34PW9817 34PW9817

34PW9817 34PW9817
34" Digital WideScreen HDTV Monitor
• RealFlat™ picture tube
• Progressive scan with Digital Natural Motion™
• 3D Y/C comb filter
• Digital CrystalClear™
• HD component input
• Double window, two-tuner multi-PIP
• AutoScreen™ Fit and WideScreen Plus
• 3D Surround (Dolby® Pro Logic capable)
• Active Control™ with ambient light sensor
• Dynamic graphical user interface
• Zoom (16x)
34" Digital WideScreen HDTV Monitor
Product highlights
• 34"v RealFlat™ WideScreen Picture Tube. Undistorted
and reflection free picture. Quadruple deflection and DAF
(Dynamic Astigmatic Focus) for excellent picture quality.
• 60Hz Progressive Scan doubles the number of visible
picture lines per field. A jitter-free and quiet picture with
astonishing sharpness.
• Digital Natural Motion™ offers razor-sharp reproduction
of movement and motion.The unique and highly advanced
processing calculates motion trajectories of moving picture
elements. It corrects jerky movement from both studio
programs or movie material.Additionally it has a very advanced
noise reduction. Smooth motion reproduction, excellent
sharpness and detail, and a brilliant, non-flickering picture.
• Digital CrystalClear™ with Dynamic Contrast, SVM,
comb filter, 9-bit processing, luminance enhancements and
color enhancements (LTP2). Offers a crisp and natural
picture from any type or quality of source.
• AutoScreen™ Fit will display programs from any aspect
ratio (4:3 up to 21:9) full screen without apparent distortion.
• WideScreen Plus line interpolation for enhanced resolution
and picture quality.The adaptive zoom will calculate and
insert extra picture lines where necessary for a fully filled
and sharp picture.
• 2Fh Input and Full 1080i Resolution Display for
connection to high definition input.
• Dolby® Pro Logic Decoder (Full DSP) built in. Offers full
surround experience with minimum of installation.The
integrated center speaker gives best possible position for
dialog reproduction. Separate surround outputs.
• “TV is Center” reproduction option. All TV speakers play
as center. Dolby® processed outputs for L, R, and Surround
via conventional stereo amplifier.
• 3D Surround is based on Dolby® Pro Logic signals and offers
virtual rear speakers. Full surround experience without the need
to connect rear speakers. Includes the integrated center speaker.
Technical specifications
• Type: FL9a MG
Visible screen size: 34"
Picture tube: RealFlat™ 16:9
Anti reflex and Anti static coating
DAF CRT gun and quadruple deflection
Image stability: 60Hz Progressive Scan Digital Natural Motion™
S-Video display
AutoPicture™ control (5 modes)
- soft, natural, rich, personal, multimedia
Picture tilt control
Brightness, contrast, tint, hue, sharpness,
color control
Scan mode: interlaced or progressive
(with Digital Natural Motion™).
3D Y/C Comb Filter
• Sound system: 6 speaker Hi-Fi stereo
• Output (total):
4 x 15 W RMS (@10% THD)
• BTSC stereo
• Frequency response:
20Hz - 20kHz, +1/-3dB (ampl.)
• Loudspeakers:
- 2 x Midrange 2x6"
- 2 x tweeter 12mm
- 1 x subwoofer 5"
- 1 x center speaker 2x6"
• AutoSound™ control
- movie, speech, music, personal, multimedia
• “TV is center” setup (with ext. Hi-Fi system)
• Surround speakers not included
• Dynamic Graphical User Interface.
Easy and intuitive operation through feedforward and backtracking display.
• Powerful 4x15W RMS Amplifiers built in. Active
subwoofer with DBE (Dynamic Bass Enhancement) and full
digital sound processing. Powerful reproduction from six
built-in speakers.
• 3D Y/C Comb Filter. Uses spatial and temporal filtering to
eliminate cross color luminance with improved diagonal
• Multi-PIP with Second Tuner, Double Window, and
Active Mosaic. Single PIP (free positioning), 3-fold and
8-fold side PIPs, 12-fold full screen multi-PIP. Active Mosaic
lets you navigate by cursor through the PIPs and makes the
selected image live. Swap this selection to Main picture. Also
offers photofinish, freeze Main and freeze PIP. Replay lets you
play back the previous few seconds in a PIP screen: if you
missed the action, replay it as much as you want.
• Active Control™. Continuous picture analysis and control
of Automatic Digital Noise Reduction, Auto Sharpness, Auto
Color, Auto Dynamic Contrast, and Ambient light sensor.
Automatically offers the best picture setting in three levels: off,
min, and max. A demo menu shows you, based on the picture
content the real-time adjustments of 5 parameters.
• AutoPicture™ and AutoSound™ Modes. Easy setting
via direct RC keys.
• Dynamic Graphical User Interface. Easy and intuitive
operation through feed-forward and backtracking display. 8
directional thumbpad cursor control. Full menu control of all
functions through layered menus. Easy control of most used
features through daily menus.
• AutoSurf™ List. Add your favorite channels and switch
through them with one button click.
• Zoom 16x (4x, 9x). Cursor movable zoom window
• Multi System and Universal Codes Remote Control.
High gloss transparent keys with backlighting.Thumbpad
cursor and matching color finish.
• YPbPr inputs for best DVD reproduction
• Three Menu Languages: English, French, Spanish
• Full menu control of all functions through
layered menus.
• Easy control of most used features through
daily menus.
• Selection of 3 menu languages
• Onscreen status display for channels and
functions (OSD)
• Sleeptimer up to 180 minutes
• AutoLock™-Protect young children from
harmful programming with V-chip technology
based on the Motion Picture Association of
America (MPAA) and the network television
rating systems.
• Favorite channel selection and Surf™ loop
• Onscreen menu display:
Picture menu, Sound menu, Channels menu,
Speakers menu, General settings menu,
Install menu, Source menu.
• Active control demo menu indicating real
time picture adjustments
• Closed Captioning
• Dealer Link; wireless communication for
installation and service.
• Tuning system: PLL
• Color transmission systems
Off-air: NTSC M
NTSC video play back
• Channel selections: 125 channels
• Aerial input: 75 Ohm (F-threaded)
Remote Control
• RC type: RC2043
• High-gloss cursor pad
• Backlit keys, transparent “high-gloss” buttons
and improved button “click”
• System control for TV,VCR, Cable, Sat, HD,
• Universal codes for most available brands.
Direct code programming or automatic
search function
• Bi-color LED indicators
• Digital Color Transient Improvement (CTI)
• Viewing modes: 4:3, Movie Expand 14:9 & 16:9(with
scroll), Subtitle zoom (with scroll),WideScreen, Auto
format including AutoScreen™ fit: automatic perfect
fit by adaptive zoom in both directions
• Channel Memory
• Low power standby
• 60W RMS music output
• 3 midrange speakers, 2 dome tweeters, one bass reflex
• Independent headphone volume control
AV 4
AV 3
AV 1
AV 2
• Side
- S-Video in
- Video CVBS-in (cinch)
- Audio L/R-in (cinch) with automatic
mono switching
- Headphone jack 3.5mm
• Rear Inputs:
- AV1: Audio L-R,Video CVBS + S-Video
with auto selection and auto
image format detection
- AV2: Audio L-R,Video CVBS
- AV3: Audio L-R,Video CVBS + S-Video
+ YPbPr (1Fh for DVD)with auto
selection and auto image format detection
- AV4:YPbPr and R/G/B/H/V input.
2Fh at 1080i and 480p, (with auto selection)
for HD devices. Incl Audio L-R.
• Rear Outputs:
- Monitor out:Video CVBS + Audio L-R
- Sound out: 2 audio-out L-R (cinch)
Constant/Variable level,
1 surround sound out (cinch), variable
level (speakers not included)
Manufactured under license from Dolby
Laboratories. "Dolby" and the double
D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Philips has
determined that this product meets the
ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency.
Printed in USA
©2001 Philips Consumer Electronics Co.
A Division of Philips Electronics North America Corp.
KID Design 200237, Philips Consumer Electronics Co.
Ambient temperature: +5/+45°C
Mains: AC 110V ± 10%
Power consumption: <210W; Stand-by, 1.6W
Weight: 166 lbs (excl. packaging)
Dimensions (wxhxd): (excl. connections)
36.5 x 25 x 23 inches
• Carton weight: 196 lbs
• Carton dimensions (wxhxd):
41.5 x 30 x 30 inches
UPC: 0 37849 XXXXX X
AutoScreen, RealFlat, Surf, Digital
CrystalClear, AutoSurf, AutoLock, Digital
Natural Motion, Active Control, AutoSound,
and AutoPicture are trademarks of Philips
Consumer Electronics Company.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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