AmbiCom WL250N-AR User manual

AmbiCom WL250N-AR User manual
Product Change Notification PCN.2012.06.05.1
Date of Publication: June 5th, 2012
1. Introduction
This document announces the migration of the WL250N USB WiFi stick from V1.0A to V2.0A.
Detailed information about the affected product numbers, the transition schedule and the replacement products is provided below.
2. Affected Toradex Product Numbers
EOL Products
Replacement Products
Part Number
Product Name
Product Name
Ambicom WL250N USB WiFi V1.0A
WL250N USB WiFi V2.0A
3. Product Phase out / Phase in Schedule
Supplies of the discontinued WL250N are limited. All orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis until further
supplies cannot be sourced and our inventory is depleted. Thereafter no orders for the discontinued V1.0A products
will be accepted.
EOL Products
Replacement Products
Part Number
Estimated Schedule
Part Number
Estimated Schedule
There is not schedule for the
transition. We deliver on a firstcome, first-serve basis until our
inventory has depleted.
Samples Available
Now (single units)
Volume Production:
After depletion of the predecessor
Toradex AG l Altsagenstrasse 5 l 6048 Horw l Switzerland l +41 41 500 48 00 l l [email protected]
4. Description of Changes
From 21021000 to 21022000 (V1.0A to V2.0A):
− The WiFi controller chip used on the new V2.0A product is able to handle all WiFi channels
from 1 to 14 whereas the V1.0A was only able to handle the channels 1 to 11.
5. Customer Impact
Customers are strongly encouraged to convert their designs to the replacement parts listed above.
Toradex also advises customers to carefully validate the new WL250N USB WiFi stick before their
production release.
5.1. Hardware Design
− No HW change needed.
5.2. Software
− The drivers are compatible with both, the old and new version of the WL250N USB WiFi stick.
− No SW change needed if using 14 WiFi channels is suitable.
Note: Please refer to the current laws and regulations about allowed WiFi channels of the
country where you intend to use this WiFi product.
− If you want to use 11 or 13 WiFi channels only, please visit our product website in order to find
the needed SW settings:
6. Contact
Please contact [email protected] for commercial questions or [email protected] for
technical questions.
7. Definitions
EOL: End Of Life
Toradex AG l Altsagenstrasse 5 l 6048 Horw l Switzerland l +41 41 500 48 00 l l [email protected] l
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