HI 99104 - Hanna Instruments

HI 99104 - Hanna Instruments
HI 99104
All Hanna Instruments meters are warranted for two years against
defects in workmanship and materials when used for their intended purpose and maintained according to instructions. Probes
are warranted for six months. This warranty is limited to repair or
replacement free of charge. Damage due to accidents, misuse,
tampering or lack of prescribed maintenance are not covered. If
service is required, contact the dealer from whom you purchased
the instrument. If under warranty, report the model number, date
of purchase, serial number and the nature of the problem. If the
repair is not covered by the warranty, you will be notified of the
charges incurred. If the instrument is to be returned to Hanna
Instruments, first obtain a Returned Goods Authorization number
from the Customer Service department and then send it with
shipping costs prepaid. When shipping any instrument, make
sure it is properly packaged for complete protection.
S99104 06/04
For technical service reference and for a complete list
of available accessories, visit www.hannainst.com
• Connect the electrode to the meter and remove the
black protective cap. If necessary, rinse with water to remove salt deposits. If the electrode is dry,
before taking measurements, immerse it in HI70300
storage solution for about 30 minutes to reactivate it.
• Switch the meter ON, calibrate (see below), then
immerse the electrode tip (4 cm/1.5") into the sample.
Stir gently and wait until the display stabilizes.
• After use, always turn the meter OFF, rinse the
electrode with water, clean it with HI7061 cleaning
solution and store it with a few drops of storage
(HI70300) solution in the black protective cap.
Note: When the display fades, replace the batteries
by opening the compartment on the meter top.
• A weekly calibration is recommended.
• Immerse the meter in pH7 buffer (HI7007), stir
gently, allow the reading to stabilize and adjust
the pH7 trimmer to read "7.01" pH.
• Rinse and immerse the electrode in pH4 (or
pH10) buffer (HI7004 or HI7010), stir gently,
allow the reading to stabilize and adjust the
pH4/10 trimmer to read "4.01" (or "10.01") pH.
• When the meter does not calibrate, replace the
0.00 to 14.00 pH
0.01 pH
Accuracy (@20°C/68°F) ±0.2 pH
0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F);
RH 95% non-condensing
Power supply
2x1.5V (LR44) batteries;
approx. 1000 hours
• HI 1270
pH electrode w/screw connector
• HI 70004P
pH 4.01 buffer, 20 mL, 25 pcs.
• HI 70007P
pH 7.01 buffer, 20 mL, 25 pcs.
• HI 70010P
pH 10.01 buffer, 20 mL, 25 pcs.
• HI 70300M
Storage solution, 230 mL bottle
• HI 7061M
Cleaning solution, 230 mL bottle
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