DN-16037_qig_QIG Add TF
How to add a micro SD card
into the camera DIGITUS® OptiMax (DN-16037)
1. To open the camera housing please unscrew the front cover
of the camera.
2. After that, please remove the 2 screws and pull out the module.
3. Inside the module you will find the card slot for the microSD card.
Please insert the microSD card into the card slot.
4. Please slide the module back into the housing and secure it with
the 2 screws.
5. Then please close the housing. Please make sure that the rubber
ring is straight and not bent or moved. Otherwise, the tightness of
the housing can not be guaranteed.
6. At the end the microSD card must be formatted via the web
interface of the camera under login.mydigitus.net. To do this please
open the menu „SD format“ in the system menu, after you have
logged in to the web interface of the camera, and format the card
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