SubFuzz User Manual
LEVEL - This is the overall level of the affected signal. Adjust this for the correct
sound level between off and on.
MIX - All the way counter clockwise is the sub
octave, all the way clockwise is fuzz signal
without octave.
FUZZ - Is a secondary fuzz circuit on the output section, counter clockwise is no fuzz on
the output, counter clockwise is “Broken OpAmp” and it cuts out as your note decays.
TONE - Controls overall tone of the pedal.
Clockwise, the pedal is very bright, Counter
clockwise rolls off the high end.
IN—Guitar Input to the pedal. This jack disconnects power, unplug when not in use.
OUT - Output
of the pedal.
Plug this either into
your amp or into
any other effects you
want after.
DC Power Jack Used to power
your pedal from a
DC supply. This has the
same pin-out as the standard
pedal supplies, tip is ground,
sleeve is 9V. Use a filtered supply, especially on high gain overdrive and distortion pedals, since
they tend to amplify power supply
Octave Toggle - Selects between 1 , 2, and 3
octaves down!
Bypass Switch - Kick the switch to
change from effect on to effect off.
Status LED (Red/Green) When the effect is on the LED is
very Red. When battery voltage is
below ~7.5V, the LED will blink a few
times when the pedal is engaged. By
default the LED is Green when bypassed. To have the LED off in
bypass HOLD the Bypass
Switch for several seconds
until the LED Blinks. Hold
again to turn the LED back
on in Bypass.
Power Consumption - ~15mA.
Updated 7/16/10
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