Burris SpeedBead Benelli R1 Installation

Burris SpeedBead Benelli R1 Installation
Installation Instructions
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• Benelli R1
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Speedbead installation guide-Benelli R1:Layout 1
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SpeedBead - Benelli
- R1
It is best if you adjust the stock fit
(cast and drop) before mounting the
SpeedBead. Your shotgun owners manual
has excellent instructions for this.
1. Remove the recoil pad.
2. Remove the stock from the receiver. Between the
receiver and the stock are one or more Drop &
Cast spacers. The drop spacer has molded-on pins and is
the one in front. Put the Drop & Cast spacers against the
rear surface of the SpeedBead plate in the same orientation
as they were prior to disassembly.
3. Slide the SpeedBead mount on to the front of the stock.
You will need to compress the foam padding in order to
insert the pins in the stock holes. Be sure the pins enter
the holes in the front of the stock.
4. Remount the stock on the receiver. Be sure the SpeedBead
pins engaged the receiver holes as the stock bolt is tightened.
Tighten enough to squeeze all the gaps out from between
the rear of the receiver, the Plate, Drop & Cast spacers,
and the stock.
5. Reinstall the recoil pad.
6. SpeedBead Base Alignment
Using the hex wrench, tighten the Wedge
Screw. Slightly snug is plenty tight and
will prevent scarring of the stock beneath
the SpeedBead mount.
Position the soft gasket on top of the
mounting block or optional riser, aligning
the holes to the pins.
Put the FastFire Sight with battery
installed on the SpeedBead Base and hold the sight firmly down against
the base. Turn on the FastFire sight. Shoulder the shotgun. The Red Dot
should appear somewhere close to the front bead or sight of the shotgun.
If the Red Dot is way above or below the bead, remove the FastFire
sight from the SpeedBead base and tighten or loosen the Wedge
Screw (tighten to lower the Red Dot, loosen to raise the Red Dot.) Hold
the FastFire on the SpeedBead base and re-check for approximate
alignment. Once you are satisfied with the alignment, (more precision
final sighting is to be done with the FastFire windage and elevation
adjustments) fasten the FastFire sight to the base with the provided screws.
7. FastFire Sight Adjustments
Use the provided screwdriver to FIRST
loosen the FastFire lock screws, THEN,
using the windage & elevation screws,
adjust the Red Dot to be directly "on"
the barrel bead. Look down the barrel
rib as if you were shooting the shotgun
when making adjustments. The SpeedBead system is designed such
that the Red Dot is either right on the face of the shotgun’s bead or just
slightly above the bead. If you choose to utilize the provided spacers,
the red dot should be aligned approximately the same distance above
the shotgun's bead as the thickness of the spacer. Tighten the lock
screws. Finish zeroing at the range. For additional information about
the FastFire sight, see the included FastFire II booklet.
8. Risers and longer screws are provided with your SpeedBead. The
advantages of SpeedBead are increased with the SpeedBead window
a little higher than the front bead because it allows you to see and lead
rising targets faster and to engage them accurately without covering
them up. Choose either the 1/8" thick or 1/4" thick riser (or you can
use both for 3/8") and install on top of the SpeedBead mount.
Note: If you are using risers place the soft gasket on top of the riser
before installing the FastFire.
9. Insert the battery into the bottom of the FastFire Sight. Mount the
FastFire sight to the SpeedBead mount using the provided short
screws and lock washers when NOT using the risers, or the long
screws and lock washers when using the riser(s).
Operating Notes:
The SpeedBead system is virtually parallax free. Once sighted-in, no
matter where in the window the Red Dot appears, wherever the Red Dot
is pointed is where the shot pattern will go. Do not be concerned if the
Red Dot is not in the center of the window when shooting. Just get the
Red Dot where you want it in relation to the target and take the shot.
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