Alerts 7 0

Alerts 7 0
Health One Version 7.1 User Manual. Copyright 2011Helix Health Ltd
The Alerts
An Alert is a notification in the patient file which is triggered by defining
certain criteria. The alerts are configured by the user and consist of a
message which is displayed when an automatically launched analysis
produces a result (or by option does not produce a result).
The alerts are defined in the configuration tool as follows :
Open the HEALTHone™ configuration tool.
Click the button to display a list of the alerts. (You may also use the
menu item file\open\alerts).
The list on the left shows the details of the alert. The list on the right
shows the list of protocol templates which may be linked to a specific
alert on the left.
The alerts that are invalid (for example the analysis corresponding to the
alert does not exist) are displayed in red. Only the valid alerts can be
Defining an Alert
You can add, edit or delete an alert with the appropriate buttons at the
bottom of the list of alerts (see previous screen shot. « + », « - » and .
You can also use the Combination
Keys : Ins, Ctrl+D et Crtl+E.
Click on the
icon to create a new alert.
Click the « enabled » box to enable the alert.
Health One Version 7.1 User Manual. Copyright 2011Helix Health Ltd
Give a name to the alert. This will be displayed in the notification.
Choose an analysis from the list. The analyses that are available are
those created in HEALTHone™: They are taken from those analyses
available from the main HEALTHone™menu
Analysis-formulas-extraction formulas
Some « System » analyses are included in the list as well as the
extraction analyses. For example, « patients birthday ». The system
analysis are placed at the end of the list.
Tick the « result » box if the alert should be triggered when the analysis
gives a result.
Un-tick the « result » box if the alert should be triggered when the
analysis gives no result.
Triggers : These options allow you to decide under what circumstances
the alerts should be triggered.
Manually by the user : The analysis is not executed until you click on
the menu item tools
During the Update of the HCR : With each modification of the HCR,
the analysis will be executed.
On opening the patient file: The analysis will be executed when the
file is opened
On closing the patient file: The analysis will not be executed until the
file is closed.
Health One Version 7.1 User Manual. Copyright 2011Helix Health Ltd
The Plan of Action functions may be customised in the options menu –
main HEALTHone™ menu tools\Options\Action Plan
Default values :
Default Frequency: The frequency with which the actions are
Default realisation item : The item name used to indicate that an
action is done
Health One Version 7.1 User Manual. Copyright 2011Helix Health Ltd
Use the plan of Action item as the realisation item: Use the same
item name to indicate that an action is done as is used for the
Exclude week-end in date calculation : Avoid a due date being a
Display vaccines in the plans of action : If you tick this box the
vaccines in the vaccination schedules appear in the action plan
tab in the patient file – but not in the action plan tab of the
Display non read transactions in the list of action plans : Tick this
and you can display all un read transaction in the action plan
Ask to create an action plan in not today’s transaction : If you
make an action « done » in an older transaction you will receive
a confirmation dialogue.
Display a dialogue when an action is done : Display a
confirmation dialogue when you declare an action as done.
Automatically select today’s transaction for the action plan : If this
is ticked, the action plan is automatically put into today’s
transaction, if it exists.
Initialise the « Un read » status (for the following items):
Import of lab results: After lab results are integrated, they receive an
« un-read » status
Import of HEALTHone™ HCR’s : If you import a patient file, all its
transactions will be tagged as « un-read »
Synchronised transactions : Appear as un-read if ticked.
Health One Version 7.1 User Manual. Copyright 2011Helix Health Ltd
Enable a default reminder to: How much time before an action is due
do you want the reminder to be triggered
If a reminder should be displayed: If you tick the option « Select the
action plan tab » - « whenever a reminder is to be displayed », then
when you open HEALTHone™ the action plan tab is automatically
displayed, instead of the medical section tab.
Filter the action plan for the current user (population analysis): Only
the action plans for the logged on user are displayed in the action
plan tab of the selector by default.
Exclude action plans from item analysis: Planned actions are not
taken care of when you do an item analysis (Ctrl_I or Ctrl_M)
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