Entering the Community Centre
Leaving the Community Centre
Use of Facilities
Responsibilities of the Hirer
This guide is intended to provide you with all the information necessary for you to enjoy
safe and enjoyable use of the rooms you have hired within the Fairford Community Centre.
When you booked the hire you should have been given a Quality Questionnaire.
Please complete this form at the end of your hire and return it to the FCC Office.
Schematic layouts of the Community Centre are available on our website. The plans
show the position of fire equipment and first aid kits
A copy of the full Conditions of Hire is available on our website.
Normal access to the Community Centre for Hirers will be via the side or rear doors.
The building will be opened for you unless you have been given the door access code. To
open the door press ‘C’ and then key in the code you have been given. Once inside you
may need to turn the latch to keep the door from closing fully, you will need a latch key to do
this (available by prior arrangement from the centre manager). All exit doors can be opened
from inside by turning the knob but can only be opened from the outside by using the key pad.
The building is fitted with a security alarm system which must be disarmed once
an entrance door is opened. There is a short delay before the alarm sounds which will give
time to switch off the alarm at one of the three control panels. The control panels are situated
beside the front entrance door and to the right of the rear entrance and on the left of the side
entrance door. To disarm the security alarm key in the 4 digit code you have been given
(Note: the code is not the same as the door code)
Before leaving the building please:
Ensure all areas used are clean and that you remove any rubbish.
Ensure that any electrical appliances used are switched off at the mains socket.
However, there is one exception - the fridge in the kitchen is to be left switched on.
Replace any equipment or furniture as it was when you arrived.
Reset any heating controls back to the condition when you arrived in the
Check that all windows opened by you or your guests/clients are closed and
securely fastened.
Check that all doors are closed.
Check that all lighting is switched off.
Check the in and out board in the front lobby to see if you are the last Hirer to
leave. If there are other users in the building please check with them to make sure that
they know you are leaving. If you are the last Hirer to leave the building then you will
need to set the security system.
If you are the last person in the building and have been given the code for the security
alarm, please arm the security alarm before leaving. To arm the security alarm key in the 4
digit code and press “yes” You will have a short interval in which to exit the building
and close the door behind you. The exit doors are self locking. Please ensure the exit
doors are not left on the latch.
In the event of a security alarm malfunction whilst you are in the building please
contact one of the key holders listed on the notice board by the side entrance. If the alarm
sounds and you know the code, key in the 4 digit code and press “reset”
Please do not use any lettable space other than that which has been hired.
The lifts are provided for the benefit of those unable to negotiate the stairs. Do not
use the lift if you are the only person in the building. If the lift alarm sounds. Check that
all doors to the lift are fully closed. If that does not cure the problem and someone is trapped
in the lift and there is no one else in the building who can help, contact the Fire and
Rescue Services.
Heating. We want your time in the Centre to be comfortable but you will appreciate
that keeping the building fully heated at all times would be an astronomic expense. The
heating system is new and very efficient and if the room is not warm enough when you arrive
please turn up the thermostats on the radiators (do not adjust any other controls you may
find). Please make sure that you return the thermostats to the original settings before you
Tea points are provided in the Heritage Room, Keble Room and the Mico Room
and adjacent to the Thame Room. You are welcome to use the kettle provided but must
provide anything else that you need. Kettles must be left empty and Tea Points clean and
tidy at the end of the hire. Hirers of the Farmor and Barker Rooms may use the water
heater, cups and saucers and sinks in the kitchen but must provide everything else they
need unless prior arrangements have been made with the centre Manager.
The Community Centre has a fully fitted kitchen. With the exception identified in
the previous paragraph, appliances and other equipment within the kitchen may only be
used if the kitchen was included as part of your hire agreement. Users of the kitchen are
requested to ensure that all appliances and equipment are left clean and that all rubbish and
food waste are removed from the premises at the end of the hire. With the exception of the
fridge, all appliances should be switched off at the end of the hire period. In certain
circumstances, and as agreed with the manager, the dishwasher may be left working.
(Warning: If the fire alarm sounds the serving hatch will close automatically)
General Behaviour of Users. The Hirer is responsible for the behaviour of their
guests or clients. In particular the Hirer should ensure that the lifts are not used by young
people unless it is essential for them to do so.
Room Capacities. Hirers are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that the
number of people within the hired rooms does not exceed the room capacity specified in the
Conditions of Hire.
Fire Procedures. The Hirer is responsible for briefing their guests or clients on the
emergency procedures in the event of a fire or the fire alarm sounding. The fire alarm does
not automatically alert the Emergency Services.
In the event that a fire is discovered, the person discovering the fire is to give a
verbal warning and inform the Hirer who is then to activate the fire alarm.
The Hirer or responsible person is to ensure that the emergency services
are called by dialing 999. There are phones in the Parish Office, the Cotswold
Volunteer Centre and the Town Council Offices. If these offices are locked the nearest
public telephone is situated on the High Street opposite the Centre.
When the fire alarm sounds persons within the building are to evacuate
and gather at the War Memorial in the Church yard. Emergency signs are
displayed throughout the building showing the appropriate escape routes from each
The lifts are not to be used during a fire evacuation. If you are unable to
evacuate via the stairs unaided then please remain in the Refuge Points for
further assistance. The refuge points are situated by the lift entrance on the first
floor and by the front landing window on the second floors.
Fire extinguishers are located at various points in the building. They should be
used to fight a fire only if it is safe to do so. A Fire blanket is provided in the kitchen.
The Hirer or responsible person is to do their best to ensure that the
building is evacuated fully and to brief the emergency services on their arrival
about any persons thought to be still in the building and, in particular, when
persons are known to be waiting in Refuge Areas.
Health and Safety. The Hirer is responsible for taking all reasonable precautions to
ensure the safety of their guests/clients. In this regard:
No smoking is permitted in any part of the building.
All users of the building are to comply with any warning or safety notices
displayed within the building.
All users of the building are to refrain from any action that may be construed as
dangerous and from the wilful misuse of, or interference with, anything provided in the
interests of Health, Safety and Welfare.
Emergency exits and the designated Refuge Areas must be kept clear of
Electrical installations must not be disconnected or otherwise interfered with.
Please ensure that any electrical appliances brought by you, or anyone acting on your
behalf, into the Community Centre are safe and in good working order and are tested
and in date to the required regulations. No additional lights or extension from the
electrical distribution system are to be used without the previous written permission of
the Trustees.
No animals (including birds) except guide dogs or personal assistance dogs are
permitted within the Community Centre, other than for a special event agreed to by the
Trustees. No animals whatsoever are permitted within the kitchen.
The discharge of fireworks within the Community Centre and its grounds is
Inflammable substances must not be left on the premises
First Aid. First aid kits are provided in the kitchen and in the Farmor Room. In the
event of an accident, or an injury requiring use of a first aid kit, Please ensure that details are
entered into the Accident Record book located by the First Aid kit in the Farmor Room, and
inform the FCC Ltd Office at the earliest opportunity.
Possible Health and Safety Risks. Any user of the building who notes an event or
hazard that might pose a Health and Safety risk to users of the building is asked to report it to
FCC Ltd (via the FCC Office) at the earliest opportunity (the Quality Questionnaire can be
Damage to Community Centre Property. All users are required to do their best to
look after the building, decoration, fittings and equipment and are responsible for any damage
that may occur. If any damage does occur during the period of hire, or you found damage
when you arrived, please make sure that you record the details in the Damage Report Log
located by the First Aid Kit in the Farmor Room and also report it to FCC Ltd (via the FCC
Office) at the earliest opportunity (the Quality Questionnaire can be used).
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