Chordette scamp manual

Chordette scamp manual
Instruction Manual
Stereo Power Amplifier
Thank you for purchasing the Chordette Scamp. In order to get the most from your
product please take a few moments to read these instructions.
The Scamp can be connected to an analogue source via the RCA phono connectors
or to a computer via the USB connection. In these cases the built in volume control can
be used to adjust the volume. The Scamp can also be connected to a preamplifier
such as the Chordette Prime via the RCA phono connectors but in this case the Scamp
gain control should be set to maximum. The speakers connect to the gold plated
binding posts red for positive and black for negative. There is a 12V power output
socket that can be used to power other items in the Chordette range from the one
Scamp power supply. The high current Scamp power supply should be connected to
the 4 pin power connector last, once all other connections are made.
USB Audio input
Right input
Connect to a computer
Left input
12V DC 8A power input.
Connect to the Scamp
power supply
12V DC power output connector
(Use to power other items in Chordette range)
Bridging switch
Input select switch
Gain control
Left speaker output
Right speaker output
Input Selection
The input switch allows you to change between the analogue RCA phono input
(switch out) and the USB input (switch in). Set this switch according to which input you
would like to listen to.
Bridging Switch
The Scamp features an internal bridging function which can be activated with this
Gain Control
Use this to adjust the volume level when an external preamplifier is not being used.
Using USB digital
Connect your personal computer via an A to B type USB cable. The Scamp will
automatically be recognised by the computer as a USB DAC. Using the sound options
on the computer you can select the USB DAC sound device to output audio to the
Using the Bridging Function
When the bridging switch is pressed the Scamp becomes a high power mono
amplifier. When using this mode the connections need to be made differently. Only
one input is required this can be left or right depending on which speaker you want to
connect to. The speaker then connects to the red terminals only. The positive speaker
connection should go to the right red terminal and the negative speaker connection
should go to the left red terminal. Do not connect to the black binding posts. Repeat
this procedure for the other amplifier. You will now have two bridged mono block
amplifiers with an 80W output.
Automatic Overload shutdown
If the Scamp is overdriven or the volume is turned up too high then the amplifier will go
into shutdown mode where the music will sound quieter and distorted. This is to protect
both the amplifier and speakers. Simply reduce the volume until you can hear the music
clearly again.
Pre-Amp Section
Unbalanced Input:
Digital Input:
Power Amp Section
Output Power
Frequency Response:
Signal To Noise Ratio:
Channel Separation:
Output Impedance:
Output Inductance:
Output Connections:
Slew rate:
Power Supply:
1 pair RCA phono
USB (44/48KHz USB 2.0 Compliant)
Variable manual volume control
2 x 40W rms per channel @ 0.05% distortion into 4 Ohms
1 x 80W rms bridged mono @ 0.05% distortion into 4 Ohms
-1dB, 0.8Hz to 46kHz (8 Ohms)
-3dB, 0.8Hz to 77kHz (8 Ohms)
-1dB, 0.8Hz to 39kHz (4 Ohms)
-3dB, 0.8Hz to 75kHz (4 Ohms)
Better than –103dB, ‘A’ weighted two thirds
0.03 Ohms
4 x gold binding posts
70V per μS, 1kHz 20V square wave
12V 8A
160 x 70 x 40mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Made in England by Chord Electronics Ltd
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