Sharp MX-6240N / Sharp MX-7040N

Sharp MX-6240N / Sharp MX-7040N
H igh - speed
color document systems
MX-6240N MX-7040N
B reakthrough
performance with unmatched versatility
V e r s at i l i t y
Sharp High-Speed Color Document Systems are designed to meet
the growing needs of high volume business environments.
Unleash the potential of Sharp’s advanced technology with the new MX-6240N and MX-7040N High-Speed
Color Document Systems. The MX-6240N and MX-7040N combine a flexible, modular design with robust paper
handling and productive output capabilities that can streamline your document workflow like never before. Built
for high-volume office environments, small CRDs and copy rooms, the MX-6240N and MX-7040N are a perfect
fit where productivity and reliability are essential.
A large 10.1" (diagonally measured) high-resolution, touch-screen display offers real-time scan preview
with intuitive flick-and-tap editing to help ensure your documents are produced accurately and without waste.
With Sharp’s next-generation micro-fine toner technology combined with 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution and
true Adobe ® PostScript ®, your business can produce professional looking color documents in-house with
breathtaking image quality that is also economical. Sharp’s Color Consistency System helps ensure brilliant,
high-quality color output page after page. A new paper feed option utilizes air-feed technology, which offers
higher reliability and enhanced media capabilities.
Built on the latest Sharp OSA ® development platform, the MX-6240N and MX-7040N make integration with
network applications and cloud services easier than ever. Sharp’s industry-leading security platform incorporates
standard 256-bit data encryption and overwrite protection to safeguard your business’s intellectual property.
And when it comes time to trade in, a convenient End-of-Lease feature can erase all job data and user data.
P recision
engineered for high productivity
Innovative features plus multi-function capability
allow you to meet tomorrow’s document needs today.
•Flexible modular design provides a wide variety of configurations from basic high-speed
copying and printing to professional folding and booklet making
•Scan preview feature offers on-the-fly page editing with easy finger-tip navigation
•150-sheet Duplex Single Pass Feeder (DSPF) scans documents at up to 150 images per minute
•New triple air-feed paper handling option offers high reliability and is virtually maintenance free
•Up to 8500-sheet paper capacity supports media up to 110 lb. cover stock (300 gsm)
•Sharp’s Color Consistency System delivers high-quality color output and maintains optimum
color balance and toner density page after page
•Standard PCL® 6 and true Adobe® PostScript ® 3™ with available Windows® XPS printing systems
•Large 10.1" (diagonally measured) high-resolution color touch-screen display with tilt viewing
•True 1200 x 1200 dpi printing with 8-bit processing provides beautiful images and enhanced
clarity for fine details such as small text and graphics
•Standard Job Management makes it easy to print on-demand with the ability to retain jobs,
combine jobs, repaginate jobs, edit pages within jobs and more
•Integrated web browser provides easy website navigation for quick access to information
and convenient printing
•Supports the latest Sharp OSA® development platform, enabling businesses to easily integrate
with network applications and cloud services
•Energy efficient belt fusing offers low power consumption, fast warm up time, enhanced
print quality and greater media capabilities
•Auto power management function can turn on and turn off the machine based on usage trends
•Supports Sharp’s award-winning security platform with standard 256-bit data encryption and
up to 7 times data overwrite protection
•Convenient End-of-Lease feature can erase all files on the hard disk drive, all user data, job
status data and address book data at trade-in time
i ntelligent
features Help streamline your workflow
Advanced technology that will exceed your expectations.
A Smart Touch-Screen Helps You Get Your Work Done Fast
The new MX-6240N/7040N High-Speed Color Document Systems feature a 10.1" (diagonally
measured) high-resolution LCD that goes beyond basic touch-screen menu navigation. With
advanced features that include flick, tap, and slide, you can quickly access powerful functions.
With scan preview, you can easily view and edit your job. A tilting display panel provides
enhanced accessibility. A built-in retractable keyboard makes data entry quick and easy.
Intuitive menu screens enable you to easily edit documents
in scan preview mode.
Toner Technology
Developer Auto
Refresh Process
Process Control
Sharp’s Color Consistency System is a synergy of processes
that helps ensure color output always looks brilliant and sharp.
A High-Speed Document System That Is Also High Performance
The new MX-6240N/7040N utilize a powerful multi-processor controller designed to quickly execute
complex copy, print and scan jobs, even in busy office environments. Plus, with print speeds of
62 ppm and 70 ppm, the MX-6240N/7040N can help raise your productivity to new levels. With
true 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution with 8-bit processing, your business can produce professional
looking documents with greater efficiency.
High Quality Image Output That You Expect
The new MX-6240N/7040N utilize an innovative Color Consistency System, which is a synergy
of image processes that helps ensure color output always looks as brilliant and sharp as the day
the machine was installed.
•Sharp’s next generation Micro-fine Toner Technology
ensures optimum color balance and edge definition, while
maximizing toner yield and minimizing waste.
Toner Cartridge
•The Developer Auto-Refresh Process mixes a small
amount of carrier with toner. As toner is replenished into
the developing unit, so is some carrier, extending developer
life between maintenance cycles, resulting in less downtime.
•Real-Time Process Control monitors each of the primary
colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) and automatically
makes adjustments to ensure optimum color output and
density. This process helps maintain beautiful, high quality
image output throughout each print job.
On-the-fly toner cartridge replacement while your job is running
helps maximize your productivity.
Suction Belt
Air Flow
Air Flow
Triple air-feed LCT paper trays maximize reliability and minimize
downtime. Pneumatic sensors maintain consistent air flow.
Carrier (Ferrite)
Developer Auto-Refresh Process
Robust Paper Handling For Busy High-Volume Environments
Sharp understands the importance of productivity, that’s why the new MX-6240N/7040N
High-Speed Color Document Systems offer up to 8500-sheet paper capacity and support
media types up to 110 lb. cover (300 gsm). Sharp’s
new paper feed option uses air-feed technology,
which maximizes reliability and minimizes down time.
A feature typically found on production devices and
printing presses, the triple air-feed system directs air
flow with precision accuracy to ensure proper paper
handling. A standard 150-sheet dual head document
feeder can scan up to 150 images per minute.
Up to 8500-sheet paper
capacity with options.
O utstanding
output and flexible document distribution
Powerful multi-tasking controller delivers true
1200 x 1200 dpi with 8-bit processing.
Exceptional Print Quality with Professional Output
With the MX-6240N/7040N High-Speed Color Document Systems, your business can produce
brilliant, high-quality color documents, as well B&W documents with crisp razor-sharp graphics. With
true 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, even documents with fine detail will look great! Standard true
Adobe PostScript drivers deliver extensive color control options, so you can manage color output
right from your desktop. With Sharp’s advanced job retention features, jobs can be stored on the
hard drive to be reprinted again and again by walk-up users right from the control panel.
Job handling features enable you to retain print jobs on the
hard drive for reprinting.
Sharp’s Document Filing System with thumbnail preview makes
it easy to locate and retrieve stored jobs.
Integrated Network Scanning
With Sharp’s powerful ImageSENDTM technology, you get
one-touch distribution features that centralize document
workflow, help reduce mail costs and help save time. With up
to seven destinations – E-mail, Desktop, FTP, Network Folders
(SMB), USB, Fax and Internet Fax – getting your documents
where they need to go is as easy as pushing a button. With
Sharpdesk® personal document management software, users
can easily organize their scanned documents and integrate
them into everyday workflow.
Sharp’s Integrated Network Scanning
Innovative Job Management
Sharp’s Document Filing System provides a 1 TB hard disk drive to store frequently used files.
With the thumbnail preview mode, stored jobs can be located and retrieved quickly. Easily reprint
retained jobs, combine jobs, repaginate jobs, edit pages and more. For environments with critical
documents, a redundant back-up hard drive is available.
Advanced Finishing Adds the Final Touch
The MX-6240N/7040N offers a wide range of high performance finishing
options that can give your documents a professional look and feel.
MX-FN22 saddle
stitch finisher
•The MX-FN19 4000-sheet stacking finisher with 50-sheet stapling
capacity speeds through large projects, giving you complete control
over deadlines. Need robust booklet making? Choose the MX-FN22
4000-sheet saddle stitch finisher with 100-sheet stapling capacity,
which can produce up to 80-page saddle-stitched booklets.
MX-CF11 Two-tray inserter can insert covers up to
110 lb. Bristol (220 gsm).
MX-TM10 Trimmer Unit
option can cut the folded
open edge for a smooth,
straight, finished look.
•The MX-CF11 two-tray inserter option enables you to insert covers
and pre-printed documents into your job for producing professional booklets and other complex
documents. With supported paper weights of up to 110 lb. Bristol (220 gsm), the inserter option
can give your documents the finishing touch.
•To give your booklets a professional finished edge, the MX-TM10 trimmer unit option can
cut the folded open edge of your documents for a smooth, straight, finished look.
•The MX-FD10 multi-folding unit option provides a variety of folds, including Z-fold, C-fold,
Accordion-fold, Double-fold and Half-fold — your documents will look so good, everyone will
think you have your jobs sent out to a printer.
I ntuitive
user interface on
Sharp’s 5-level tilt screen allows for adjustment to a
convenient viewing position.
10.1- inch
color lcd
Navigates You Smoothly Through Advanced MFP Functions
Sharp’s new high-resolution touch-screen display offers the customization and ease-of-use
your business needs to elevate your office productivity to the next level. With the ability to change
background screens, the layout and naming of the function keys, language display setting and
more, you can quickly set up a custom user interface that meets the needs of your office. Whether
your requirements are simple or complex, the MX-6240N/7040N High-Speed Color Document
Systems can help you get the job done fast!
For a College Campus Office: Set up a simple screen
for walk-up teachers and administrators to retrieve
courseware or initiate large print runs with ease.
Change the Theme: Easily change the menu
colors and icon layout to suit the preferences of
users in your office.
Change the Language: Walk-up users can easily
choose from 24 different display languages with just
a few key strokes.
C onfigurations
to suit virtually any environment
Versatile and Customizable To Fit Your Needs
The MX-6240N and MX-7040N High-Speed Color Document Systems offer flexible paper
handling and finishing options to accommodate everything from basic multi-function office
use to advanced document output for small CRD environments and copy rooms
MX-7040N shown with Three-hole Punch Unit, 50-sheet
Staple/Saddle Stitch Finisher, 3500-sheet letter-size LCC,
100-sheet multi-bypass and right side exit tray.
MX-7040N shown in full configuration with Curl Correction Unit, Inserter, Multi-Folding Unit, 100-sheet Staple/Saddle
Stitch Finisher, 5000-sheet ledger-size LCT and 500-sheet multi-bypass.
Modular Options Make It Easy To Build the System of Your Choice
Options for the MX-6240N and MX-7040N enable businesses to choose from four high performance
finishers that offer up to 100-sheet stapling, 80-page saddle stitch booklet making and available
three-hole punching. More advanced configurations include a two-tray inserter, multi-folding unit
and trimmer unit.
Right Side
Exit Tray
Punch Unit 1
Base Machine
Letter LCC
Ledger LCC
Punch Unit 2
For 50-sheet Staple Finishers.
For 100-sheet Staple Finishers.
100-Sheet Staple
Saddle Finisher
100-Sheet Staple
Stacking Finisher
50-Sheet Staple
Saddle Finisher
50-Sheet Staple
Stacking Finisher
5000-Sheet LCT
g et
more out of network resources
Streamline your document workflow and enhance your
productivity with Sharp OSA® technology.
Sharp OSA® technology at a glance
•Automate tasks and save time with seamless integration
with network applications and cloud-enabled services.
•Virtually eliminates repetitive tasks and streamlines
workflow, increasing efficiency.
•Maximize your return on investment with tighter
integration among IT assets.
•Industry-standard programming leads to faster
deployment of new solutions.
Cloud Services
Local Network
Sharp OSA technology allows businesses to leverage the
power of their network applications, back-end systems,
even cloud-enabled services.
*Some features require optional equipment.
Integrating With Network Applications And Cloud Services Has Never Been So Easy
The MX-6240N/7040N High-Speed Color Document Systems offers powerful document
workflow capabilities to help businesses leverage their network infrastructure, cloud-enabled
services and more!* While others are limited to a small circle of productivity, the Sharp OSA
development platform allows businesses to leverage the power of their network applications,
back-end systems, even cloud-enabled services, right from the touch-screen panel of the
MX-6240N/7040N High-Speed Color Document Systems.
Save Time, Increase Efficiency
You’ll save time and increase the efficiency of everyday tasks with Sharp OSA technology
because it can be virtually seamless to the user. Any MX-6240N/7040N anywhere in the
organization can display choices that were once only available on a desktop PC. With
one-touch access to business applications via Sharp OSA integration, you can start and
finish a document distribution task without worry.
Customized Integration
Sharp OSA technology also provides powerful customization. With the ability to personalize
applications to deliver document processes tailored to your business, Sharp OSA technology can
reduce redundancy and streamline workflow, helping to save time and optimize productivity.
The latest version of Sharp OSA technology can reach beyond the firewall, connecting with cloudbased applications over the Internet. And since Sharp OSA technology utilizes industry-standard
network protocols and Web API’s, third-party software developers can deliver customized solutions
to your business faster than ever.
The Convenience You Want With The Security You Need
The MX-6240N/7040N combined with the Sharp OSA development platform is the logical
choice for providing fast, flexible access to documents and matter where
you are in the office. You also get the controlled access and tracking ability you require with
tighter integration capabilities for network security and accounting applications.
a dvanced
device management tools maXimize efficiency
The MX-6240N/7040N High-Speed Color Document
Systems enhance operational efficiency through
versatile device management capabilities.
Sharp Remote Device Manager
Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM)
Make management of your MX-6240N/7040N simple and straightforward with Sharp Remote
Device Manager (SRDM).* This easy-to-use software allows you to take control of the versatile
system features and simplifies installation and management.
•With Sharp Remote Device Manager, administrators can easily manage the setup, configuration,
device settings, cloning and more! Advanced features such as Remote Front Panel allow
administrators and support personnel to view and control the LCD panel of the machine
remotely from virtually any PC on the network!
•Event-driven, real-time service alerts, administrators and supervisors can achieve higher
productivity. Now it is easier than ever to view service logs, click counts, history reports
and more.
With Printer Status Monitor, network users can view printer conditions, check paper levels,
toner, and more, all through an easy-to-use interface.
Remote Front Panel
Take Charge of Color Usage and Costs
With Sharp’s device management system, administrators and supervisors can define user
groups on the MX-6240N/7040N to manage and restrict features, such as color copying,
scanning or printing. Easily set up a custom user group to manage page counts (copy, print,
scan or fax operations) for both color and B&W. This helps to simplify cost management of
color imaging. The MX-6240N/7040N can store profiles for up to 1000 users.
Integrated Web Browser Application
The MX-6240N/7040N provides a standard integrated web browser application right at
the panel of the machine, enabling easy website access, navigation and printing.
Integrated web browser application enables easy
website access.
*Some features not available at time of launch.
24/7 On-Line Training With My Sharp TM
Managing all of the advanced features of your Sharp product is simple and easy. Ask your
Authorized Sharp Dealer about the My Sharp website. This dedicated customer training
website is customized to your MX-6240N/7040N and allows you to locate
resources and find information specific to your configuration, truly helping
you maximize your investment.
security safeguards your intellectual property
Innovative document and device protection helps
ensure confidentiality.
To help protect your data, the MX-6240N/7040N offers several layers of Standard Security,
making Sharp the optimum choice to help protect employees’ privacy and intellectual property. As
a leader in office equipment security, Sharp makes it easy for virtually any business or government
entity to safely deploy digital copying, printing, scanning and faxing.
Authority Groups
Advanced Account Management enables administrators to set authority groups for access to
features of the MX-6240N/7040N. Administrators can control which department, for instance, has
full access to copying, printing, scanning and/or fax. Walk-up users enter a code, Local Name and
Password, or LDAP User Authentication to access the features assigned to their group.
Data Encryption and Overwrite
To help protect your data, the MX-6240N/7040N can encrypt document data using AES
(Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption. The MX-6240N/7040N can also erase
the temporary memory on the hard drive by overwriting the encrypted data up to seven times,
offering an unprecedented level of assurance. A convenient End-of-Lease feature overwrites
all data, including the Document Filing area, user data, job status data and address book.
Sharp’s Standard Key Security Features at a Glance
• 256-Bit Data Encryption
• Up to 7 times Data Overwrite Protection
• Group Account Management for up to 1000 Users
• Confidential Printing
• Port Management
• IP/MAC Address Filtering
Network Scanning Access Control
To help protect your network from unauthorized e-mail communications, the MX-6240N/7040N
supports User Authentication, requiring users to login before performing any network scanning
Control Device Access Over the Network
To help restrict access to the device over the network, the MX-6240N/7040N offers IPsec, SMB
and extended support for SSL Encryption (Secure Sockets Layer), IP/MAC address filtering, IEEE
802.1x authentication, protocol enable/disable and port management for maximum security.
Documents Remain Confidential
The MX-6240N/7040N offers Confidential Printing, which when used, requires users to enter
a PIN code in order to print a queued document. To help protect your direct-print documents
from unauthorized viewing, the MX-6240N/7040N offers encrypted PDF printing and scanning.
Additionally, Secure Fax Release ensures received fax documents are held in memory until
an authorized user enters a PIN code, so that compliance with healthcare regulations such as
HIPAA is easier.
Tracking and Auditing Information
Legislation and industry policies require companies to be more aware of information flow from
their offices. Sharp offers both built-in and additional hardware/software which allows users to
control, access and track usage of each device on the network.
Data Security Kit (Optional)
For maximum protection, the optional data security kit offers additional features, such as
Data Overwrite on-demand and at power up, Document Filing access control, Incorrect
Password Lockout and Restricted Status Display and Restricted List printing.
These scalable security offerings aim to protect your intellectual property, preserve confidential
information and help your business to meet regulatory requirements, such as the Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB). For additional
information visit:
C ommitted
to helping protect the environment
Sharp’s Environmental Initiatives and dedication to
developing energy efficient document systems set a
high standard for the industry.
Advanced Energy Saving Features
The MX-6240N/7040N utilizes several energy efficient
technologies to minimize power consumption and maximize
energy savings.
• An LED exposure lamp reduces power significantly
when compared to conventional exposure lamps.
• A customizable seven-day power management scheduler
allows businesses to define the days and times when
power will be turned on and turned off.
• Sharp’s Auto Power Management function allows
the device to be set to shut off automatically based
on usage trends.
• Sharp’s Eco-Scan mode can shut off the fuser when
scanning documents, previewing images, faxing and
other operations.
belt fusing system
less power
and shortens
warm up time.
An Environmentally Responsible Approach to Product Design
The MX-6240N/7040N High-Speed Color Document Systems utilize Sharp’s advanced micro-fine
toner technology, which offers a lower consumption rate and produces less waste than conventional
toners, resulting in longer replacement intervals. Sharp supplies are packaged using fully recyclable
materials. Long-life consumable parts help minimize service intervals and down time, resulting in
lower operating costs. With two different energy saving modes, power can be reduced or shut off at
set intervals. All Sharp document systems are ENERGY STAR ® certified and RoHS compliant to
restrict the use of hazardous substances.
Toner Recycling Program
As part of our commitment to helping preserve the environment, Sharp offers our customers zero
waste land fill recycling for all Sharp consumables, including cartridges, bottles, toner collection
containers and drum units. Sharp encourages customers to recycle their used Sharp toner cartridges
in bulk by providing a pre-paid Recycling Kit for their return to our facility.
Environmental Leadership
As a testament to our commitment to the environment, Sharp is a three-time winner of the ENERGY
STAR ® annual Excellence in Energy Proficiency Product Design. Sharp is also a four-time
winner of the SmartWay sm Excellence Award, which recognizes companies for conserving energy
and lowering greenhouse gas emissions in logistics and transportation. Sharp was also a previous
recipient of the Excellence in Partnership Green Contractor Award and the Evergreen Award from
the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Coalition for Government Procurement. These
awards recognize environmentally responsible businesses and their efforts on recycling, waste
reduction and affirmative procurement practices.
Global Initiatives
Sharp is committed to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility including planning,
design, manufacturing, distribution and product end-of-life management. For more information about
Sharp’s environmental leadership including information about energy efficient products, electronics
or toner cartridge recycling, please visit
MX-6240N/7040N S pecifications
Main Specifications
Base models include LCD, 150-sheet DSPF, 3000-sheet paper
MX-7040N capacity (two tandem 2000-sheet trays/two 500 sheet trays),
1-TB hard disk drive, PCL6/Adobe® PostScript ® 3TM network
printing, color network scanning, web browser, retractable keyboard
and MX-AMX2 application communication module
Type Console, color multi-function digital document system
Display 10.1 (diagonally measured) color dot matrix high-resolution touch
panel tilting display. 1024 x 600 dots (W-SVGA)
Functions Copy, print, network print, network scan, document filing and fax 1
Copy System Dry electrostatic transfer/Dual component developer/Magnetic brush
development/OPC drums/Belt type fusing/white LED exposure
Originals Sheets and bound documents
Max Original Size 11" x 17"
Copy Size Min. 5½" x 8½", Max. 11" x 17" + 12" x 18"
Copy Speed 62/70 ppm B&W/Color (8½" x 11")
Multiple Copy Max. 9999 copies
First Copy Time
(in Seconds)2 B&W Color
B&W Color
Platen Glass 4.0
DSPF 6.5
Warm Up Time 55 seconds or less 2
Magnification 25% to 400% in 1% increments (with document feeder 25%-200%)
Original Feed 150-sheet DSPF
Scan Speed DSPF Scan: Up to 150 IPM2 (Monochrome); Up to 150 IPM2 (Color)
Original Sizes 5½ x 8½", 8½" x 11", 8½" x 11" R, 8½" x 14", 11" x 17" Paper Capacity Std. 3000 Sheets/Max. 8500 Sheets
Paper Feed Standard: Tandem Tray 1 - 1200 sheets (letter size), Tandem
SizesTray 2 - 800 sheets (letter size), Trays 3/4 - 500 sheets ea. (letter/
legal/ledger/statement/12" x 18"). Optional: Multi-bypass Tray
(for machine) - 100 sheets (letter/legal/ ledger/statement/monarch
or COM10 envelopes/12" x 18"), Multi-bypass (for LCT) - 500
sheets (letter/legal/ ledger/statement/12" x 18"), LCT (2-Drawer) 2500-sheets each drawer (letter/legal/ledger/12" x 18"),
Letter LCC - 3500 sheets (letter), Ledger LCC: 3000 sheets
(letter/legal/ ledger).
Paper Weights Tandem Trays - 16-28 lb. bond, Trays 3/4 - 16 lb. bond to 100 lb.
and Typesbristol, Multi-bypass Tray (for machine) - 15 lb. bond to 110 lb.
cover, Multi-bypass Tray (for LCT) - 15 lb. bond to 100 lb. bristol,
LCT (2-drawer) - 15 lb. bond to 110 lb. cover, Letter LCC/Ledger
LCC - 16 lb. bond to 100 bristol. Supported paper types include thin,
plain, recycled, color, letter head, pre-printed and pre-punched,
embossed and glossy.
Duplexing Standard automatic duplex copying and printing CPU Up to 1.8 GHz Multi-Processor Controller
Interface RJ-45 Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T), USB 2.0 (2 host ports,
front and rear), USB 2.0 (1 device port)
Memory Standard 5 GB
Hard Disk Drive 1 TB
Copy Resolution Scan: B&W/color: 600 x 600 dpi; Copy: B&W/color: 600 x 600 dpi
Color Modes Photo, Full Color Mode, Monochrome (B/W)
Exposure Control Modes: Text, Text/Photo, Text/Printed-Photo, Printed-Photo, Photo,
Map, Pale-Color . Settings: Auto or 9 step manual
Halftone 256 gradations/2 levels (monochrome)
Copy Features Electronic sort, Auto Color Sensing, Auto Paper Selection, Auto
Magnification Selection (AMS), image preview/edit, auto tray
switching, rotate copy, reserve copy, tandem copy, book copy,
margin shift, edge/center erase, book divide, dual page, cover/insert
page, OHP insert, job build, card shot, blank page skip, mirror/
reverse, proof, pamphlet, watermark, custom image, job programs.
Account Control Up to 1000 users. Supports user-number authentication (on device),
login name/password or login name/password (via LDAP server) for
Copy, Print, Scan, Fax and document management.
Output Tray CapacityMain output tray (top) 250 sheets (face down) Firmware Flash ROM with local (USB), network update capability and firmware Management update 1 to N with SRDM (Sharp Remote Device Management)
Configuration Web-based management with user/administrator level login, cloning
Method (1 to N) with SRDM and remote front panel access Service/Functions Remote front panel, remote access to service logs and click counts
Accessibility Tilt Front Panel, Adjustment of Key Touch-Send and Speed,
Features Document Feeder Free Stop, Job Programs, Remote Front Panel,
Universal Grip for Paper Trays, and Disable Screen Timeout
Environmental International Energy Star Program Ver. 1.1, Law on Promoting Green
Purchasing. European RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
Power Source AC 208-240 VAC, 60 HZ, 20 Amps
Power Consumption Maximum: 2880 W or less
Weight MX-6240N/7040N: Approx. 490 lbs.
Approx. Dimensions 33 1/4" (w) x 33 1/4" (d) x 48" (h)
Some features require optional equipment.
Specification may vary depending on product configuration,
machine settings and operating conditions.
Network Printing System (Standard)
PDL Standard PCL® 6 compatible Adobe®, PostScript ® 3TM,
optional XPS
Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi/8-bit processing
Print Speed 62/70 pages per minute (8½" x 11")
Print Drivers Windows Server ® 2003-2008, Windows XP, Windows XP x64,
Windows Server 2003-2008 x64, Windows Vista®, Windows Vista ®
x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, MAC OSX (including 10.4.11,
10.5-10.5.8, 10.6.5-10.6.8, 10.7-10.7.2), all MAC PPD.
Features Auto configuration, continuous printing, electronic sorting,
N-up printing, duplex printing, transparency inserts, margin
shift, image rotation, different cover page, poster print, job
bypass print, job retention, confidential print, proof print, user
authentication, image stamp and watermarks. Additional features:
Multiple pamphlet print, network tandem print, carbon copy
print mode, different cover page/last page/other page, form
overlay, tab paper settings, tab printing, chapter inserts and
page Interleave1
Direct Printing File Types: TIFF, JPEG, PCL, PRN, TXT, PDF, Encrypted PDF,
PostScript and Windows XPS1 (FTP, Web page, E-mail and USB)
Resident Fonts 80 outline fonts (PCL), 136 fonts (PS)
Interface RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T, USB 2.0
Operating Windows Server 2003-2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista,
Systems Windows 7, MAC OS 9-9.2.2, MAC OSX 10.2.8, 10.3.9, 10.4.11,
10.5-10.5.8, 10.6-10.6.5, Novell ® Netware ® 3x, 4x, 5x, Sun ®
OS 4.1x, Solaris ® 2x, Unix ®, Linux ® and Citrix ® (Metaframe,
Presentation Server 4, 4.5) and Windows Terminal Services.1
Protocols POP3, LDAP, 802.1x for Windows and Unix. LPD and LPR for Unix.
IPX/SPX ® for Novell environments and EtherTalk®. AppleTalk ® for
Macintosh ® environments.1
Printing ProtocolsLPR, IPP, IPPS, PAP, Raw TCP (port 9100), FTP and Novell
Network SecurityIP/MAC address filtering, protocol filtering, port management,
user authentication and document administration.1
Security Standards IEEE-2600TM-2008, DoD (NSTISSP) #11, DoD Directive 8500.2,
Network Scanning System (Standard)
Scan Modes Standard: Color, monochrome, grayscale
Max. Original Size 11" x 17"
Optical Resolution 600 dpi
Output Modes 600 dpi, 400 dpi, 300 dpi, 200 dpi, 150 dpi, 100 dpi
Image Formats Monochrome: TIFF, PDF, Encrypted PDF, XPS
Color: Grayscale, Color TIFF, JPEG, PDF, Encrypted PDF, XPS
Internet Fax: TIFF-FX, FIFF-F, TIFF-S1
Monochrome Scanning: Uncompressed, G3 (MH), G4 (MR/MMR)
Compression Color/Grayscale: JPEG (high, middle, low)
Scan Destinations Internet Fax mode: MH/MMR (option); E-mail, Desktop, FTP, Folder
(SMB), USB, Internet fax (option); Super G3 fax (option)
One-touch Dest. Up to 2000 (combined scan destinations)
Group Destinations Up to 500
Programs 48 (combined)
Max. Jobs Up to 100
Network Protocols TCP/IP and SSL (includes HTTP, SMTP, LDAP, FTP, POP3), SMB,
ESMTP and 802.1x.
Network Security E-mail server user authentication for LDAP and Active Directory
Software Sharpdesk ® desktop personal document management software
(1 user license included)
Sharp OSA Platform Application Communication Module (MX-AMX2) standard
Inserter (MX-CF11 Option)
Standing, 2 Trays
Paper Capacity
Upper Tray: 200 Sheets; Lower Tray: 200 Sheets (20 lb. bond)
Paper Weight
16 lb. bond to 100 lb. Bristol (Paper feeding)
Paper Size
Up to 12" x 18"
Power Consumption 70 W or Less
Power Source
24 Volts (Supplied by Main Unit)
21 1/2" (w) x 30" (d) x 50 1/2" (h)
Approx. 51 lbs.
Multi-Folding Unit (MX-FD10 Option)
Floor Standing
13 1/2" (w) x 30 1/2" (d) x 41 1/2" (h)
Approx. 146 lbs.
Power Source
Powered by MX-FN21/FN22 Finisher
Power Consumption Maximum:Standby: 23 W or less; In Operation: 150 W or less
Folding ModeZ-fold, 3-fold inside’ 3-fold outside, 4-fold, 2-fold
4K 100-Sheet Stapler/Saddle Stitch Finisher (MX-FN22: option)
Type 4000-sheet console stapler finisher (100-sheet stapling)
Output Trays Upper tray: Moving offset tray (up to 1500 letter size sheets)
Middle tray: 250 sheets (letter size, non-stapled)
Lower tray: Moving offset tray (up to 2450 letter size sheets)
Stapling Capacity Up to 100 sheets (letter/statement)
Stapling Media Plain paper, letter/legal/ledger size or mixed
Stapling Positions 1 front, 1 rear, or 2 point stitching
Saddle Stitch Center stitch/center fold (2 staples) letter/legal/ledger paper sizes
Saddle Stitch Up to 5 sets (16-20 sheets)/10 sets (11-15 sheets per set)/15 sets
Max. Sets (6-10 sheets per set)/25 sets (1-5 sheets per set)
Hole Punching Optional three-hole punch unit MX-PN13B
Power Source
120 VAC, 60 HZ, 15 Amps
Power Consumption 220w/350w with MX-MF10
Weight Approx.: 134.5 lbs.
Dimensions Approx.: 30 3/4" (w) x 30" (d) x 41" (h) (with tray extended)
Optional Equipment
3500-sheet Large Capacity Cassette (letter)1
5000-sheet Large Capacity 2-Drawer Air Feed Tray (ledger)1
3000-sheet Large Capacity Cassette (ledger)1
100-sheet Multi-bypass Tray (for machine)
500-sheet Multi-bypass Tray (for MX-LC13)
4K Stacking 50-Sheet Staple Finisher 1
4K Stacking 50-Sheet Staple/Saddle Stitch Finisher 1
4K Stacking 100-Sheet Staple Finisher 1
4K Stacking 100-Sheet Staple/Saddle Stitch Finisher 1
2-Tray Inserter Unit1
Multi-folding Unit1
Paper Pass Unit (for machine)
Relay Unit1
Paper Pass Unit (for MX-LC13)
Curl Correction Unit 1
Trimmer Unit 1
3-Hole Punch Unit (for MX-FN19/FN20)
3-Hole Punch Unit (for MX-FN21/FN22)
Staple Cartridge (for MX-FN19/FN20)
Staple Cartridge (for MX-FN20)
Staple Cartridge (for MX-FN22)
Staple Cartridge (for MX-FN21/FN22)
Right Side Exit Tray
Center Exit Tray
AR-SU1Stamp Unit (requires AR-SV1 Stamp Cartridge)
Stamp Cartridge (required for AR-SU1)
Bar Code Font Kit
XPS Expansion Kit
Enhanced Compression Kit
Fax Expansion Kit
Internet Fax Expansion Kit
HDD Mirroring Expansion Kit
CAC Reader (requires Data Security Kit)
Commercial Data Security Kit (not available at time of launch)
Application Integration Module
External Accounting Module
MX-62NTBA MX-62NTCA MX-62NTMA MX-62NTYA MX-62NVBA MX-62NVSA MX-62NRSA MX-700HB Black Toner Cartridge Cyan Toner Cartridge Magenta Toner Cartridge
Yellow Toner Cartridge
Black Developer
Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Developer
Toner Collection Container
Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07495-1163
1-800-BE-SHARP •
­­© 2012 Sharp Electronics Corporation. All rights reserved.
4K 100-Sheet Stapler/Finisher (MX-FN21: option)
Type 4000-sheet console stapler finisher (100-sheet stapling)
Output Trays Upper tray: Moving offset tray (up to 1500 letter size sheets)
Middle tray: 250 sheets (letter size, non-stapled)
Lower tray: Moving offset tray (up to 2450 letter size sheets)
Stapling Capacity Up to 100 sheets (letter/statement)
Stapling Media Plain paper, letter/legal/ledger size or mixed
Stapling Positions 1 front, 1 rear, or 2 point stitching
Hole Punching Optional three-hole punch unit MX-PN13B
Power Source
120 VAC, 60 HZ, 15 Amps
Power Consumption 220w/350w with MX-MF10
Weight Approx.: 134.5 lbs.
Dimensions Approx.: 30 3/4" (w) x 30" (d) x 41" (h) (with tray extended)
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