Tektronix TDS640A Datasheet
TDS 684A
TDS 644A
TDS 640A
TDS 620A
combine high
bandwidth with
ultra fast
sampling across
all channels to
verification and
debug of high
speed digital
TOS 684A/TDS 644A/
TOS 640A/TDS 620A
+ 1 GHz and 500 MHz
* 5 GS/s and 2 GS/s
Sample Rates
4 and 2 Input
8-bit Vertical
Greater than 11-bits
with Averaging
* Record Length to
15,000 Points
* | mV/div to
10 V/div Sensitivity
* 1,5% Vertical
* Waveform Math
and Advanced
Waveform DSP
* Fully Automated
* Waveform
Pass/Fail Template
* Color VGA Display
* 35in. DOS Format
Digitizing Oscilloscopes
The newest addition to the TDS 600A Series is the TDS 684A. The 1 GHz bandwidth is supported by
5 (GS/s sampling on cll channels making it the fastest 4-channel digital real-time oscilloscope available.
Your designs may be digital but at today’s
speeds, many of your toughest problems aren't.
Crosstalk. Noise. Transmission effects. Ground
bounce. Not to mention sub-nanosecond edges.
Today's design problems require high band-
width oscilloscopes that can measure up. The
Digital Real-Time architecture of the TDS 600A
Series simplifies capturing intermittent signals
or non-recurring problems like glitches or
metastables caused by setup and hold time
Additional features and specifications of the
TDS 600A Series are explained in the TDS
Reference section beginning on page 50.
Floppy Drive
e RS-232,
Centronics. GPIB
Product(s) availabie
through your local
Tektronix representative
(listed in the back of
this catalog) or call
The TDS Series
GPIB | Standard 488 2-
products are manufactured in
150 registered facilities.
. 5 8e
and VGA 1/0 Ports
TDS 620A TDS 640A TDS 644A TDS 684A
Total Channels 2+2aux — 4 A 4
Sample Rate 2 GS/s 2 GS/s 2 GS/s 5 GS/s
(all channels simultaneously)
Real-Time Bandwidth ‘500 MHz 500 MHz 500MH2 1GH?7
Maximum Record Length per Channel 2,000 pts 2,00 pts 2,000 pts 15.000 pts
Vertical Resolution 8-bits; >11-bits with averaging
Time Measurement Accuracy <110 ps <110 ps <110 ps <50 ps
0268s @2GSis @26$6 | @565%
Advanced Waveform DSP/Math - Opt. Opt. - Std. _ Std.
Standard Probes _2P6205 _ 4 P6205 _4P6205 None
Display Type 7in.mono — 7in. mono 7in. color in. color
Disk Drive opt Opt. Sd. Std.
GPIB Port Sd se ssw
RS-232 & Centronics Printer Parts - Ont. Oat. std. Std.
VGA 1/0 Port Std. Mono Std. Mono Std. Color Std. Color
* Digital Design and Debug
e Telecommunications
e Transient Event Capture
o High Energy Physics
Digitizing Oscilloscopes
TDS 620A TDS 640A TDS 644A ТО$ 684A
Edge | Ce, Yes Yes Yes ve
Time Qualified Edge (Slew Rate) os - ns Yes —
Pulse Width. Runt Pulse. Glitch Ce, Yes Yes 988. Yes
Time Qualified Pattern ee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clock Qualified State eee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Setup/Hold Time | To — To Yes
Triggering Conditioning
HF, LF and Noise Reject | Yes —. Yes Yes Yes
Triggering Modes
Main Trigger
Auto, Normal, Single В Yes Yes Yes Yes
Delay Trigger
Delay by Time, Delay by Events,
Delay by Time and Events Yes Yes Yes Yes
Delay by Time Range 16 ns to 250 5 for t/div setting <10 us
15.1 ns to 250 S for trdiv settirg >25 us
Delay by Events Range | 1 to 9.999.999 events
External Trigger Input o
Input Impedance | > 1.5k9
Maximum Input Voltage +20 V (DC plus Peak AC)
TDS 620A/640A/644A TDS684A NR
Time Bases Main and Delayed Main and Delayed
Time/div Range 500 ps/div to 5 s/div 200 ps/div to 10 s/div
Time Base Accuracy +100 ppm +100 ppm
over any interval >1ms
Record Length per Channel 500 to 2,000 pts 500 to 15,000 pts
Pre-Trigger Position 20% to 80% of Record 20% to 80% of Recorc
VERTICAL SYSTEM Bandwidth Selections - 20 MHz,
Vertical Resolution — 8-bits (<11-bits 100 MHz (250 MHz TDS 684A), and Full.
with averaging). Input Impedance Selections — 1 MQ in par-
Vertical Sensitivity - 1 mV/div to 10 V/div. allel with 10 pF, or 50 ¢2 (AC and DC coupling).
Maximum Input Voltage — +400 V (DC + Input Coupling — AC, DC or GND.
peak AC). Derate at 20 dB/decade above 1 MHz. AC Coupled Low Frequency Limit — <*0 Hz
DC Gain Accuracy - 1.5% when AC , 1 MQ coupled. <200 kHz wken AC.
50 2 coupled.
Channel Isolation - >100:1 at 100 MkEZ and
>30:1 at BW for any two channels having
equal V/div settings.
Position Range — +5 divs.
Offset — Primary channels +1 V from 1 to
99.5 mV/div, +10 V from 100 mV to
995 mV/div. +100 V from 1 V to 10 V/div.
Aux. 1, Aux. 2 (TDS 620A only) +10 V from
100 mV to 995 mV/div, +100 V from 1 V to
10 V/div.
TDS 684A
TDS 644A
TDS 640A
À wide selection of application notes and
technical briefs have been written to help case
vour understanding and use of specific instrument
features. Contact your lecal sales office for details.
ad Accessory
Lower Circuit Under Test Loading
* FET Probe performance at a lower cost
* <2 pF/1 MO provides tower circuit loading
than conventional passive probes
* Wide bandwidth (DC to 750 MHz)
For complete selection intormation on all
Accessory products. see page 440.
e 5 9 +
TDS 684A
TDS 644A
TDS 640A
TDS 620A
NE P6563ASNT-W sSureFool!= В
Product(s) available
through your local
Tektronix representative
(listed in the back of
this catalog) or call
Tha 708 Senes
compiles with IEEE
GPIB | Stancaro 486 2-
1987, and wrth
Toktromx Standard
Codes and Formas,
a ISO 9001
products are manufactured in
ISO registered facilities.
- 6 0-
Digitizing Oscilloscopes
> a Accessories
Direct Access to SMD Packages
JEDEC, 0.65 mm, 0.5 mm EIAJ
loading. 20X attenuation
Active FET Probe for SMDs
* Low DUT loading (<1 pF/1 MQ)
+ Low mass probe head/cable
* 1.5 GHz bandwidth
* SMD package suppert: 50 mil, 25 mil
* Low mass probe body and cable system
* DC to 500 MHz banowidth, 5 pF/95 M&Q
Easier Access to SMT Circuitry
* Handheld probing made easier
* No shorting
* No slipping off
* Direct tip connection
For complete selection information on all
Access NV products, see page 446,
TDS 684A
5 GS/s, 1 GHz, 4 Channel... a $29,495
TDS 644A
2 GS/s, 500 MHz. 4 Channel... Dira Len en $19,895
TDS 640A
2 GS/s, 500 MHz. 4 Channel 1112 Dee an $18,250
TDS 620A
2 GS/s. 500 MHz. 2 Channel 1111 1 нана $11,995
All Include (except where noted): Four Each P6205 FET
Probes (TDS 644A/TDS 640A); Two Each P6205 FET Prc yes
(TDS 620A): Reference Manual (TDS 644A/640A/620A:
070-8711-01.TDS 684: 070-8999-00;: User Manual
(TDS 644A/640A:620A: 070-8711-01. TDS 684A: 070-8€91-01):
Programmer's Manual (070-8709-04): Fron: Cover (200-3696-00):
North American Power Sord (161-0230-C11: Accessory
Pouch (TDS 684A: 016-1268-00)
Opt. 05 - Video Trigger. NTSC. PAL,
НОТУ, FHexFormat* ee aa оеиие о оааианое оон +$1,495
Ор!. 13 - (ТО5 640А:;620А оп\у) RS-2320 Cent- “QNIC:
Hardcopy Ports ...... e...
Opt. 1F — (TDS 640A/620A only) 3 5 in * 44 МЗ
Floppy Drive ... er
Opt. 1K - Model K420 Instrument Cart TE В +$730
Opt. 1R- Rackmount Kt... .. ee +$400
Opt. 2D - (TDS €20A only) Delete Stand: d Two
P6205 Probes... ...... coo a аеанеоанн, -$1,190
Opt. 22 - (TDS 620A ony) Add Two P613SA 10X
Passive probes В ‚..+$560
Opt. 23 - (TDS 620A only) Add Two P620? 10%. ое
FET Probes... coo туаоаеоаи о оиатоонаовая +$1,190
Opt. 24 - (TDS 684A:644A; 640A only)
Add Four P6139A 10X Passive Probes ... .... ee +$1,120
Opt. 25 - (TDS 644A:640A only)
Add Four P6563AS 20X SMD Probes. ............. ...... .. . +$825
Opt. 26 - (TDS 684A arly)
Add Four P6245 1 GHz, 1pF FET Probes... nn +$5,580
Opt. 2F - (TDS 64CA/520A only) Advanced Waveform
DSP Math... A Lee a A area veo +$995
Opt. 2P — (TDS 684A/644A only! color Printer,
Tektronix Phaser" 200e Thermal Wax Transfer ........ .....+$2,695
Opt. 4D - (TDS 644A/640A only) Delete Standard
Four P6205 Probes 1100 a iiieeLa, —$2,380
Opt. 95 - Calibration Data Report …… Re +$150
Opt. 96 - Calibration Certificate ............. ne ee, +350
Opt. A1 - Universal Euro 220 V. 50 Hz . ns ....NG
Opt. A2 - UK 240 Y. 50 Hz... en, ee, NC
Opt. A3 - Australian 240 V 50 Hz e ce n er NC
Opt. A4 - North Amercan 240V. 60 Hz ....... ооннненнннненныя NC
Opt. AS - Switzerland 220 V, 50 HZ... NC
See Genzral Customer Information Section for additional description.
Opt. R2 - Adds two years of post-warranty Repair Protection
TDS620A ee неее, ee, ....+$400
TDS 640A/644A/684A e nana +$590
Opt. CS — Adds five vears of Calibration Services
TDS 620A. nana menrenenó +$1,050
TDS 640A/644A/684A он +$1,225
Advanced DSP Math - FFT. integration, differentiation.
For TDS 620/620A 0- TDS 640/640A. Order TOS6F2F ........ $1,295
Hardcopy 1/0 Ports -- RS-232 and Centronics. For
TDS 620,620A or TDS 640/640A. Order TDS6F13................. $595
Disk Drive — 3.5 in., 1.44 MB DOS format. For
“DS 620/620A or TDS 640:640A. Order TOS6FOS .............. $1,995
Video Trigger - NTSC. PAL. HDTV. and FlexFormat™,
For any TDS 600/600A Series. Order TDS6F1= nn $595
Video Clamp Pod - Back pouch clamp. Included in
TDS6F1F. Order 013-0278-00 .......... es BE een $335
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