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Bread Toaster

User Manual


The product is designed for use in a commercial environment by competent persons. The Toaster can be selected to toast 2, 4 or 6* slices of bread simultaneously. (*6 slice version only)


1) Do not plug with wet hands in order to avoid getting electric shock.

2) Do not plug into a socket where several other appliances are plugged in.

3) Do not use if the power cord is damaged or the plug does not fit the socket safely.

5) Do not use the Toaster close to flame or wet places.

6) Do not use where children can easily touch the Toaster or allow children to use the Toaster by themselves. Keep out of reach of Children.

7) Do not place on unstable surfaces.

8) Do not move or place anything on top of the Toaster when hot. Allow to cool sufficiently and disconnect from the electrical supply before moving it.

9) Do not place metallic objects such as knives, into the Toaster

10) Use the unit with sufficient space around it. Keep the front side and either right or left side of the unit clear.

11) Do not use the unit on carpet or tablecloth (vinyl) or near to any other low-heat-resistant article.

12) DO NOT touch the case during or just after use as the casing will be HOT!! Allow to cool.


Insert the plug into a suitable power outlet, insert the bread into the top of the toaster, Select the number of slots to be toasted, turn the dynamic timer switch to set the toasting time (this power indicator illuminates), When the heating time is finished, the bell will sound, and the heaters will switch off. To remove the toast, press down the Handle (7) and remove the slices of toast.

.Diagram of product structure

1.Bread entry slot; 2. Option switch; 3. Power indicator; 4.Timer;

5.Body of toaster ; 6. Crumb tray; 7.Hi-lift toast ejector.

.The electrical parameters :




6slice toaster

Rated voltage (V) 220-240V /50Hz

Rated power

( KW )


Working hours


0 ~ 5min

Working selection Two / Four / Six

Dimensions 414*259*214


Electrical schematics:

K1-timer switch K2/K3-choice Switches

HL1-power indicator R1 ~ R7-electric panels

. Cleaning and maintenance:

1. Before cleaning this machine you should switch off and disconnect from the power supply.

2. After use, please pull the food tray out to clean and wipe the body of the machine with damp cloth. Do not put the whole machine into water or clean it with a water jet, dry thoroughly, avoid using harsh detergents / sanitizing sprays.

3. Turn off and disconnect from the power supply when not in use, store in a dry ventilated area.


. Trouble shooting:


Check the socket has power and is switched on


Check the timer is switched on


Check the slice selector is on the highest number (6)


Check the fuse in the plug


. Repairs:


Only suitably electrically skilled persons authorized should carry out any repairs


These units are supplied on a return to base warranty only. You must contact your supplier directly prior to returning the faulty toaster for repair.


. Transportation:

During transportation, the machine should be careful handled and prevent from shaking. The packaged machine should not be stored in open air for a long period of time. It should be put in a ventilated warehouse without contact with corrosive gas and protected against rain. Unit must be stored in an upright position.


EU regulations require products to be disposed of by specialist companies who remove or recycle products, including electronic, metal and plastic components.

Consult your local waste collection authority regarding disposal of your appliance. Local authorities are not obliged to dispose of commercial equipment but may be able to offer advice on how to dispose of the equipment locally.

All packaging materials should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

The cardboard may be used as scrap paper. The protective foil and the foam cushions are CFC-free.

Do not allow children to play with the packaging and destroy plastic bags safely.

Environmental protection

Discarded electric appliances are recyclable and should not be discarded in the domestic waste! Please actively support us in conserving resources and protecting the environment by returning this appliance to the collection centres (if available).


Parts have undergone strict product testing in order to comply with regulatory standards and specification set by international, independent, and federal authorities.

Products have been approved to carry the following symbol:

Pentland Wholesale Ltd. Unit17 Walker Park Industrial Estate Walker Rd.,

Blackburn, BB1 2QE.

TEL: 01254614444


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