Troubleshooting Guide
I connected the audio cable to my television but I still do not receive
Please ensure that you have connected both the 3.5mm audio cable,
and USB power cable to ports on your television. If the USB cable is
not connected to the t.v. the unit will not function.
I have connected both cables to the t.v. but I still do not receive
Please check that the sound bar has been set as the primary audio
output from your t.v. audio menu. For most newer HDTVs this step is
a necessity as the audio will not automatically default to the last
connected device. Please refer to your televisions user manual for
information on how to select the primary audio output.
I receive sound from the speakers but there is an audible
At times the audio jack may not be properly seated in the t.v. port or
the port itself may be damaged. Try re-seating the audio jack from
the speaker again.
You will also want to check the USB cable and port for the same issue.
You will also need to ensure that there is no interference from any
other devices which may be causing the feedback to the speaker.
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