Canon 5DMII Using the Speedlite ST-E3

Canon 5DMII Using the Speedlite ST-E3
Cheat Sheet for Canon 5DMII Using the Speedlite ST-E3_RT and Speedlite 600EX-RT with Radio Wireless
and Manual controls on both camera and lights
Set the camera on manual and pick an fstop and shutter speed of your choice. The highest shutter
speed will be around 1/125 due to lag in radio transmissions. (Some people say they have shot up to
1/250 shutter speed without seeing the curtain in the bottom of the frame).
Speedlite ST-E3-RT transmitter needs two AA batteries. Put it on the hot shoe of the camera. Turn it on
and press the mode button several times until you see an M on the upper left corner of the screen. In
the lower right corner you should see MENU 1. Press the button below it to cycle through the 4
numbered choices i.e. MENU 1, MENU 2, MENU 3, and MENU 4. Next press the ratio button until A B C
ratios are showing. Press Gr button until one of the letter is lit. Use the scroll wheel to change letters.
When the letter you want to adjust is lit put the SEL/SET then use the scroll wheel again to adjust the
power setting you want. You could start by setting each group at 1/16 power and that way you can go
up or down in power.
Next put 4 AA batteries in each 600EX-RT and close the door carefully. It has a weird fit so go slowly and
try not to break it. Turn on the flash and you will see the menus are the same as the transmitter except
that you can set the flash as a slave. That’s how we will set all of our flashes by pressing the lightning
bolt button until you see SLAVE lit. Make sure you stop when both the SLAVE is lit and the radio symbol
in the upper right corner shows. (There is also a lightning bolt symbol that we don’t want) Next press
the Gr button repeatly until the group letter that you want is set. Now you can set your lights where
ever you want and all further adjustments can be set on the ST-E3-RT.
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