DIPD11B User Manual

DIPD11B User Manual
Please read this user manual carefully before using the receiver
1. SNOOZE/Sleep
2. Scan
4. MEM
5. ,
6. \I
7. 
9. Power/Mode
10. LCD display
11. + Press to increase the volume
12. - Press to decrease the volume
13. Speaker
14. iPod/iPhone connector
15. Battery Door (Locked)
16. iPod holder adjuster
17. ANT The antenna
18. Video out
19. Aux-in
20. DC In
Remote Controller
: Volume turn off.
Menu/Info: Press to go to the main menu.
: Standby on and off.
Mode: Switch the play mode.
Alarm: Set alarm.
Snooze/Sleep: Press to have the alarm break in a short time,
or set the sleep time.
1/6-5/10+: Recall and store the preset station from 1-10.
6+:To recall and store the preset station from 6-10,
you need press 6+ transfer 1 to 6, 2 to 7, and so on.
Scan: scan for stations.
Enter: Press to confirm the select.
Vol+: Volume up.
Vol- : Volume down.
: Press to scan for up station in FM mode.
: Press to scan for next station in FM mode.
:Press to go to the previous music track.
:Press to go to the next music track.
1. Switching your radio on for the first time
1.1 Power Supply
a. Mains Adaptor (supplied with the package).
Connect the mains adaptor to the DC power socket of the radio to the wall socket.
Noted: the adaptor should be use the one supplied.
b. The battery compartment should be lock without any battery in. This is empty battery casing.
1.2 Extend the radio aerial as far as it can go. Always make sure that the aerial is extended to ensure
the maximum signal strength and the best possible sound quality.
1.3 Press the “Power/Mode” to turn on the radio. The LCD backlight will light up during the operation of
the radio,you can enjoy the radio play mode at last time you leave. Of course you can press
“Power/Mode” key to shift the play mode also.
1.3.1 If you were in DAB mode at the last play time, the radio will start “Local Scan” for available digital
radio stations when the radio is powered on for the first time. When the scan is completed, the first
station (alphabetically) will begin to play. If there is no stations find in “Local Scan”, the display will
shows “No Serve”. And a “Full Scan” can be done to find DAB stations manually.
1.3.2 If you were in Aux In/Ipod/FM Mode at last play time. The radio will go to the mode of the FM
station which played last time directly.
Please be noted that when you change to AUX in or iPod Mode, the display will show the clock after
show the “Aux in” or “iPod” over 3 seconds without any other operation. You can briefly press “Info/Menu”
to show the clock or the MODE.
1.4 Hold the “Power/Mode” button, the radio will be powered off.
1.5 Adjust the volume
Press the “+” to increase the volume and press the “-” to decrease the volume. If you can't hear any
sound, then press the volume up key until you reach a desired level. If you consider the volume is
too large, then press the volume down key to reach a desired level.
1.6 To explore the stations that have been found, you can press the “” or “►►” button to skip to the
previous or next found station. When you find a station that you would like to listen, then press the
“Select” key, or after 5 seconds, the radio will shows “TUNING” on the display then auto select the
current station which showed on the LCD.
2. Main Menu
Long press the INFO/MENU to enter the main menu. You can press “info/menu” series times to see
the different options after enter the main menu, then press “Select” key to confirm the choice. If you do
not choose any submenu, the radio will return to the mode under your operation.
In FM\Aux in mode, the main menu will be as following:
From Air
10 SEC
In iPod mode, the main menu will be as follow:
From Air
In DAB Mode, the main menu will be as follow:
From air
10 SEC
You can press “info/menu” to see the different options after enter the main menu, then press “Select”
key to confirm the choice. If you do not
2.1 Display modes
Signal strength
The slide bar indicates how strong the received signals are, the stronger the signal, the longer the
bar will be from left to right.
If the signal level drops below the fifth box (minimum signal level) then you may experience problems
with the quality of the audio.
Note: This signal intension is only for indicating DAB stations strength.
2.2 Scanning for stations.
2.2.1 DAB Mode - Manual
In DAB mode, it has two scan methods, one is LOCAL scan and one is FULL scan. You can do local scan
with press “SCAN” key to do the quick scan, with long press and hold “SCAN” key to do full scan.
For DAB+ radios, additional stations and services regularly become available. So it’s a good idea to carry
out a full scan every now and then to make sure that you have the most up to date station listing stored
within the memory of your radio. E.g.: if you go on holiday, then it’s also a good idea to carry out a full
scan. If you are sure of the programming frequency, it’s good idea to do the manual tune by selecting the
frequency range.
2.2.2 FM Mode
In FM mode,press the “SCAN” button, it can auto forward browse the available station and pre-play it
within 10s, if press and hold the “SCAN” button, it can auto backward browse the available station and
play it within 10s.
With FM radio, it may be necessary to “fine tune” each station by briefly touching the “” or “►►”
button. If reception is still poor, please try to adjust the position of the aerial or try moving the radio to
another location.
2.3 Time Set
You can set the time by auto update from the time signal by air, or set the time by yourself.
2.3.1 Press “” to confirm your choice on “Time Set”, then press “” or “” to find out the “manual”
menu, then press “” to confirm it.
2.3.2 Then you can set the year/month/day/clock by press “” or “” to set it, and press “” to
confirm the setting.
2.4 Dimmer
2.4.1 Press “” or “” to show “ON” on display, then press “” to confirm it, the backlight will be
always on.
2.4.2 Press “” or “” to show “10 SEC” on display, then press “” to confirm it, then the backlight
will be off after 10 seconds if there is no any operation. And will be light on again you press any key.
2.5 Video out
Under iPod mode, you can find this option from the main menu. You can press “” or “” to show
different submenu.
2.5.1 TV: The video will output the video to your TV. And you can choose PAL or NTSC set under TV.
2.5.2 IPod: The video will output the video to your iPod.
2.6 Reset
There may be times when you need to reset your receiver back to its original factory settings. i.e. when
you move the radio to another part of the country. So that you can pick up the local & national DAB
stations in that area. If you don't do this, then when you select a station on the radio, it may no longer be
2.6.1 Hold the “INFO/MENU” to enter to the main menu, and press this button to go to the sub-menu
2.6.2 Press “” to confirm the selection on “reset”, the radio turn to display "RESET" then your radio
back go to the factory reset. In FM mode, the radio will back go to the 87.5 MHz and play automatically. In DAB mode, the radio will go for local scan and play the first alphanumerically found station, if
there is no available station; the display will shows “NO SERV”. Then a “Full Scan” can be done to find
DAB stations manually.
REMARK:While do this “reset”, please turn the mode to DAB mode then shut down the radio so you
can search for the station while next time you power on this radio at once.
Please note that once the reset has taken place, you will lose all of your stored presets both DAB
and FM, and the internal DAB registry.
2.7 Version
Choose this submenu to see the firmware information.
3.1 Storing stations
You can store up to 10 of your favorite stations; this will enable you to get access your favorite station
3.1.1 To store a preset, you must first be listening to the station that you would like to save, then long
press the "MEM” key to enter the main menu.
3.1.1 You can press the“” or “” to find where you want to store the station, then press the “” to
confirm. The display will show “PX”(X will be 1 to 10) save”
Note: If there is already an existing station stored under a preset, it will be overwritten when you store the
new station.
3.2 Recalling a stored station
Quick press the “MEM” to enter the submenu “preset” local, and press “” or “” to find what
station you want to recall,then press “” to select, you can see the “P X load”, and the radio go to
4. iPod player
This device is work with ipod/iPhone product so you can enjoy your iPhone/iPod music through the
ipod connector, while you plug your ipod into the connector you can turn the holder adjuster to fit your
ipod tight.
You can press “” or “” key to select the previous or next music of the ipod music store, and
press “” to play or pause it.
If you play your video but can not see the video on the ipod screen, then you need to connect the
video out to your TV by AV wire.
5. Aux-in
For other music player such as MP3, you can use the Aux In to enjoy the music from the MP3 by this
radio, with the AUX IN transfer.
6. Setting
6.1 Set Alarm
6.1.1 Press “Alarm” button to go to the alarm setting mode.
6.1.2 You can press “” or “” to select alarm 1 or alarm 2 for setting, then press the “” to confirm your
choice and enter to set the alarm.
6.1.3 You can press “” or “” to select alarm be active at daily/weekday/weekend/weekly/once/Off,
then press the “” to confirm.
6.1.4 You can press “” or “” to adjust the hour, then press “” to confirm it, the same operation for
minutes setting.
6.1.5 After pressing “” to confirm the minutes setting, you can set the alarm mode as buzz/DAB/FM.
Press “” or “►►” to choose the mode you want, then press “” to confirm the setting and go back to
the standby mode.
You can press “SNOOZE” button which on the top of the radio to get 5 minutes more rest after alarm
Please note that alarm will be sounded again once you press “SNOOZE” button.
6.3 Set Sleep time
You can set your radio to be powered off automatically after the sleep time is expired. You can set the
sleep time as off – 60 minutes, by pressing the “sleep” button on RC to set the time gap you want, or
press and hold the SNOOZE/sleep button
If you are experiencing problems with your DAB+ radio there are some quick and easy checks that you
can do, which may help to solve the problem.
Radio reception is poor
- For DAB+ digital reception, ensure you are in an area that can receive DAB+ signals.
- Please check that the aerial is extended for the maximum signal strength and improved reception.
- Perform FULL scan. See 2.2.
- Try moving your radio to an alternative location to see if the reception improves. Please remember to
scan for DAB+ stations again once you have moved your radio (See 2.2).
- Check that you do not have other electrical equipment too close to your radio, causing interference.
No sound
- For mains powered radio, please check that the mains power lead is connected at the side of the radio
and the mains power wall socket is switched
- If the sound or LCD are froze or lost, maybe it was infected by ESD so you should re-plug the AC power
again to reset the unit again.
Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the
user's authority to operate the equipment. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and
that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases. Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones
can cause hearing loss.
An appliance coupler is used as the disconnect device and it shall remain readily operable. To be completely
disconnected the power input, the appliance shall be disconnected from the mains completely.
Batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like; danger of explosion if
battery is incorrectly replaced, Replaced only with the same or equivalent type.
this product is warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase.
Subject to the conditions of this warranty, the Customer Care Centre will perform
necessary service on the product without charge for parts, or labour if, in the opinion
of the manufacturer/ manufacturer’s agent, the product is found to be faulty within
the warranty period.
This warranty only applies if the product has been installed and used in accordance
with the manufacturer’s recommendations (as noted in the operating instructions)
under normal use and reasonable care. The warranty covers normal domestic use only
and does not cover damage, malfunction or failure resulting from use of incorrect
voltage, accident, misuse, neglect, build-up of dirt or dust, abuse, mis-adjustment
of customer controls, mains supply problems, thunderstorm activity, infestation
by insects or vermin, tampering or repair by unauthorised persons (including
unauthorised alterations), exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions or any foreign
object or matter having entered the product.
If warranty service is required you should:
■ Telephone the Customer Care Centre on 1300 662 946
■ Provide a copy of your purchase receipt that shows retailers identity and
date of purchase.
■ Send or bring the product to your Customer Care Centre.
Please note that freight to and/or from your Customer Care Centre
must be arranged by you.
The warranties hereby conferred do not extend to any costs associated with the
delivery, handling, freighting or transportation of the product or any part thereof
or replacement of and do not extend to any damage or loss occurring during, or
associated with transit.
1300 662 946
Customer Care Centre
562 Spencer Street, West Melbourne
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