User`s Manual

User`s Manual
Kowa MA Software
(for skin/hair image store, comparison)
with Customer Management System
User’s manual
•System requirement: a. IBM compatible PC
b. CPU: P4 with 40G HDD 1.5Hz or up
c. RAM: 512M or above
d. VGA memory: 32M above
Required OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8
Software Installation
(Entering the software at the first time)
Insert the software CD-R into the CD-ROM drive. According
to your OS system, select the right version to install the
Click for install process
Press “OK” to enter the system.
Under initial software install, please DO input the register key in this
page. (Each unit will only have its own register key.)
The register key (which is on the Kowa MA CD disc) covers a combination
letters. After input the right register key, please just press “OK” to complete
first install.
Please notice that one register key must to be combined with a
private serial number of your machine as a set which we had
stated clearly on the Kowa MA CD disc. In addition, the serial
number of this machine is on the back side of its control box.
After then, please double click with the left mouse “Kowa MA” icon from the
computer desk to execute the software every time.
Please notice that if you executes this software under Vista system
computer, you must follow the pages 6~7 to set up few specific
items before your first operation. Otherwise, it will not be possible
to store the client’s data.
Please notice that you might meet compatibility problem when you execute this software
under some Windows OS computer. You must follow the steps to set up few specific items
before your first operation. After you finished the whole set up process in advance, you are
able to execute the software normally and no need to do these steps again.
Please press with the right mouse
on “Kowa MA” icon, then select
the “Properties” item.
Kindly entry the “Compatibility” path
and select “Run this program in
compatibility mode for: ”Windows XP
(Service Pack 2)”. Also select “Privilege
Level” as “Run this program as an
administrator”, then press “Apply” &
“OK” to complete software system
compatibility setting.
New Client
To take pictures or build up clients information.
Entering the ID it is a necessary step when adding new clients’ database.
After filling up the database by order, please press “Save” to store the file.
Please click at first any blue
frame that you want to keep the
When you get the image, press “Freeze” to take picture.
If you want to get new image, click “Live” button to
retake a new image and then press “Freeze”
After accurate the image, please press “Enter” button
to store the image on the selected blue frame.
On the “BEFORE” column, you are available to take 3 pictures.
On the “AFTER” column, you are also available to take 3 pictures.
Remember to press “Save” to store the pictures.
Click with the left mouse on any blue
frame picture and click the right mouse,
then it will appear a “Delete” little window
(as the figure on the left side).
Therefore, you are able to delete any
selected picture and retake a new picture
as well.
To see a large size picture, please double click with
your left mouse on the selected small size picture.
You can move the cursor on the large size picture
and click the right mouse, it will appear “3D” and
“Save as” little window.
Clicking on the “3D” it can show a clearer analysis picture.
To storage the images, please click “Save as” and you are able to
store it by jpg. type on your hard disc instead of saving in KOWA
MA system.
Comparison on the Pictures “Before” and “After”
To see a large size picture, please
double click with your left mouse on
the selected small blue frame size
picture. To return back to the
original size of the picture, please
move with the mouse on the large
size picture and click once with the
left mouse.
Right / left side pictures date select.
Choose any 2 pictures from the
12 pictures, subsequently click
“Comparing” to execute it.
Click “Comparison” button .
When you click “Comparing” on the previous page, on this
occasion it will appear a figure as the upper side.
Please move the mouse on the section area you want to
enlarge and click it, it will appear a red frame on it.
On the selected red frame you are able to see a large part by
clicking “
“ icon. To return it back to original size, please
click the left mouse once.
Click “3D” icon then the image will show like a negative film.
The same operation like page 22-23, get the red frame and then click
” icon, you will see the enlarged image of the section part. To
return it back to original size, please click the left mouse once.
If you want to delete some specific date pictures data, please
select the date on left side and click “Delete” button. The 6
pictures of the date will be deleted.
Old Client
Click “Old Client” and enter the client ID
or name to search for the client’s personal
Double click with the left mouse from the
seeking client, then its personal information
will come out
Or if you directly click “Search” button,
it will show you all the old client list.
In the previous page, double clicking on the seeking client column it
will immediately show up the client personal information. Now you are
able to execute the actions like the operation from the page 10-26.
History Data
You are available to click “History” button
on the chosen old client, then it will show
up the old client’s history database.
You are able to reach the client pictures by
date on double clicking with the left mouse.
Delete Client Data
When you enter the selected old client data, the “Delete” button will
delete all the data / pictures of this selected client.
Backup & Restore
Before you want to upgrade or re-install Kowa MA
software, we strongly suggest that you must Backup
the whole data in advance, or your original data will
be covered directly and not exist anymore.
When you move the cursor to any client data area and press right
mouse, you will find “backup” and “restore” icon.
Click “Backup” you can backup the Kowa MA data in your assigned
disk. (It is suggested to use the date to be the file name.)
Click “Restore” you can restore the Kowa MA data to a certain date. (It
means after all the data built after that certain date will be deleted.)
Data restore completed.
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