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During wireless game play, if communication
seems to be affected by other electronic devices,
move to another location or turn off the interfering
device. You may need to reset the power on the
Nintendo DS and start the game again.
Important Legal Information
Copying of any video game for any Nintendo system is illegal and is strictly prohibited by domestic and international
intellectual property laws. “Back-up” or “archival” copies are not authorized and are not necessary to protect your
software. Violators will be prosecuted.
This video game is not designed for use with any unauthorized copying device or any unlicensed accessory. Use
of any such device will invalidate your Nintendo product warranty. Nintendo (and/or any Nintendo licensee or
distributor) is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the use of any such device. If use of such device
causes your game to stop operating, disconnect the device carefully to avoid damage and resume normal game
play. If your game ceases to operate and you have no device attached to it, please contact the game publisher’s
“Technical Support” or “Customer Service” department.
The contents of this notice do not interfere with your statutory rights.
This booklet and other printed materials accompanying this game are protected by domestic and
international intellectual property laws.
Rev-D (L)
© Disney
The Story
Getting Started
Menu Controls
Game Modes
Single Player Mode
Multiplayer Mode
Pausing or Saving Your Game
Game Controls: Playing as Jake
Game Controls: Playing as the American Dragon
The Dragon Pendant
The Pendant: Playing as Jake
The Pendant: Playing as the Dragon
Pendant Max Attack
Dragon Stones
Huntsman Statues
Flying Stages
Limited Warranty
Customer Support Information
The Story
Getting Started
The Dark Dragon, number one enemy, has captured Jake’s sweetheart
Rose. Jake is determined to rescue her. To help him on
his journey, Grandpa has given Jake an ancient
dragon artifact: the Dragon Pendant. This
magical pendant will channel Jake’s focus
into powers of dragon’s fire, dragon scales,
and dragon wings. Will Jake be able to
focus on the task at hand, and use his new
abilities to their fullest? Or will he fall flat
and lose Rose?
1. Make sure the POWER switch is OFF.
2. Insert Disney’s American Dragon: Jake Long - Attack of the
Dark Dragon Game Card into the Nintendo DS™ slot.
3. Turn the POWER switch ON.
NOTE: Disney’s American Dragon: Jake Long Attack of the Dark Dragon Game Card is designed
for the Nintendo DS™ system ONLY.
4. Please read and accept the “Health and
Safety” screen by touching the
bottom screen.
5. If the game does not
automatically launch,
select the American
Dragon icon from the
DS launch screen.
6. Select your desired
language to continue to the
Main Menu.
Menu Controls
Game Modes
You can choose either single or
multiplayer mode.
Single Player Mode
R Button
L Button
+Control Pad
X Button
A Button
When you first start, use the +Control
Pad to choose to start a new game or load
a previously saved game. There are also
some other options:
Copy File
Use Copy File command to save a copy
of a saved game.
Delete File
Y Button
The Delete File command deletes a saved
game. Can’t be undone!
B Button
Multiplayer Mode
Select Multiplayer to play the multiplayer game. Wireless multiplayer feature is activated,
and a message displays on the lower screen:
“Searching for other players. Please wait.”
As other players are found, their names appear on the screen:
+Control Pad Up and Down
Highlight menu options.
A Button
Touch Screen
Select with the stylus or your finger.
• Player 1: (player 1’s name)
• Player 3: (player 3’s name)
• Player 2: (player 2’s name)
• Player 4: (player 4’s name)
Once locked in, each player plays as a different colored dragon:
• Player 1: Jake’s red dragon form
• Player 3: Green dragon
• Player 2: Blue dragon
• Player 4: Purple dragon
When the battle begins, players take to the sky, blasting fire at each other while trying to
fly through rings. Flying through a ring changes it to that player’s color. When all of the
rings match, that player is the winner.
Players can foil each other by blasting fire. If a player is shot down his rings are freed.
When the match ends, the players are posted to the lower screen in the order that they
failed, with the winner’s name displaying on top. The winner’s dragon cheers on the top
screen with confetti dropping. The host player has the option to rematch or quit. If the
host rematches, the win/lose stats will continue to be tracked.
Number of players: 2-4 players can square off.
Objective: Each Dragon must find and fly through as many Goal Rings as they can.
Doing so will mark them as their own. The first Dragon to claim all of the Goal Rings on
the playfield.
Getting the advantage: blast your foes to force their Goal Rings to be lost, then claim
them as your own. Fly through special Power Ups to gain Speed Boosts or fire power.
Controls: steer the dragon with the +Control Pad, and perform sharp turns by “air
braking” with the L or R Button.
Fire a volley of Sparks using the Y Button. Tip: Holding L and R together will stop the
player in space.
Radar: watch the radar to keep an eye on your foes and their progress. When they are off
screen, you can still keep tabs on them by following the large pointer.”
Pausing or Saving Your Game
Pausing the Game
To pause the game, press START. To resume press START again.
Saving the Game
The game auto saves after completing a level,
flying stage, or boss fight.
Game Over
If Jake is defeated and has no lives in reserve, the
game is over. On the bottom screen, you can
choose what Jake should do:
1. Continue at the beginning of the last
level, flying stage, or boss fight.
2. Quit
Game Controls
Playing as Jake
Playing as the American Dragon
+Control Pad
Move left or right.
When in Dragon Mode, you have many more moves and attacks. You can use your special
Dragon Powers by filling them up with focus points:
B Button
Jump. Hold the button down longer to make Jake jump higher.
+Control Pad
Move left or right.
Y Button
Punch. Press the Y Button several times in quick succession
when close to an enemy to execute a combination of punches
and kicks.
Y Button
Melee Attack. Press the Y Button several times to
perform melee combo. This only happens when making contact
with enemies, otherwise this combo does not occur.
+Control Pad Down
and Y or X
Kick (low).
X Button
Activate the current magic (the one at the top of the pendant).
+Control Pad Down
and B Button
Drop through a soft floor.
B Button
A Button in air
Horizontal spark blasts.
A Button and
+Control Pad Down
Diagonal spark blasts.
Y Button in air
Diagonal downward kick dash. Use this attack to sweep up your
enemies like a broom collecting trash! You can catch multiple
enemies with a combo attack.
Hold L or R Button
Rotate pendant left or right (You can also tap and drag on the
touch screen to rotate the pendant).
A Button
Spark Blast. Unleashes the Max Attack. (Tap Max Attack icon
at bottom of touch screen).
When playing as Jake, you can punch, kick or jump:
Game Controls
A Button
Pause the game. You can resume or quit using the Touch Screen
after pausing.
Close DS
Sleep (pause the game).
Open DS
Wake Up (resume from Sleep mode).
Tap the middle of the Touch Screen when highlighted! You can also tap the dragon icon on
the Touch Screen to switch into Dragon Mode.
You stay in Dragon Mode until your Dragon Focus Meter is empty. Focus Meter drops
over time. Faster if you use advanced moves. No drain for being hit.
The Dragon Pendant
The Pendant: Playing as the Dragon
Grandpa has given Jake a Dragon Pendant, a special necklace that Jake wears around his
neck. It will help him focus his Dragon Powers against the Dark Dragon’s plot.
When playing as the American Dragon, three new symbols are added to the ring around
the edge of the pendant:
•As Jake, the outer ring is grayed out, and cannot be used. The central icon fills with
power as Jake collects focus points.
Dragon’s Fire
Red, the color of fire. Shoots Dragon’s Fire missiles that take out
enemies instantly or burn away blockades.
•As the American Dragon, the outer ring and central icon are in color, and can be rotated
around the Dragon Pendant to select which dragon power to use.
Dragon Scales
Yellow, the color of Jake’s underbelly scales.
Gives temporary invincibility.
The Pendant: Playing as Jake
When playing as Jake, you collect focus
points to fill up the center area of the
pendant. You collect focus points by
defeating your enemies. When Jake
touches a focus point, the center area of
the pendant fills a little more.
Once the pendant is filled to maximum
it will flash, and you can touch the
dragon icon to transform into Dragon
Mode. You’re ready to attack!
Touch the center of the Dragon
Pendant to Dragon up!
This power drains 1 focus point per 1⁄4 second.
Dragon Wings
Green, the color of Jake’s spines. Lets Jake hover.
To select a dragon power to use, drag it
to the top of the pendant using the touch
screen or the R Button. For example, if you
want Dragon’s Fire, rotate the red icon to
the top of the pendant. You can only use
one dragon power at a time.
To use the selected dragon power, press the
X Button.
Dragon Stones
Huntsman Statues
There are six slots on the Dragon Pendant:
three dragon power icons and three
smaller dragon stone icons. Jake can
collect and store dragon stones in the
pendant. They come in three colors: blue,
purple, and orange.
Throughout the game, be on the lookout for
special Huntsman Statues. These special
Huntsman Statues contain golden coins.
Collect all 10 of the golden coins to get
a special game ending.
Dragon stones can be activated by
touching them on the touchscreen.
When you touch a colored dragon
stone, it spreads a blast of that color
on the screen and any transparent
mystic blocks of that color become
For example, you might find some
transparent blue blocks floating over
some water. To make them solid
so that you can jump from block to
block, touch a blue dragon stone on
your pendant.
Flying Stages
In some of the stages, Jake will take on
other flying foes in full 3D action. In the
flying stages, Jake needs to take out the
propeller trolls, valkyries, and shadow
dragons that are causing chaos over the
In each flying stage, there are floating
rings that Jake can fly through. Rings
have different functions:
Red Ring
Green Ring
Increase Fire Power
Speed Boost
New York City
The Docks
Grandpa tells Jake that trolls are running wild on the
streets ahead! Jake runs through the streets, across
rooftops, through the skies of New York, and finally into
Central Park where he’ll come face to face with the evil
Back to School
As Jake crosses into the school yard, past fences and up
the front stairs, students are running around in total fear.
Don’t get run over! The students don’t mean to hurt Jake,
but hey, they’re running for their lives! There are more
trolls here, just like in the last world. Jake needs to make
his way through the school yard and bus depot, the school
building, the locker room, and out onto the football field
to meet the level’s boss.
The Jersey Bridge
At Grandpa’s advice, Jake decides to stretch out his
search and head onto the Jersey Bridge, avoiding cars and
crumbling sections. From there, it’s down into the tunnels,
riding on top of the subway cars, working his way past
more enemies from the Huntsclan. He then goes back into
the skies above the New York bridges, past more propeller
trolls. Finally, it’s into the water treatment plant, where
he’ll encounter satyrs and harpies on his way to another
henchman of the Huntsman: the Millipede Wizard!
Jake has made it down to the docks. Boats pass by,
unloading more and more enemies, including more sirens,
lagoon monsters and even bigger Huntsclan
members. He must make his way
along the docks, jumping from boat
to boat when necessary, then fly
over the ocean past more harpies and
propeller trolls toward the large statue in the harbor.
The Dragon’s Den
All Jake needs to do in this world is make his way
past more huntsmen, statue warriors, shadow
dragons, and who know what else to get to Rose!
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