TM-T88IV ReStick

TM-T88IV ReStick
Compact Repositionable Liner-free
Thermal Label Printer
TM-T88IV ReStick
POS Printer
Epson‘s TM-T88IV ReStick liner-free label printer
provides trouble-free printing of repositionable
labels with the most reliability available today.
The ReStick printer offers high-speed, liner-free label
printing for a wide range of food service, retail and grocery
applications at a much lower cost than standard label
printers using coated paper liners.
• Cost-effective liner-free label printing for food service,
retail and grocery
• Automatic paper advance reduces effects of heat and
• Compatible with most TM-T88 printer applications
• High-speed label printing up to 5.91"/sec at 203 dpi
• Produces 60% more labels per roll than die-cut labels
• Uses MAXStick™ silicone-free adhesive liner-free labels
• Supports a wide range of standard/wireless interfaces
• Modified paper well, printhead and support rollers
reduce paper jams
• Compact, durable design with the highest reliability in
its class
The liner-free, hassle-free label
printer that really works
Fast and reliable, the TM-T88IV
ReStick label printer prints repositionable labels at a crisp 203 x 203
dpi. It supports variable length label
output, a variety of paper widths,
autocutter and more. Based on new
technology, the TM-T88IV ReStick
printer delivers label printing without the problems associated with
traditional linerless label printers.
It features a modified paper well to
ensure paper movement through the
paper path, a modified printhead,
additional paper guides and dual support rollers to avoid paper jams.
Ideal for QSR, food service and
retail applications
Designed expressly for high-volume
food service and retail environments,
ReStick prints crisp text and graphics at a fast 5.91"/sec speed. From
food bag, coffee and deli labels to
price labels, shelf tags and return
labels, ReStick is a cost-effective
solution for a wide range of labeling
Liner-free, silicone-free labels
Epson’s ReStick printer uses costeffective silicone-free, liner-free
MAXStick™ labels that produce 60%
more labels per roll than die-cut
labels. Adhesive is applied only to
the center strip of the label to minimize the negative effects of adhesive
material in the printer and enable
repositioning of the label multiple
times without tearing.
Integration made easy
ReStick supports multiple interfaces
including parallel, high-speed USB,
Ethernet and 802.11g, and it is
compatible with best-of-breed and
component-based systems. In addition, ReStick is compatible with
Epson’s TM-T88IV thermal printer
and can be used for receipt printing
when needed using standard POS
paper rolls.
Quality you can rely on
To ensure optimum performance,
ReStick has been extensively tested
in demanding food service and retail
environments and is backed by
Epson’s two-year limited warranty.
Compact Repositionable Liner-free Thermal Label Printer
TM-T88IV ReStick POS Printer
Printer Specifications
Print method
Thermal line printing
Print resolution 203 dpi x 203 dpi
Print fonts
Font size
(Font A/B/C)
3.125” (80mm): Normal mode (203 dpi) 12 x 24/9 x 17/10 x 24; Emulation mode (180 dpi) 13 x 24/10 x 17/10 x 24. 2.25” (58mm): Normal mode (203 dpi) 12 x 24/9 x 17/10 x 24; Emulation mode (180 dpi) 10 x 24/9 x 17/12 x 24
Column capacity
(Font A/B/C)
3.125” (80mm): Normal mode (203 dpi) 48/64/57 columns; Emulation mode (180 dpi) 44/64/57 columns. 2.25” (58mm): Normal mode (203 dpi) 35/46/42 columns; Emulation mode (180 dpi) 42/46/35 columns
Character sizes
(Font A/B/C)
(W x Hmm)
3.125” (80mm): Normal mode (203 dpi) 1.25 x 3.0/0.88 x 2.13/1.125 x 3.0; Emulation mode (180 dpi) 1.25 x 3.0/0.88 x 2.13/1.125 x 3.0. 2.25” (58mm): Normal mode (203 dpi) 1.25 x 3.0/0.88 x 2.13/1.125 x 3.0; Emulation mode (180 dpi) 1.125 x 3.0/0.88 x 2.13/1.25 x 3.0
Character sets
95 Alphanumeric, 48 International, 128 x 11 Graphic (including user-defined page)
Traditional/Simple Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean
UPC-A/E, CODE 39/93/128, EAN8/13, ITF, CODABAR, 2D symbols: PDF417, QR-CODE
RS-232C, IEEE 1284 parallel; RS-485; high-speed USB; 10/100Base-T/TX; wireless
Data buffer
Receive: 45 bytes or 4KB, selectable; user-defined: 12KB; macro: 2KB; NV graphics: 256KB; NV user: 1KB
Receipt Paper ReStick Label Paper
Print speed (max.)
6.97”/second (177mm) graphics and text
5.91”/second (150mm) graphics and text
Paper dimensions
3.125” (80mm): 3.13” ± 0.02”(W) x 3.27” dia.
(79.5 ± 0.5(W) x 83mm) 2.25” (58mm): 2.26” ± 0.02”(W) x 3.27” dia.
(57.5 ± 0.5(W) x 83mm) 3.125” (80mm): 3.12” ± 0.016”(W) x 3” +0.15/-0.06” dia. (79.4 ± 0.4(W) x 76.2 +3.8/-1.6 mm)
2.25” (58mm): 2.25” +0.016/-0.008” x 3” +0.15/-0.06” dia. (57.2 + 0.4/-0.2(W) x 76.2 +3.8/-1.6 mm)
Paper thickness
55 – 80 µm 82.5 ± 3.8 µm
Reliability MTBF
360,000 hours
52,000,000 lines
1.5 million cuts
360,000 hours
48,000,000 lines
600,000 cuts
24 VDC ± 7%
Power consumption
Approx. 1.8 A (mean)
D.K.D. function
2 drivers
Overall dimensions
5.71 x 7.68 x 5.83” (W x D x H) (145 x 195 x 148mm)
3.96 lb (1.8 kg)
Factory options
Power supply cover, PS-180 AC adapter, wall-hanging bracket, paper roll spacer, affixing tape and Connect-It interfaces*
Control Board
EMI standards
FCC/ICES-003 Class A
Safety standards
UL1950/CSA C22.2 No. 950
Font emulation
TM-T88 Series (180 dpi) font emulation available
Inch values are approximate.
dpi: dots per 25.4mm (dots per inch)
cpi: characters per 25.4mm (characters per inch)
lps: lines per second
*To find out more about our line of Connect-It ™ interfaces, talk to your Epson Sales Representative.
Optional power supply case
secures cords under printer.
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