LG AX AX565 Alltel, AX565 Quick start guide

LG AX AX565 Alltel, AX565 Quick start guide
Quick Start Guide
Music to FM Radio
Taking a Picture/
Recording a Video
Getting to Know Your Phone
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Soft Key
Talk Key
Clear &
Back Key
Right Soft Key
Voice Command
Menu/OK Key
Power/End Key
microSD™ Port
Music Touch Keys
Headset Jack
Transferring Music
Store up to approximately 960 songs on the AX565 using
an optional 4GB microSD card. You can even transfer files
directly from your computer!*
1. Insert your microSD card into the memory port
with the gold contacts facing up.
2. The first time you transfer music, you must format the
card. Press , then select Settings (9) > Memory (8) >
Card Memory (3).
3. Press the Right Soft Key for Format, then select Yes (1).
4. Press
to exit.
5. Connect a USB cable* from the phone to your PC.
6. The PC will recognize the phone as a Removable Disk
and a screen will appear. Drag and drop music files on your
PC into the My_Music folder.
7. When done, disconnect the phone.
*microSD card and USB cable required. Sold separately.
Playing Music
Notice the front of the AX565? The external Music Touch
Keys let you keep your favorite songs at your fingertips!*
1. Insert a microSD card containing music.
2. With the flip closed, press and hold the side Music Key
to activate the music player.
3. Tap to begin playing the highlighted song.
4. Tap
to go to the next/previous song.
Tap or to view the song list.
5. Tap to pause/play the music. To exit the music player,
open the flip and press
*microSD card required. Sold separately.
Note: You can play music in the background while doing other
tasks. Once you have exited the music player with background
music enabled, press the side Music Key from the idle screen
to return to the player.
Transmitting Music to FM Radio
Don’t let the AX565’s slim design fool you – this little
device can broadcast to your car radio or home stereo
system using its innovative FM transmitter!
1. Press the side Music Key.
2. Press
to begin playing a highlighted song.
3. Once the song begins, press the Right Soft Key
for Options.
4. Select Music Transmitter (4), then On (1).
5. Set your radio to 88.1 FM (the phone’s default setting)
to listen.
6. To change the transmit frequency, press the
Right Soft Key for Options > Music Transmitter (4) >
Change Channel (3). Then use the Navigation Key to
select a new channel and press .
Bluetooth Pairing
Enjoy wireless communication like never before, thanks to
cutting-edge Bluetooth technology. Connect to headsets,
phones, speakers, and more – without ever plugging in a
1. Set your Bluetooth accessory into pairing mode.*
2. Press , then select Settings (9) > Bluetooth (5) >
Paired Devices (1).
3. Press the Left Soft Key for Search. When prompted to
turn on Bluetooth, press .
4. Press
to begin a new search.
5. Once the Bluetooth device has been found, highlight it
and press .
6. Enter the passcode* (typically “0000” – 4 zeroes) and
press .
7. Press
to connect with the device.
*Refer to your Bluetooth accessory’s user manual for information about
initiating pairing mode and the passcode.
Taking a Picture/Recording a Video
Don’t let moments slip away. With the AX565’s integrated
1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder, you’ll be able to
instantly capture photos and record videos.
1. To take a picture, press and hold the side
and select
To record a video, quickly press
Record Video (2).
2. Press left or right on the Navigation Key to adjust the
brightness and up or down for zoom.* Press the Right Soft
Key to adjust other camera/video options.
3. Press
to take the picture or start/stop recording.
4. To send your picture/video, press .
*Camera setting of 1280x960 pixels does not support zoom function.
Note: To take self-portraits with the flip closed, press and
and use the external Touch Keys to take a photo
or record a video.
Optional Accessories
Maximize your phone with these cutting-edge accessories at www.LGUSA.com.
Bluetooth Stereo Speakers
Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth Headset
Portable Stereo Speakers
Stereo Headset
Vehicle Power Charger
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