Models BF-16 and BF-22 User Manual for iPhone

Models BF-16 and BF-22 User Manual for iPhone
Models BF-16 and BF-22
User Manual for iPhone
Train - Contain - Bark Control
November 9, 2014
Your patent pending, Bluefang electronic collar is the most advanced electronic pet collar you dog will every own. It provides
you with powerful Bluetooth connectivity. It’s training system is
built on High Tech Pet’s proprietary, proven, easy to use training
techniques developed by some of the nation’s most noted animal
behaviorists and trainers. The model BF-16 is and advanced remote dog trainer that allows you to train your dog from a distance
of up to 400 feet. The BF-16 also includes an advanced bark control feature bark control function uses that uses progressive sound
and stimulus and has High Tech Pet’s unique ability to distinguish
between nuisance and intruder/ alarm barking. It can also prevent
howling. The BF-22 gives you both these functions plus an electronic fence feature that works with any High Tech Pet brand electronic fence system to provide reliable, humane pet containment
featuring our exclusive Pulsed Proportional Stimulus™ system.
The BF-22 contains serious hardware including the world’s most
powerful Bluetooth transceiver, an advanced microprocessor and
a host of other built-in devices for current and future use. These
include an electronic fence radio receiver for containment, microphone for bark sensing and accelerometer to measure your dog’s
activity level - just to name a few.
Perhaps, best of all your Bluefang collar has the unique ability to
wirelessly accept new firmware giving you new and useful features
as they become available.
Bluetooth Function
The BF-22 receives commands and sends data to your iPhone
via Bluetooth. Each time a command is received by the collar, it’s
illuminated logo lights up letting you know its working.
Adjusting the Collar Strap
The strap should be adjusted to a length that is snug but will allow
you to comfortably put two fingers between the stimulus probes
and your dog’s neck. Adjusting the collar strap is simple but tricky
in that the slider will not move without first sliding out the top strap
layer. Slide the top strap layer out of the slider then adjust the
strap to desired length using the male buckle end. Move the slider
close to the male buckle and insert the top strap layer through the
slider. This will prevent the slider from moving.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Bluefang collar is NOT designed to be
a restraining collar. If you wish to use a restraining leash with your
dog it must be attached to a separate collar. Do not attempt to
use the Bluefang strap as a restraining collar. This may cause the
probes to push too hard against your dog’s skin and could cause
injury to your dog.
Turning On Your Collar and Replacing the Battery
The collar battery also functions as an on/ off switch.
Turn on your collar by clockwise rotating the battery pack
on the underside of the unit.
The battery pack acts as a 3
position switch. The positions
are ON, OFF and REMOVE.
To conserve battery life we
recommend you turn the bat3
tery to the OFF position when not in use. Remove the battery by
turning it fully counter-clockwise to its “Remove” position. To install
a new battery align the arrow on the battery with “Remove” text.
Then, turn clockwise to “Off” or “On” position. The logo will blink
and the collar will beep when it successfully powers up.
Downloading the app
Download the iPhone app by scanning
the QR code here or go to the app store
and search for Bluefang Dog Trainer.
Scan to download iPhone app
Launch the app
Launch the app by clicking the app icon on your
What’s New Screen
The opening screen after the splash screen is the “What’s New”
screen. This is a live feed from our Bluefang server that will bring
you the latest news, videos, training and pet care tips and allow
you to get support ask questions and view the latest products
without having to download an app update. To view the What’s
New screen you must have an internet connection on your phone
via WiFi or cellular data. If you are not connected to the internet
or your connection is slow you can proceed directly to the Bluetooth app by pressing the Main Menu at the top left in the screen
Main Menu
The Main Menu lets you select from the current list of interactive collar functions. The
BF-22 gives you remote training and Bark
Control and Electronic Fence functions. To
use these, you must first turn on your collar
and link to it. With future firmware updates
you may find useful, new collar features on
Linking Your Collar
You may link to your collar by selecting any of the Main Menu
Functions, “Train My Dog”, “Stop My Dog’s Barking” or “Contain
My Dog”. From any of those feature screens press the SETTINGS
link at the top right in the MENU BAR.
Find Dogs Screen
The first settings screen is the FIND DOGS screen. It displays a
list of all dogs your iPhone can detect. Your phone will detect a
collar if it is turned on, in range and not already linked to another
phone. Select the collar you wish to link and press CONNECT.
Naming Your Collar
You may use the EDIT NAME button to
name your collar. You may name and set
up an unlimited number of collars but, you
may only link to one at a time. TRAINING
and BARK CONTROL screens also allow
you to customize stimulus settings which
are discussed in the individual Training
and Bark Control sections.
Access the TRAINING screen by clicking
STATUS BOX at the top of the screen lets
you know if the collar is linked and tells you
when commands are sent by your phone
and acknowledged by the collar. Initially
this screen will display the message “No
Dog Found” with a red background. Go to
settings and link your collar as described
above. When you return to the TRAINING
screen it will take a second or two to rescan for the collar and display “Ready” with
a green background. Above the STATUS
BOX the name of the linked collar is displayed.
The STATUS BOX displays both the link
status and the command status. The link
status is common to all screens that display the STATUS BOX.
The TRAINING SCREEN has 6 COMMAND buttons. There are 3
TONE COMMAND buttons for positive behavioral training and 3
STIMULUS buttons to deter unwanted or dangerous behaviors.
When you press a Tone Command or Stimulus button the button
will enlarge and turn yellow while the phone waits for the collar
to acknowledge the command. The STATUS BOX will also turn
yellow and display “Command Sent” Command status messages,
which are unique to the TRAINING screen are shown below.
When the phone receives an acknowledgement from the collar
that the command was received the command button will return
to normal size and turn green indicating a successful transmission. The STATUS BOX will also turn green and display the message “Command Received”. If the your phone does not receive
an acknowledgement within 2 seconds the COMMAND BUTTON
will turn red. The STATUS BOX will also turn red and display the
message “Command Failed”. Command failures within the working range are rare but, may be caused by a large metal object,
like a car, coming between the collar and phone or a lot of radio
frequency noise in the area.
The COMMAND BUTTON and STATUS BOX will remain in their
post command state, reminding you of your last action, until you
select another command or exit the TRAINING screen.
You may set up a unique stimulus profile for each collar by pressing the SETTINGS link at the top right in the MENU BAR. This will
take you to the FIND DOGS screen. At the bottom left of the FIND
DOGS screen press the Setup Stimulus button.
This takes you to the STIMULUS INTENSITY screen.
You may set a custom intensity for each of the 3 STIMULUS
buttons on the TRAINING screen with the SLIDER BARS. Each
SLIDER BAR allows you to adjust the stimulus intensity for the
numbered STIMULUS button as a percentage of max intensity.
Click the SAVE button to save your settings. Pressing the DEFAULTS link at top right in the MENU BAR will return the settings
to the factory defaults. Pressing the NEXT button, at the bottom
right, will display the STIMULUS DURATION screen. In addition
to allowing you to customize the intensity of each stimulus button,
Bluefang collars are the only dog training collars that also let you
set the duration of each stimulus correction. The SLIDER BARS
on the STIMULUS DURATION screen allow you to set the time
each correction lasts from 1/10 sec. to 2 sec. Adjust the sliders to
the desired stimulus durations and press SAVE. Again, the DEFAULTS link at the top right in the MENU BAR returns the sliders
to the factory default settings. To return to the TRAINING screen
press the BACK link at the top left in the MENU BAR. This takes
you back to the STIMULUS DURATION screen. Press the BACK
link again. This returns you to the FIND DOGS screen. Pressing the TRAIN link at the top left will return you to the TRAINING
screen. Complete training instructions are found in the HOW
TO TRAIN YOUR DOG SECTION. The BF-22 allows you set up
unique stimulus profiles for an unlimited number of collars.
Bark Control Screen
Access the Bark Control Screen by selecting STOP MY DOG’S
BARKING on the MAIN MENU screen. This screen has the STATUS BOX just like the TRAINING screen. Also like the TRAINING screen, the name of the collar is displayed above the status
box. The BARK CONTROL screen allows you to turn on the bark
control feature by tapping the BARK CONTROL ENABLED button. You may also select the Bark Detect MODE and STIMULUS
output type.
Bark detect modes
STOP NUISANCE BARKING - Triggers only on slower, nuisance
type of barking and allows the more rapid barking that a dog exhibits when barking at an intruder or emergency.
STOP ALL BARKING - Collar triggers on all detected barks
STOP BARKING AND HOWLING - Triggers on all detected barks
and howling.
Bark Control Settings
Clicking the SETTINGS link in the MENU
BAR at the top right displays the FIND
DOGS screen where you can connect to
and name your collar. At the bottom right
of the FIND DOGS screen, click the SETUP STIMULUS link to display the BARK
screen allows you to set the sensitivity of
the bark detection. Your collar’s factory
presets are effective for most dogs. However, if your collar seems to trigger too
easily or fails to detect all barks, you may
need to manually fine tune the sensitivity
to your dog’s voice.
dog has a quiet bark move the slider to
the right, toward a higher percentage of
total detection sensitivity. If your dog has a loud bark move it more
toward the left.
DOG SIZE SLIDER - This slider fine tunes the collar to the pitch
of your dog’s voice. Large dogs have deeper voices, smaller dogs
have more high pitched voices. A small
dog will weigh just a few pounds. A large
dog will weigh 100 lbs. or more. Adjust
the DOG SIZE slider to the relative size
of your dog.
The model BF-22 has the ability to act as
an electronic fence. Access the electronic
FENCE screen from the MAIN MENU by
pressing the CONTAIN MY DOG button.
The FENCE screen allows you to turn the
containment feature on and off. Wen you
turn containment on, your collar will act
as an electronic fence receiver that will
work with any High Tech Pet electronic
fence transmitter. Tap the ELECTRONIC
FENCE switch to enable the containment feature. Note that for
BF-16 models, the Electronic Fence switch is not functional.
Firmware Update feature
The most unique and useful feature of
your Bluefang collar is something you
won’t notice right away. However, it will
allow your collar to grow and change
with new features and functions as they
become available from the developers
at High Tech Pet. When your collar connects, the app checks the collar to make
sure it has the latest firmware. If there is
a newer one available, the app will ask if
you wish to download it.
If The the app gets the latest firmware
from our online server and wirelessly
transfers it to the collar. Don’t be surprised if you notice new and useful features that take advantage of the advanced
hardware in your Bluefang collar.
Principles of positive behavioral training
Your Bluefang collar is designed around High Tech Pet’s proprietary Command - Tone - Stimulus™ training system that uses
positive tones as both command and reward. To teach your dog a
positive behavior, you will need a short training lead on a separate
restraining collar. For initial training you will need some dog treats.
The process of behavioral training will associate the TONE COMMAND emitted by the Bluefang collar with a verbal command such
as Sit, Stay or Heel. It will also be associated with the reward.
STEP 1: Decide the verbal command and the TONE COMMAND
button to be used, for example, “Sit” and TONE COMMAND button 1.
STEP 2: Say the verbal command and activate the associated
tone while demonstrating the behavior. For “Sit”, Say “Sit” and
gently pull up on the training lead while pushing down on your
dog’s hind section manipulating him into a sitting position.
STEP 3: Administer the reward by saying “Good Dog” and again
activating the tone. Pet your dog and give him a treat. Repeat
these steps until your dog performs the behavior on his own.
When he performs the command easily you may remove the treat
but continue to use the tone as a reward, say “Good Dog” and pet
him after he performs the command.
Keep your training sessions to no more than 15 minutes long and
no more than 2 or 3 times per day. Patience is the key to a successful training experience. Don’t lose patients with your dog.
Keep to tone of your voice positive, stress free and encouraging.
How to use negative stimulus
Negative stimulus (shock) may be useful in deterring unwanted
and dangerous behavior. Bear in mind that even though the stimulus CANNOT cause any physical injury to your dog, it does cause
a painful sensation and should be used sparingly and humanely.
Stimulus Level 1 should be set to the minimum amount of Intensity
and duration that your dog perceives. When triggered, your dog
should show a perceptible but minimal reaction to the stimulus,
such as perking his ears. This very mild stimulus level may be
used merely to get your dog’s attention if he gets distracted during a training session. It may also be used as a warning of a more
intense stimulus to come if he continues an undesirable behavior
such as digging, jumping or chewing.
Stimulus Level 2 should be adjusted to a slightly more intense
level. We recommend 20% higher in intensity than level 1 and a
duration of approximately .5 seconds. This stimulus level should
be used along with a stern “No” command to stop unwanted behaviors. Remember, that you are teaching your dog to discontinue
natural behaviors. Dogs naturally love to dig and chew. Teaching
your dog that this does not apply to the garden and your favorite
furniture must be done with patience and kindness.
Stimulus Level 3 is reserved for stopping behaviors that pose a
threat to your dog or others, such as chasing cars or people, biting
or fighting with other dogs. This level should be set to intense and
used rarely in emergencies only.
Your Bluefang collar has a safeguard that allows you to apply no
more than 5 stimulus corrections within a 30 second period. If you
try to exceed that number the stimulus will automatically be disabled for 30 seconds.
Aggressive Dogs: Do not use the corrective stimulus feature on
dogs known to be or could become aggressive. Note that animals
are unpredictable. You should be aware of your dog’s temperament and use only the mildest stimulus at first to make sure you
dog does no react aggressively to the stimulus.
Skin Irritation: Although, it is impossible for the stimulus of a
Bluefang collar to cause any skin or organ damage, any collar
with probes can cause skin irritation in a small percentage of
dogs which, if left unchecked can lead to infection. Check your
dog’s neck daily for redness or sores.
Biting Edge Technology TM
Exclusively by
Engineered in the USA
by High Tech Pet Products, Inc.
2476 Palma Drive, Ventura, CA 93003
Components Manufactured at High Tech Pet’s Shenzhen, China facility.
Assembled and tested in USA.
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