802.11n Internet Access Server
he WIAS-3200N is the most economical
and feature rich Wireless Hotspot Gateway,
suit to mini-size stores where the owner needs
to provide single-point wireless Internet service.
WIAS-3200N is a good choice for beginners to
run hotspot businesses. It does not cost much
compared to buying a pile of equipments, nor
does it take the skills of an expert to setup and
maintain multiple applications out of multiple
SNMP Garden
The AirLive WIAS-3200N is an all-in one solution for Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant, or WISP operators to
sell Internet connections. Its powerful processor and 802.11n wireless access point enable AirLive
to integrate all the conceivable features that provide simple yet powerful Internet Access accounting
solution. This means providing and selling Internet services has finally become simple and affordable
for every hotel, Cafe, Restaurant or WISP owner.
Wireless-N Technology
The new Wireless-N technology has dramatically increased the overall performance of a wireless
network. With the enhanced transfer speed and coverage, the new Wireless-N technology greatly
surpasses 802.11g. It delivers up to 3x faster data transfer speed than Wireless-G. This new standard
uses the MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) and smart antenna technology which allows you to
connect at extend distances around your shop or office.
Selling Internet by Time or Traffic
The WIAS-3200N has a built-in local authentication server that you can create instant accounts for
Internet access. You can specify how long the usage time (in hours), starting time, expired time, and
service price for each different billing account type, so you can sell Internet service by time. Moreover,
you can also choose to sell Internet by traffic (in MBs). A new account can be instantly generated with
user name and password information; then you can print this information on a conventional printer, or to
the ticket printer set (PRP-058, DS-100).
The AirLive WIAS-3200N also provides Payment system for Instant account, Authorize.net and PayPal
system. So user can use credit card to pay for the networking fee, or to expand the usage time for
Internet access.
5F, No.96, Min-ChuanRd, Hsin-tien City, Taipei, Taiwan
Ethernet Cable
RS-232 Cable
POS Printer
Web Password Authentication
When the user receives its printed account information, all
the needs is just to open the web browser. Then the WIAS3200N will automatically switch the window to ask users
for the user name and password. Once correct information
is entered, the user can use the Internet connection.
Furthermore, a status window will pop up showing users how
much time has been used and how much time is left. From
this window, users can also manually log out or redeem more
credits to extend the service. Of course, there is also idle
timeout feature (enabled by administrator). Best of all, the
administrator is enable to customize the login page, message
on the ticket, and the homepage. So service provider can
have its own outlook.
5F, No.96, Min-ChuanRd, Hsin-tien City, Taipei, Taiwan
Password Authentication
802.11N wireless with WDS function
WDS Repeater
WDS Repeater
The WIAS-3200N features a powerful built-in wireless AP
system with 2 removable antennas (included) for extra
distance. Therefore, Cafe or Restaurant can provide wireless
Internet service without using extra APs. WES, a new
function to provide a quick, easy and still secure way for
building WDS connection, could help the installer to setup
the whole wireless system in a time shorter than before. In
addition, WPA, WPA-PSK, 802.1x and WEP encryptions are
provided for maximum security. If your network requires wider
coverage, the built-in WDS repeater function allows you to
expand the wireless network without using wires at all.
Payment System
WIAS-3200N is featured with Authorize. Net and PayPal billing system, so that users can easily pay the
fee with credit cards or PayPal accounts for the internet access.
Bandwidth and Firewall management
The gateway also supports bandwidth management function.
So you can control the speed of the user's account. The
Firewall management allows you to define different service
type. For example, administrator can define the firewall so
only web and email service is possible. Administrator can
also restrict users by using MAC access control for up to 40
The Wall Garden feature let administrator to limit destination
to certain websites only, up to 20 URL/domain is definable.
Accounting report, user activities, and security report can be
delivered to administrators via email or the Syslog server.
Bandwidth Manager
Versatile and Secure Administration
In addition to the standard Web management interface, the WIAS-3200NG also offers console
management in an event when the machine can't be access from the network. For secure management,
the WIAS-3200N offers SSH, SSL, and SNMP (read only) managements.
Installing a wireless billing system is a simple and versatile way to provide Internet service to your
customers. Not only you can quickly recover your investment with the affordable cost of the device, you
can also offer better service and convenience to your customer. Visit your authorized AirLive dealers
5F, No.96, Min-ChuanRd, Hsin-tien City, Taipei, Taiwan
- 500 local user accounts
- 2000 On-Demand Accounts
- MAC Access List
- User bandwidth control
- Walled Garden
- Multiple authentication policy
- RADIUS and local accounting
- User login schedule
- Real-time user monitoring
- Instant Account Generator
- Accessory/Console port
- Policy-based Access Control:
- Schedule Firewall
- Specific Route
- Login Schedule
- QoS Profile
- Session Limit Control
- Policy Profiles: 5
- Schedule Firewall: 20
- Session Limit Control
- Multiple logins with one single account
- Session Idle Timer
System Administration
- 1 x WAN Port
- 1 x LAN Port
- 802.3af PoE support
- 1 x Console Port
- WES (WDS Easy Setup) Push Button
- SNMP support v2 read-only access
- SSH remote management
- SSL web management
- Console admin functions
- Firmware backup/restore
- Firmware update
Physical Specification
- Atheros 802.11b/g/n
- 2 x detachable 5dBi Diversity Antenna (SMA)
- Security: WEP(64/128/152-bit), IEEE 802.1X,
- Wall Mount (IP50)
- Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40 degree C
- Power: 100~240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Product Weight (Kg)
- 0.61 Kg
User Management
- Authentication: Local, On-demand, RADIUS
- Local Account Database:100
- On-Demand Accounts: 500
Dimension (W x D x H)
- 204 mm x 134 mm x 35 mm
Ordering Information
AirLive WIAS-3200N
802.11n Internet Access Server
5F, No.96, Min-ChuanRd, Hsin-tien City, Taipei, Taiwan
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