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HOME POWER ® Tri-Fuel Portable Generators by WINCO keep you out of the dark. The unit operates on
gasoline, L.P. gas, or natural gas, and converting from one fuel source to another can be accomplished quickly
and easily. HOME POWER ® Tri-Fuel generators are powered by premium-quality, long-life engines with low oil
protection. The powerful, high-quality generator features inherent voltage regulation and protection for optimum
reliability and safety. 120/240 volt A.C. single-phase, 60-cycle electric power is available through the receptacles
provided in the output panel. The sturdy cradle design provides full protection and makes handling and storage
Power Output Panel
• Premium Honda and Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
OHV engines meet CARB and EPA standards.
• Special carburetor and secondary gas regulator
allows the engine to operate on the most
convenient fuel—gasoline, L.P. gas or natural gas.
• Low oil protection helps prevent costly repairs and
• Standard electric start with battery rack and cables
(battery not included).
• Maintenance-free electronic ignition system.
• Dual element air filter reduces maintenance.
• Special 120/240 volt receptacle for connection to a
temporary power distribution system or to a building
electrical service with an approved manual transfer
switch for emergency/standby use.
• Standard straight blade, U-ground 120 volt duplex
• Circuit breaker overload protection on generator.
• Proven, dependable, efficient design.
• Inherent voltage regulation for precise, stable output
and optimum reliability.
• 100% copper windings, NEMA Class F insulation.
• Capacitor excitation for brushless operation.
Protective Cradle
• Heavy-duty tubular steel cradle with distinctive
wraparound design for added strength and
• Vibration isolation for smooth operation.
• Large capacity fuel tank allows for extended running
time between refills when using gasoline fuel.
• Easy to carry, convenient to store.
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6000 watts
5500 watts
120/240 volts
45.8/22.9 amps
2 h.p.
9000 watts
8000 watts
120/240 volts
66.7/33.3 amps
4 h.p.
12,000 watts
10,800 watts
120/240 volts
90/45 amps
6 h.p.
Honda GX340
337 cc/OHV
11 h.p.
4.5 gallons
B&S Vanguard
480 cc/OHV
16 h.p.
4.5 gallons
Honda GX620
620 cc/OHV
20 h.p.
15.0 gallons
1.0 gal/hr
1.9 gal/hr
160 cu ft/hr
72 DbA
1.3 gal/hr
2.7 gal/hr
200 cu ft/hr
77 DbA
1.67 gal/hr
2.2 gal/hr
195 cu ft/hr
78 DbA
2-20 amp
1-30 amp
4-20 amp
1-30 amp
4-20 amp
1-30 amp
1-60 amp
30x22x22 in.
212 lbs.
32x22x22 in.
274 lbs.
39.5x26x26 in.
396 lbs.
1 yr/2 yrs
2 yrs/2 yrs
1 yr/2 yrs
Electrical Specifications
Maximum Power Rating (1)
Continuous Power Rating (1)
AC Output Voltage
Continuous Current Rating
Motor Starting Ability (1)(2)
Engine Data
Rated Power (3600 RPM)
Starting System (3)
Fuel Tank Capacity
Low Oil Protection
Fuel Consumption - Full Load
* Gasoline
* L.P.
* Natural Gas
DbA Rating (@ 7 meters)
120 Volt Straight Blade (NEMA 5-20R)
120/240 Volt Twist-Lock (NEMA L14-30R)
120/240 Volt Straight Blade (NEMA 14-60R)
Size & Weight
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Shipping Weight
Warranty Information - Consumer Application (4)
All-Terrain 2-Wheel Dolly Kit – The ultimate in portability, this wheel kit with 8”
diameter pneumatic tires and durable grip handles gets you through mud, snow, sand
and soggy terrain. NOTE: HPS12000HE comes with 4-Wheel Dolly Kit standard.
Generator Cover – This durable tailored cover is made of heavy canvas to protect
your Home Power generator during storage or transportation. The custom cover
protects against moisture, dust, nicks and scratches. A built-in band keeps the cover
in place in high winds. NOTE: Cover not available for HPS12000HE.
Line Voltage Monitor – This compact voltmeter can be plugged into the 120 volt
receptacle on any Home Power generator to assure you that your generator is
functioning properly or assist you in isolating continuity problems in extension cords.
All-Terrain 2 Wheel
Dolly Kit
Gen-Tran Manual Transfer Switches – 8 circuit, 30-amp or 12 circuit, 60-amp
UL approved manual transfer switches allow generator connection to electrical service
for emergency power backup. 30-amp system includes power inlet box and 25-foot
connection cord in NEMA 1 enclosure. 60-amp system is flush-mount.
Emergency Transfer/Service System – The ET/S System allows your Home Power
generator to be quickly and safely connected to a building electrical panel for backup
service during a power outage. A weatherproof NEMA 3R hinged lockable enclosure
contains a 12-foot cord with a special twist-lock plug and stores the cordset when not
in use. A quality Square D circuit breaker load center with interlocked generator and
utility main breakers to prevent feedback to the utility installs next to the building
electrical service panel. Four 120-volt (or 8 tandem) or two 240-volt branch circuits or
a combination of the two can be connected for emergency service.
Low Pressure Fuel Solenoid (12-volt) – Units that are intended to be run unattended
or for long periods of time must have an electric fuel solenoid installed in the fuel line
close to the generator. This solenoid is a positive flow shut-off valve which shuts off
the fuel should the engine unexpectedly stop running, preventing costly and dangerous
fuel leakage at the connection point.
Generator Cover
Line Voltage Monitor
Transfer/Service System
NOTE: (1) Based on gasoline fuel. Derate 10% for L.P. gas, 20% for Natural Gas. (2) Code G capacitor start motor.
(3) Electric start models include battery rack and cables. Battery not included. BCI Group U1, 12-volt, 235 CCA battery
required. (4) Commercial or Prime Power Warranty – 90 Days. International Warranty – Contact WINCO for details.
225 So. Cordova Ave.
Le Center, MN 56057
PHONE: (507) 357-6821 FAX: (507) 357-4857
SALES (E of Mississippi River): (800) 733-2112
SALES (W of Mississippi River & Canada): (800) 324-8174
WARRANTY/SERVICE: (507) 357-6831/6832
WEB SITE: www.wincogen.com
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