Disney Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey Specifications

Disney Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey Specifications
(Mac OS X)
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Table of Contents
1. System Specifications
2. Installing Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
3. Getting Started
4. Removing Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
5. Fullscreen Switching
6. Playing Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
7. Troubleshooting - 5.1. Software Update
8. Customer Support
9. Copyright
1. System Specifications
- OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard or higher
- CPU: Intel Core Duo Processor
- RAM: 1 GB
- 1.8GB of free hard drive space
- Video: ATI X1600, NVidia 7300 GT, or Intel integrated graphics chip
- OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard / Mac OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard
- CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
- RAM: 2 GB or higher
- 1.8GB of free hard drive space
- Video: ATI 2600, NVidia x6xx series or higher video card with 256 MB of Video RAM
NOTE: This game will not run on PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Mac systems.
2. Installing Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
- Ensure you are logged in using an account which has administrative privileges.
- Insert DVD into drive or mount the downloaded disc image.
- Double-click the installer icon and follow the installation instructions.
3. Getting Started
- Open a Finder window and navigate to your "Disney Princess - Enchanted Journey"
application in "Applications".
- Double-click the "Disney Princess - Enchanted Journey" application.
4. Removing Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
- Ensure you are logged in using an account which has administrative privileges.
- Open a Finder window and select "Applications".
- Delete the "Disney Princess - Enchanted Journey" application icon.
5. Fullscreen Switching
This title supports the ability to toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes. Use the
following keys combinations to enable this feature:
Command + Return: Toggles the game between windowed and fullscreen modes.
Command + Tab:
Minimizes the game when in fullscreen mode.
6. Playing Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
The Adventure Begins
To begin your adventure, go to the Main Menu. On the Main Menu, select New Game
to start a new adventure. Choose Load Game to play a previously saved adventure.
The next screen is the profile screen. If starting a New Game, select an empty slot to
begin your quest. Once an empty slot has been selected, the game will begin. After the
opening cinematic, you will be prompted to enter a name.
Hint: If there are no empty slots available, free up a slot by deleting an old adventure.
Basic Movement
• Magic Wand – Press the X key to use your Magic Wand.
• Magic Twirl – Find hidden treasures or use your magic by pressing the X key.
• Push/Pull Objects – Need to move a cart? Press the Z key to grab the cart and
use the cursor keys to move it around.
• Ledge Grab – When you walk off of a platform or misjudge a jump, you will
automatically grab the ledge and pull yourself up. If you want to jump up a
ledge, get close and press the Left Shift key and you will automatically grab the
ledge and pull yourself up.
• Walk – Use the cursor keys to walk.
• Jump – To jump, press the Left Shift key.
• Interact – Press the Z key to talk with people and interact with various objects.
• Cast Magic – Press the Space Bar to fend off villains with your magical wand.
Press and hold the Space Bar for two seconds and then release it to create a
blast of magic!
Hint: When Bogs approach, use your magic to protect yourself.
Create Your Own Character
Before your journey begins, the Pixie will guide you through the process of creating
your very own adventurous character. Customize her dress, hair, eyes, skin tone and
shoes. Or, add a variety of unique accessories, such as earrings, hats or bracelets.
Hint: You can find the character customization screen in the bedroom of Gentlehaven
castle, behind the shirt icon.
The Castle of Gentlehaven
The castle of Gentlehaven is your hub to a magical adventure. In it you will find
portals to all of the Princessesʼ kingdoms.
To access each kingdom, enter the painting found in each Princessʼs alcove. The Pixie
will show you where they are. Each Princess has three chapters. You can finish one
chapter or complete all three before moving to the next Disney Princess kingdom.
Remember, you can visit any Disney Princess kingdom in any order you choose.
After each chapter, youʼll re-enter the castle of Gentlehaven. To continue your
adventures in the same kingdom, press the button. To save the kingdom of a new
Disney Princess, go to her alcove.
Hint: The best place for new players to start is in Arielʼs kingdom.
6. Troubleshooting
5.1. Software Update
It is recommended to install the latest Software Update for all Macintosh operating
There are several things you can do to make sure that your computer system realizes
the full potential of the program:
1. Determine if any changes have been made to the system.
A frequent source of conflict between hardware and software is a system configuration
change. If an error occurs after making a change to the configuration of your system
(i.e., adding new hardware, updating drivers, installing another program), then that
system change is a likely source of the problem. Refer to the manufacturerʼs
instructions to verify that the proper installation procedure was used and note any
incompatibility issue or system modifications listed in the documentation.
2. Isolate the source of the problem.
The program itself does not necessarily cause errors that occur when running a
software program. These errors may be caused by the operating system, a conflict
between hardware settings, another program running in the background, or an
obsolete driver, which has not been updated to work with the systemʼs newer
components. Determine exactly when and where the problem occurs, and whether or
not the problem also occurs with other software programs. Also determine what other
system activities are taking place when the problem occurs. Determining the exact
circumstances under which a problem occurs often points to a solution.
3. Determine if the error can be reproduced.
Restart the program and test for the error. If the same error occurs in the same location,
uninstall the program, reinstall the program, restart the system, and then run the
program again. If the error recurs, determine if a similar error occurs with other
software programs. If it does, the source of the problem may be one of the systemʼs
hardware components. Refer to your hardware documentation or contact the
manufacturer to determine if an updated driver or system modification will resolve the
4. Verify that your system meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements of the
If your system does not meet any one of the minimum requirements, the program will
not run properly.
5. Verify that all external cables and connections are secure.
Also ensure that power, settings, and option controls for all system components are set
appropriately. Refer to your hardware documentation or consult your hardware
manufacturer for additional information.
6. Exit all other programs and applications when installing or running the program.
Exit any active screen savers, utility programs, anti-virus programs, or shell programs
to ensure that the maximum amount of RAM is available for your system to run the
program as quickly and smoothly as possible. Also exit any automatic power saving
utilities or other timing programs like an anti-virus program that scans your hard disk
every hour or a power management utility that shuts down all non-essential system
functions during idle periods. If a timing program or screen saver activates during
installation or during play, the program may crash or experience other technical
NOTE: If you encounter a black box on the screen after setting the screen resolution to
1280 x 1024 in windowed mode, the issue can be resolved by setting the screen
resolution to any other valid resolution and then switching back.
Do not change the screen resolution to any setting higher than your monitor can
support; otherwise no images will display on your monitor.
7. Customer Support
Please refer to the game manual for Customer Support contact information.
8. Copyright
Software and Documentation © 2010 Disney
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