User Manual Motion Detector Infra Garde 360AP

User Manual Motion Detector Infra Garde 360AP
User Manual Motion Detector Infra Garde 360AP
- Any work on the main power supply must only be completed by trained
- The product must be installed in accordance with installation guidelines/standards specific to your country.
- Disconnect the 230V power supply before starting the installation
- As a precautionary measure, the power supply of the light should always
be fitted with a (250VAC, 10A) type C fuse in accordance with EN608981.
- Faulty lamps may cause a short-circuit and thereby permanently damage
the device.
- Disconnect power prior to replacing a lamp.
- To ensure the operational reliability of the detector, keep a minimal
distance of 1m to lamps installed on the same height level.
- Lamps installed underneath the detector or in the detection area may
disturb the functionality. Keep the detector away from heating devices.
- In case of malfunction, such as continuous lighting, or false triggering
please refer to the troubleshooting section on this page.
Remove front lid by rotating it in an
anti-clockwise direction.
Mark 2 drill holes at the required position. Drill holes fitting the dowels
provided in the scope of delivery in
both diameter and length; insert the
dowels in the drill holes. Fix the detector on the ceiling with the screws
included in the package.
Wiring diagram
The detector reacts to the motion of heat (positive or negative in relation to
the environment). If a person approaches the monitored area, the device
will turn on the connected light automatically. If the person leaves the area,
the light will be switched off after the preset duration (short impulse, 10 sec.
to 20 min.).
The connected light will be turned on only when the ambient light value is
below the adjusted value.
The installation height should be about 2 to 4 m. Wire the detector as
phase / outer conductor (L) brown;
neutral-/ neutral conductor (N) blue;
switching output / switched phase/ outer conductor (L’) red.
Detection Range
Screw and tighten the detector to the ceiling. The device is operational after
approx. 1 minute from connecting to mains voltage.
The timer determines for how long the lights will remain on following the last
movement in the detection area. Choices are from approx.. 5 sec. to 7 min.
Recommendation: approx. 2 min. in staircases, 7 min. in restrooms, etc.
LUX (twilight sensor)
The twilight sensor regulates the operating threshold (light value) of the
detector determining when the device should be activated. Minimum value 5
lux (moon symbol): The detector will turn on the light at night. Maximum
value 1000 lux (sun symbol): The detector will turn on the light during
daytime as well.
Recommendation: approx. 5 lux in staircases, 200 lux in office spaces.
frontal detection
detection range =
approx. -50%
tangential detection
SENS (sensitivity/detection range)
Detection range adjustment max = approx. 16 m diameter (walking person).
Should the detector be too sensitive (triggering without movement in the
detection range), the sensitivity/range can be reduced.
Push-button operation
The light can be switched on permanently through the installation of a
break-contact push button connected in series to the input phase.
Lights on and automatic operation: interrupt mains power for at least 4
Lights permanently on (continuous light): interrupt mains power within 2
Press button for at least 4 seconds to switch from continuous light
mode back to automatic operation.
Check LED
The green LED flickers while the detector registers movements.
Connecting electrical loads
High inrush currents will considerably shorten the lifetime of the detector’s
in-built relay. Please verify the technical data provided by the lamp or
luminaires manufacturer concerning inrush currents, specifically with
compact fluorescent, fluorescent lamps, electronic ballast, etc. in order not
to overload the internal relay.
We recommend connecting a maximum of three to four motion
detectors in parallel.
Loads such as electronic ballast (e.g. for fluorescent lamps) and
compact fluorescent lamps, should be switched via external
conductor, direct switching is not recommended!
Technical Data
Nominal power: 230V/50Hz
Switching power: 2000W / 10A max. (cos φ = 1)
500VA / 2.5A inductive (cos φ = 0,5)
Time adjustment: approx.. 5 sec. to 7 min.
Twilight switch: approx. 5-1000 Lux
The 360° omnidirectional detection zone and the dense detection field guarantee
an optimal function. The range depends on the installation height and walking
direction (high sensitivity when cutting or changing a switching segment).
Since the detector reacts to temperature differences between heat source and
ambient temperature, the response may vary depending on the installation site
(floor heating, hot environment, etc.).
light does not turn on:
detector triggers without
reason/lightnever turns off:
turns the light on during
Detection coverage: 360°
Range: Ø 6 to 16m .
(depending on inst. height)
IP protection: IP20 indoors / class II
- twilight adjustment value too low
- connected lamp defective
- check mains power / fuses
- check detection area for potential reason
causes of false triggering: draught,
animals, heating, etc. may all provoke
faulty switching!
- detector is too sensitive, reduce the detection
range sensitivity, or cover disturbing segments on
the lens by adhesive tape.
- check distances to lamps (heat reflection or direct
light influence)
- connect RC element in parallel to transformers,
relais, electric ballast
- twilight adjustment set too high (lower the value).
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