Detail User Manual of GPS Vehicle Tracker Detail User Manual of

Detail User Manual of GPS Vehicle Tracker Detail User Manual of


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Detail User Manual of GPS Vehicle Tracker

Detail User Manual of GPS Vehicle Tracker

Thank you for your purchase of GPS Vehicle Tracker GPS Vehicle

Tracker. In order to realize the full functions of this product, please read this manual carefully before starting to use the product.

1. This product can only be maintained and repaired by qualified professional service personnel. If you detach this product for maintenance or repair, your warranty will be invalidated.

2. When connecting the other devices, read carefully their instruction manuals, so as to carry out correct installation; do not connect incompatible device.

3. Please use genuine original parts and qualified batteries and peripheral equipments, so as to avoid damage to this product.

4. As this product is a high-tech product, please read carefully this manual before starting to use the product, so as to avoid inappropriate operation.

5. Drivers should not operate this product while driving a vehicle, thereby, affecting safe driving.

6. This product can work properly only when GSM communication is in good condition.

7. Please reduce electromagnetic wave interference to the product; and use it properly.

8. GPS communication is liable to be affected by environmental shielding; may fail to carry out positioning during certain circumstances. It will resume the positioning function as soon as it leaves the shielding environment. This is normal. Please do not worry when encountering such problem.

9. Each signal sent out from the system will be confirmed for successful transmission in the base station of the mobile operator.

However, if system stoppage occurs or if the mobile telephone is preset to a switch off state by the customer, it cannot ensure successful transmission.


10. For safety reason, do not tell the other people your Tracking Device mobile number, without taking precautions. Otherwise, your privacy may be compromised along with other safety problem.

B. System Introduction

GPS VEHICLE Trackers a high-tech product through cooperation with mobile operators. It combines GPS Global Positioning System and GSM communication system, which can clearly inform you the position & situation of your vehicle.

GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning System, which based on 24 position location satellites around the earth orbit. Their locating precision can be kept within 10 to 15 meters.

GSM is the second digital mobile communication system (GPRS, second and fifth digital mobile communication system), and at present it is the mobile communication system that has the largest coverage and owns the most number of users. This product combines GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies together. It uses GPS system to locate your vehicle, and sends the position/ situation report back to you via GSM/GPRS communication system.

With a delicate microphone, you can monitor the present situation in your vehicle from a faraway place. You can use the telephone remote control function to set monitoring mode, which will report the situation of your vehicle to you periodically.



Wiring Installation

1. Product Parts List

_ GPS Tracker Unit

_ GPS Antenna

_ GSM Antenna

_ Vehicle Charger Lighter Socket


2. Precaution before Installation

Check if all the parts are included.

Prepare a SIM card for GSM communication. Use some other mobile phone to confirm that the PIN code has not been set and that it can dial out and receive telephone calls without problem.

Before install the SIM card; make sure to cut off power from the GPS

Tracker unit. The correct installation method is to push the tray completely into the GPS Tracker unit, until you feel it is hooked by something.

Find a suitable place inside the vehicle for installing the unit.

Check if all the wiring has been connected correctly; then connect the GPS

Tracker unit to the power source.

3. Panel scription



Step 1: Install GSM Antenna

* Connect the GSM Antenna to the unit.

* Fasten the connection by turning the screw in the bottom.

Please do not swing round the antenna itself.

Step 2: Install SIM Card

(1) Using a speculate object to poke the small button of the SIM Card seat, and then it will pop-up a small drawer.

(2) Put the SIM Card in the drawer, and put back the drawer, as direction shown in the picture.

※ Make sure to turn off the power before install the SIM Card.

※ Make sure to deactivate the PIN code, so that the SIM Card can operate without PIN protection.

※ Before install the SIM Card to the GPS Tracker, please use a mobile phone to make sure the SIM Card can make & receive phone calls without problem.

※ Before install the SIM Card to the GPS Tracker, please use a mobile phone to empty the SMS storage of the SIM Card.

Step 3: Connect GSM Antenna

Step 4: Connect GPS Antenna

_ GPS antenna is used to receive satellite signals in the sky. It should be positioned at a place where it will have an unobstructed view of the sky. The ideal location is top of the dashboard or close to the rear window of the vehicle.

_ GPS antenna can pick up signals through glass and plastic, but will not "see the sky" through metal or other conductive surfaces. To avoid distractions of GPS


signal, make sure the antenna is not covered or shielded by any object containing metal, such as the metallic windshield.

_If your vehicle is with metallic windshield please cut a hole on the windshield above the place where you put the GPS antenna, so that the antenna can receive the GPS signals.

Step 4: Connect

power charging

GPS VEHICLE TRACKER connects to the vehicle charger lighter socket.

Introduction of T300C wires:

Pin Color function

1 Red DC

Input voltage: 8-40V

Suggestion: 12V

2 Black GND

3 White SOS

5 Unused input ,for example you can use it to detect the signal of vehicle alarm


6 Blue SMS/GPRS mode switch, when the switch button is “on”, SMS mode; when it’s “off”, GPRS mode.

7 Grey Output to cut the electricity or oil of the vehicle





Black to cut the electricity or oil of the vehicle

Connect the power of mode switch

Connect the power of mode switch

According to the relay parameter to make sure to following requirement:

The input voltage of relay must be suited to the vehicle battery

D. Operating Instructions


SMS protocol of VIC-T300C, the default password of GPS VEHICLE

TRACKERis 000000


3 Set the time internal of position refresh






****** is old password

###### is new password

XXX(3 digital) =000,stop

=[1,999] time internal (unit: min)

4 Set a preset phone number for SOS button.

When this button is pressed,

GPS VEHICLE TRACKER will send the SOS and position message to the preset number.

5 Set low power alarm


TRACKER voltage is lower than the preset value, GPS

VEHICLE TRACKER will send one lower power alarm

SMS to the control number.

6 Set over speed alarm


TRACKER speed higher than the preset value, GPS

VEHICLE TRACKER will send one over speed alarm

SMS to the control number.


V******,005,XX number

(TelNumber must <20 digits )

X (voltage preset value)

=0 , close (default )

=1, <3.5V send SMS alarm

=2 , <3.6V send SMS alarm

=3 , <3.7V send SMS alarm

=4 , <3.8V send SMS alarm

=5, <3.9V send SMS alarm

XX (the speed preset value)

=00 , close


≤XX≤20] (unit: 10Km)


TRACKER move out preset scope, GPS VEHICLE

TRACKER will send one

Geo-fence SMS to the control number.

8 Turn on/off the LED



XX ( preset distance to original place )

=00 close

=01 30m

=02 50m

=03 100m

=04 200m

=05 300m

=06 500m

=07 1000m

=08 2000m

X =1, turn on the LED display (default)



10 Set the phone number

These phone numbers can request one position through dialing.


=0, turn off the LED display

Including the software version, password, interval, speed limit, area limit, I/O state, LED display state,

GPS state, SOS number, control number, etc.

V******,014,X,telnumber X:=1-5 position number of the phone number


1. Position Report Function

No matter where you are, when you want to know the position of your vehicle, send a SMS message or make a telephone call to the GPS Tracker; it will report its location back to you by SMS.

Edit a message as following format, and then send it to GPS Tracker

Format: V+Password+,+000

(Default password is: 000000)

For example: V000000,000

The GPS VEHICLE TRACKER send back one SMS, which including the position information


This mean your position is on North

Latitude 22 degree 32.2232 cent and

East Longitude 114 degree 2.2969 cent

Apply for one position service by another way: you need pre-storage the phone number in SIM Card

(a) Make a cell phone call to GPS VEHICLE TRACKER

(b) After listening the ring of Caller, it will hold off after two rings.

(c) Then, after 10 second, the cell phone will receive the Position SMS.

(its means is GPS VEHICLE TRACKER will send Position Data every 5 minute.)

2. Tracking Function


Tracking report function can be turned on or off according to the requirements of the user. Tracking function will continually report vehicle position until it get stop command .In this tracking mode, GPS VEHICLE

TRACKER will send one position message at a preset time interval.

Step1.Edit a message as following format, then send it to VIC-T300C:


(Note: XXX Unit: preset minute interval

-- if XXX=000 it is STOP tracking)

For example: V000000,002,003

(It means is GPS VEHICLE TRACKER will send Position Data every 3


Step2. GPS VEHICLE TRACKER will send back one SMS-----Set

Time OK.

This SMS means that GPS VEHICLE TRACKER is in tracking mode now and preset time interval is 3 minutes.

Step3. GPS VEHICLE TRACKER will send back position SMS at preset time interval.

In this example, the SMS will send back at preset time interval: 3 minute

3. Stop tracking function.

This function is used to turn off tracking report function.

Edit a message as following format, and then send it to VIC-T300C:

Format: V+passwaord+,002+000

For example: V000000,002,000

E. Hardware Specifications



Power Supply

Power Consumption For VBATT Active mode(peak) < 1.0A

Active mode(avg.) < 300mA

Idle mode <50mA

Operating Temperature Range


+8V to +40V

-20℃ to +60℃

Storage Temperature Range

-20℃ to +70℃


External Antenna

External SIM Card

SIM Card type

Transmit Power

Up to 75% non-condensing

Connected via the 50

Ω coax connector

Connected via SIM Card connector


Class 4(2W) for E-GSM 900 and 850

Class 1(1W) for DCS 1800

Class 1(1W) for PCS 1900

Sensitivity -104 dbm minimum for E-GSM 900 and


-102 dbm minimum for DCS 1800

-102 dbm minimum for PCS 1900

Dimensions 124*70*24mm

2. GPRS function

Send the SMS to the tracker as following format


For example: V000000,011,MERO or NTNET According to the SIM


When the GPS Vehicle Tracker connect to the monitor system, the power

LED flash by 1 S. Then you can login in the tracking server to manage your car.

Please visit

Get the Username and Password from Technology Sales has Great experience of real time tracking your Vehicle.


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