Digital HouseKeeper Intelligent Service System

Digital HouseKeeper Intelligent Service System
Digital HouseKeeper Intelligent Service System
1. Do not press and dis-assemble this product.
2. Do not install this product outdoor or area with temperature that is higher than 50 degree C.
3. Please make sure the working environment will not be very humid, or it will cause short circuit or
4. When capturing control codes, do not operate under sun light directly. IR is very strong in sun
light, it will affect the codes capturing.
5. Please make sure the remote control mode of target devices (especially inverted air condition),
sometime, the period of button pressing will affect remote controlling, please check them
thoroughly to prevent wrong operation.
6. Some bad QC remote controllers will have this phenomenon: it will does remote controlling, but
could not be captured its control codes. Please check the battery of remote controller first. If its
control codes still could not be captured, please replace a new remote controller.
7. Do not use this product to remotely control any devices that will be dangerous and damaged.
* This product will be covered one year warranty under normal usage.
* When you try to install any devices or switches that will get an electric shock, it must be installed
by certified professional technician, or it will cause danger.
* Please all specification information thoroughly, ex. voltages, currents, loading and remote
controlling modes ...etc. Please make sure it will meet all electric specification and protocols.
* This product is for general purpose usage, it will not be used under highly precision or complex
Service Information
* This products will be covered one year warranty under normal usage.
* When purchasing this product, please recognise the @Home+ and Room Service logo.
* When under warranty period, if you have any service requiring, please contact the party you
purchased, and submit your product serial number for service process.
Limited Warranty
The Limited Warranty Period for a RoomService Product is a specified, fixed period commencing on
the date of purchase. During the limited warranty period, and the product is used under normal
situation, we will provide service at free of charge. We will charge some reasonable fee, If your
RoomService hardware product fails to work as listed:
1. Exceeding the period of limited warranty.
2. This product is damaged and malfunction due to unauthorized disassembling, changing product features, and installing non-original parts.
3. This product is damaged, because its users do not follow what described
on userʼs manual.
4. If accessory parts (expect HOST device) are not working well, please send
them for replacement during 7 days after purchasing with proof of
purchasing. After 7 days, replacement will not be allowed.
5. Other accessory, bundled goods, software will not be covered by limited
On-line product technical support
If you have problems on using RoomService, please refer user's manual first. If it will not solve you
problems, please contact your dealer or go to for support, we will do our best to
assist you solving your problems on-line.
Other Application:
Main Host: We suggest to use low power consumption PC as main host, this kind of PC are low cost, low
power consumption, normally to 25W, and less 5W on idle mode.
Touch Screen: If your PC were with touch screen, it will be more easy for you to operate intuitively, just
like using high-end intelligent system.
USB connection: normally the effective range of USB connection is 5 meters, some extended USB wires
is capable to 10 meters, it is also capable to use wireless USB (depend different specification in each
When using USB hub, please add DC 5V power supply, to prevent power shortage.
Multi-Room control: RoomService could only control one transmitting ball. If you need to control other
rooms at the same time, you could purchase wireless IR transmitter. If your budget is sufficient, you
could purchase our HomeCenter system directly, to enjoy more completely intelligent home system.
Other Services: Intelligent system is not just an intelligent PC host, you might need more options. If you
have these requirements, please contact all professional dealers, from total planning, construction, to
install a switch, they are glad to provide services to you.
Checking Products and Accessories
Driver and Software DVD
USB cables
IR Saver Code Recorder
IR Ball Remote Control Ball
Product Introduction
Test Transmitting Direction
360 Degree IR Transmitting LED
Test Transmitting Button
Test Code Recording Button
Transmitting Status LED
Codes Capturing Side
Connecting Status LED
USB Ports
System Working and Connecting
RoomService Remote Control Software
Remote Controlling and Setting
IR Saver Code Recorder
Capturing IR control codes
Remote Controller to be captured
RoomService Full Range Transmitting IR Ball
360 Degree transmitting IR control codes
Room Service Application Structure
Effective radius 8-12M, 360 degree
Other option products
Patented IR Remote Switch (Programmable remotely setting absolutely ON or OFF)
Fuse 5A
Change ID number of this switch, if
being conflicted with other switches.
* Voltage: 100~120VAC or 210~230VAC .5A
* Control codes is pre-installed in database of main programfile location c:/Program Files/Common File/RoomService/data/irc/!ZirSW_ir.lib/
* IR remote control. When doing remote controlling, it is able to set on or off, no error operation.
* When in manual control mode, it is same as conventional switches.
* Easily to set. Could be set on switch directly. Total 64 sets of control codes in one space.
* This product requires power sources, it should be installed by professional technicians.
Wireless IR Remote Control Transmitter
* UHF wireless relay IR Remote Controller
* Linear transmitting range is about 50 meters
* Remote control relay frequency 433.92Mhz
*Voltage: 100~120VAC or 210~230VAC
System Upgrade Products
RoomService products is PC accessories. Each PC could only control one transmitting ball, it is for
personal usage. If you have more requirements, or need to control many area. We have large scale
HomeCenter intelligent system and related products and services. It could control many transmitting balls
in different area at the same time, and is with many functions. It will be suitable for all your family, or other
intelligent operations. For more information, please refer our web:
Install Driver and Setting
Insert Installation DVD to Install Software
*Before installing software, please adjust screen display resolution to standard
resolution. Do not use smaller screen resolution, best resolution is 1024x768.
*Application program and data should be installed to C: system hard disk. Don't
not install to other hard disk, or it will not work.
Step by Step to install each option on installation screen, and make sure
each program status will be OK to install completely.
Connecting you remote control system. Start to set your system.
IR Saver Code Recorder
Remote Controller for code capturing
Connect to your PC via USB
RoomService IR Ball 360 degree all direction
Click RoomService icon on Desktop to use
Option- Language and Interface Style
Interface Style
To change language, please click Option -> Language -> Other language
Object Option Name
RoomService User Interface
Object Selecting Menu
(You could define/rename items
in this area, to home appliance
or area or preferred names ...etc)
Object Selection Pages buttons(Total 3 pages, 36 items)
Integration - One button to Multitask Function
Schedule - Automation and Schedule function button
Option - Language and Interface Style
Setting and Editing code recording modes
Transmitting Status
Remote Control Button
(Just like general remote controller,
one button to one function)
[Integration] function could combine several IR control codes to one group,
just click [Enter], it could execute multiple preset functions. Ex: a preset
integration title <Back-Home> group, it had already combined 3 control
codes in Light category and Power control code in TV category. Programs
will be execute from up to down.
Integration One button to Multitask function
buttons items for execution
(from up to down)
Integration Selecting buttons
Enter to execute Integration items
Up and down buttons to select pages
Up and down buttons to select pages
Schedule Automation and Schedule operation
Automatically executed items
Execution Testing buttons
Up and Down button to scroll execution list
Setting Code Capturing
There are pre-set IR control codes IRC files for use at C:/Program Files/
Common Files/Room Service/data/irc. Users could also record their codes.
New/Setting/Editing Category
and Remote Control buttons
Select column of control item
Right click mouse button
Edit setting/update codes/change icons
By Saver IR-Code Recorder
Select target column
Right click mouse button
Rename Category title
1. Connect code recorder via USB,
prepare remote controller for capturing
2. Select By Saver code Recorder
3. Beep tones from code recorder to
be ready for capturing
4. Point remote controller to code recorder
press button on remote controller to
capture target code
5. Press Save to store irc files, when rename
it, please keep .irc extension name.
Some PC will hide extension name, and
cause error.Do not capturing code under
sun light.
(Maximum 16 letters,
9 Chinese characters for each category title)
From File
Click Edit Mode button first
You could load pre-set .irc control codes
C:/Program Files/Common Files/
If you could not find these files, please click
"Open File..."
Change Icons
There are many pre-set category and control items, please select column
you need, right click mouse button, and edit them to your language.
you could load custom or pre-installed button icons files
C:/Program Files/Common Files/RoomService/data/icons/
icons format should be .png/.bmp/.jpg.
New/Setting/Editing Multi-function button
Item column
Right click to select Multi-Function Integration Category column
click blank column to add new item, then set new blank column on the left
1 Press "Multi-Function" and "Editing Mode" together
New/Setting/Editing Multi-function button
Right click mouse button to select column
Click blank column to add new item
Select Integration Category, then click "Enter" button to
execute each function from up to down on the list.
Select Add/Click button
Select object menu
Error messages of Integration - One button multi-task operation, it will be displayed on the bottom
EX: Transmitting Failed: Please check the connection to transmitting ball
EX: Lost IRC Files: Please check the capturing setting of each control code or please re-capture codes.
Select remote
control button
New/Setting/Editing Multi-function button
Right click mouse button to select column
for schedule and automation. click blank
column to add a new item.
Press "Schedule" and "Editing Mode" together
New/Setting/Editing Multi-function button
Select a category to control
Then select a
button to control
"Save" message will pop-up,
after click save, your setting
will be shown up
Select Date and Time mode
Using iPhone/iPad/Smart Phone/PC to
remotely control you PC and home appliances
*PC to PC: Activate "Remote Desktop" in you PC (Please refer your PC operation manuals for further setting)
*VNC: Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a general way to remotely control PC via InterNet.
You could find many related softwares on InterNet. There are many free version of these software from each vendors
(Please refer
(There are many VNC software for iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones, Windows, Mac)
*LogMeIn: Is a free add-on software for web browsers, to remotely control. Please go to
Mostly Important: Back your system setting
Please back whole folder on C:/Program Files/Common File/RoomService/data
When you re-install system, just using your back folder to replace newly installed folder.
Then it will resume all previous setting.
For software version updating, please refer our web:
Digital HouseKeeper Intelligent Service System
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