iPod. This is also referred to as External Control Mode. (See Playlist Naming in section 4 of this manual). Dip
switch #2 on the PA11-HON2 interface is for mode selection. The “ON” position is for Playlist Mode and the
“OFF” position is for Direct Mode. It is preset to “ON” (Playlist Mode) at the factory. When in Playlist Mode the
iPod is switched to External Control Mode and neither the controls on the iPod nor the display are
active—the iPod screen displays “HONDA, OK TO DISCONNECT”.
Warning: Disconnect the iPod from the PA11-HON2 before switching DIP switch #2 from one mode to the
PA11-HON2 interface adapter is also capable of connecting an Auxiliary audio source to your Honda radio,
including the iPod. The additional audio source connects to the RCA input jacks labeled “AUX INPUT”. If you
choose to use the “AUX INPUT”, DIP switch #1 at the side of the interface box must be set to the “OFF” position
(it is preset to “ON” at factory).
The audio source (XM radio, DVD player, MP3 Player, Game system etc.) connected to the “AUX INPUT” can
be accessed at CD 6 Track1 after selecting CD Changer mode on the Honda radio. CD 1 to CD4 are for
accessing Playlist and CD 5 is for accessing all songs on the iPod.
If the “AUX INPUT” option is selected, the radio will display “CD 6 Track 1” when CD/AUX button is pressed.
“CD 6 Track 1” gives access the audio source connected the AUX INPUT port. Adjust VOLUME, BASS, and
TREBLE etc. as you would normally do for the other program sources on the radio.
The procedures for connecting and disconnecting the iPod to your PA11-HON2 interface adapter are described
in this section. Please follow these instructions to avoid connectivity problems or synchronizations errors between
the iPod and Honda radio. When the iPod is connected to the interface, the iPod’s screen will go blank for a few
seconds before the normal screen returns. Set the source on the radio to CD Changer, the audio from the iPod
will be played back at DISC 5 Track1. Adjust VOLUME, BASS, TREBLE etc as you normally do for the other
programs sources on the radio. If for some reason you experience sound level to be too high and the music
sounds distorted, you will need to turn "Sound Check" ON in iPod™ menu "Settings".
4-1. Connecting the iPod to the interface
Turn your HONDA radio ON before connecting your iPod. After connection, the iPod will take a few moments
to change to external control mode. The iPod screen will then show:
You are now able to select iPod mode.
4-2 Selecting iPod Mode on Honda radio
Press the “CD/AUX” on the radio repeatedly to go to CD Changer mode and “CD 6- TRK-x” appears on the radio
display (x is the track number for the “Now Playing” song on the iPod). This display confirms that iPod mode has
been completely synchronized and activated. Synchronization timing varies according to the number of playlist
on your iPod. If the iPod was playing previous to turning the Radio’s ACC power OFF, and the iPod was not
disconnected, playback resumes from where it stopped.
4-3 Disconnecting the iPod from the interface
If the iPod was disconnected during playback in iPod mode, the radio will display “EJECT”. After disconnecting,
wait until the iPod screen changes from the external control mode screen back to the normal menu before
attempting to reconnect to the interface.
Tip: If you press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE button on the iPod, you may get the normal iPod menu back faster.
4-4 iPod Song Playback
All audio tracks on your iPod will be played (All Play) at Disc 6 if the AUX option is NOT selected. Track order is
determined by the default order on your iPod. Selecting DISC 1 to DISC 5 on radio will allow playback of 5 playlist on
the iPod. Please refer to “Playlist naming” in this manual for more information regarding available and unavailable
playlist. Every time the iPod is connected to the PA11-HOND2, playback begins at the “Now Playing” song at DISC 6
by default. If the iPod was playing any of its playlist right before connection, the same playlist will continue to play and
repeated at DISC 6 but the iPod will switch to “ALL” as soon as the Fast Forward (or SEEK/SKIP) ►► button is
Press DISC ▲ or DISC ▼ button to select a playlist. The selected playlist will begin playing and the playlist
number and track number will be displayed. In rare cases, this may take up to a few seconds to complete
synchronization. After playing the last song in the current playlist, playback will start again from the first track on
this playlist.
4-6 Playlist Naming
Once the iPod™, iPod™ mini, iPod Nano or iPod Video is connected to your HONDA radio via the
interface, the iPod interface will scan all available playlist on the iPod for designated “HONDA”
playlist which are created for direct access using the “DISC” button on the HONDA radio. Therefore,
you will need to name your playlist(s) using the letters "HONDA" and the number corresponding to
that DISC. The following is an example of correct playlist(s) naming:
Preset #’s
Playlist(s) names
ALL SONGS on iPod (this is a designation not a playlist name)
Naming a playlist in iTune™ for the PA11-HOND2 interface must be exactly as shown. HONDA must be in capital
letters and there can be no spaces between HONDA text and the DISC number. However, you may add any text
after the correct name and number has been assigned.
The following is an example of correct playlist naming with additional text:
Note 1: If no designated HONDA playlist were created, the PA11-HON2 interface automatically relates the first five
playlist on the iPod to DISC number 1 to 5 regardless of playlist naming.
Note 2 . If less than five designated HONDA playlist were created, the PA11-HON2 interface automatically fills up the
rest of the DISC numbers beginning with the first available playlist on the iPod.
Example: If only three designated HONDA1, HONDA3 and HONDA5 playlists were created, the DISC numbers on
the radio would be:
(1st available playlist on the iPod)
(2nd available playlist on the iPod)
Warning: The PA11-HON2 does NOT recognize a playlist that contains no audio tracks regardless of playlist
naming. The PA11-HON does not recognize the “On-The-Go” playlist on your iPod
You can control playback with several functions. These functions are generally cancelled when you press select radio
buttons; disconnect the iPod, or POWER OFF the radio or ACC.
Press the SCAN button, each track in the current playlist will play for 10 seconds. If SCAN is pressed at
DISC 6, all songs on the iPod will play for 10 seconds each.
Random (Shuffle)
Press the "RANDOM” button (RND) on the radio, songs within a playlist will playback in random order.
The track number display will change to start from 1 as it does on the iPod. The radio will continue to play
this way until “RND” is deactivated.
Repeat of song being played is NOT supported.
Track Up and Down
Press the track up (Skip►►) button to advance to the next track in the playlist. Press the track down (Skip
◄◄) button to move to the beginning of the track that’s being played. Press the Skip ◄◄ button twice to
go to the previous track.
If the track up OR track down buttons is pressed quickly in repetition, the track numbers displayed may
change unevenly. You may also hear short bits of audio during repeated presses of track up and track
down buttons.
If your HONDA radio currently display a maximum of two digits for track numbers, then track number
100 will be displayed as 01, Track 101 displayed as 02, track 102 as 03
Fast Track Search (x10)
Press the Seek (◄◄►►), it will advance or retreat through the tracks in the playlist in increment of 10
(i.e. 04, 14, 24…). When you reach the end of the playlist, the search will stop at track 1, and then
continue by increments of 10 (i.e. 19, 29, 1, 11).
Press and hold the Fast Forward or Fast Reverse buttons for more than 4 seconds; the search will jump to
the last track or the first track of the playlist. If you are in scan mode, the mode will be cancelled.
Fast Forward/Fast Reverse Play
This function applies only in random mode. Engaging or disengaging the random mode does not stop
playback of the current song, you can change in or out of random mode to do the fast track search (x10)
function, or the fast forward/fast backward play function. Press and hold the Forward or backward button
will cause only the current track to skip through at high speed.
During fast forward, when the end of the current track is reached, the iPod will start playing the next
random track at normal speed. During fast backward, when the start of the current track is reached, the
track will start playing again at normal speed. To continue fast forward or fast reverse play, release the
button and press it again.
When a source other than the iPod (i.e. Radio, Cassette etc) is selected on the radio, the iPod will pause.
Remove the radio from the dash
Disconnect existing CD Changer or single CD from the radio connectors if there is one
Set DIP switch #2 to “OFF” position only if Direct Mode is preferred
Plug the CAS-H2 white plug with the 14-pin connector into the receptor at the back of the radio—
this receptor may already have a 14-pin connector attached (i.e. Navigation, XM or both). You will
need to purchase a Y-adapter harness (Honda part #08A31-0F1-000, PIE HON03/F-MM or
USASpec part# CAS-HON2y) The Y-Adapter (Bus cable 2 port) has one male end and two female
ends to connect the factory BUS cable (XM or NAV) and the PA11-HON2
Connect the round DIN plug on the other end of the CAS-H2 to the PA11-HON2 interface box
labeled “RADIO” (Do not connect your iPod to PA11-HON2 prior to completion of this
installation step!!!)
Connect the audio output of your auxiliary device to AUX input jack on PA11-HON2 if AUX
option is selected through DIP switch #1(optional)
Plug CB-PA14 iPod cable to the PA11-HON2 adapter box labeled “iPod”
Route the dock connector (4ft long) to where the iPod will reside
Connect the iPod to the dock connector and test operation
Reinstall Radio
Enjoy the Music!
The PA11-HON2 is applicable to the following Honda Vehicles
2003-06 Accord
2006 Civic
2005-06 CRV
2003-06 Element
2005-06 Odyssey
2006 Pilot
2006 Ridgeline
2004-06 S2000
2005-06 RL
2004-06 TL
2005-06 MDX
2004-06 TSX
See PA11-HON
Note1 The PA11-HOND2 also works directly with factory Navigation system in 2003-06 ACCORD. A CASHON2Y adapter cable (sold separately) is required to work with factory Navigation + XM Radio (tuner).
Note2. The PA11-HOND2 requires a CAS-HON2Y cable (sold separately) to work with factory Navigation
and/or XM receiver in Civic, CRV, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline, S2000, RL, TL, MDX, TSX
Will the PA11-HON2 disable my in-dash 6-disc cd changer radio?
NO—the PA11-HON2 does not disable or interfere with normal operation and functions of the in-dash 6 cd
How do I access the iPod from the radio?
Depending on the vehicle, you may have to hit the “CD” button once or twice until “CD/AUX” or “XM” appear
on the screen; others use the “CD/TAPE” button or the “CD” button.
Will I see iPod text information displayed on the radio?
No—they PA11-HON2 does not display text information on the radio. The radio display will show default to
CD mode (Track number and Disc numbers)
Will I still be able to use the iPod clickwheel?
YES—set the PA11-HON2 to direct mode to have full control using the iPod clickwheel—in addition to being
able to use the steering wheel audio control or radio controls for tack up, track down, Fast Forward and Fast
I’m concerned about safety—can I just stow the ipod in the glovebox and control it from the radio?
YES- set the PA11-HON2 to Playlist mode and control the iPod using the cd changer controls buttons on your
radio. You create playlist in iTunes or the PA11-NIS will automatically assign the first 5 playlist to the preset
buttons on the radio.
I have Honda Factory XM installed; can I still use the PA11-HON2?
In order to retain factory XM, you will need a 2-port BUS adapter (y-adapter)
Will the PA11-HON2 work my iPod Video?
YES, the PA11-HON2 supports all iPods with dock connectors including the iPod video--- the PA11-HON2 will
not work with G1 and G2 iPod (10G/15G) or iPod shuffle.
Does the PA11-HON2 work with my Navigation system and do I need to purchase anything additional?
YES, the PA11-HON2 works in compatible vehicles with factory Navigation and will require a 2-Port BUS
I leave my iPod connected even when I’m not in my car--- will the iPod charging drain my battery?
NO—the PA11-HON2 has a charging feature that stops one hour after the iPod is paused—(the iPod will pause
when the radio and/or car is turned off)
Will I be able to connect my MP3 player (not an iPod) or DVD Player with the PA11-HON2 installed?
YES, the PA11-HON2 has an auxiliary audio input for you to connect any audio device in addition to the iPod.
The auxiliary audio device connects to the RCA inputs for a clear audio playback on the Honda stereo.
Note: iPod connection is not required to use the Auxiliary input function.
How difficult is it to install? Can I do it myself or do you recommend a professional?
The PA11-HON2 is a plug-n-play install—see installation diagram and instructions above. Remove the radio,
use the supplied cables to make the connections and your done—no wire cutting or splicing. Plug-n-play!
If you don’t feel comfortable taking the dash apart.. Seek professional help.
Disclaimer: All products sold by Discount Car are tested and optimized for vehicles in the United
States. You may, at your own risk, purchase and install this part in vehicles outside the USA however; Discount
Car will not be liable for damage or compatibility issues that may arise. Products purchased for
vehicles outside the US are not returnable. It is the customer's responsibility to retain an installation technician
with adequate knowledge and experience of the vehicle into which the equipment will be installed.
Revised 8/6/06
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HONDA is a registered trade mark of HONDA Co. Ltd
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