Vac-Rac LOC RAC Instructions

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LOC RAC Instructions - Vac-Rac Fishing Rod Rack Manual | Manualzz
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Please read and follow carefully.
Insert threaded ends of “T”s in bases and tighten.
Insert levers into bases.
Make sure levers are in the OFF position.
Ensure bases and vehicles are clean.
Press rack with double elastics on flat area of hood/bonnet on passenger
Operate lever and remove it.
Place the other rack on a flat area of roof or windshield.
Attach rods with reels forward and loop elastics over bar ends.
Elastic tension can be adjusted using the teeth under the bar.
Check for security by pulling on the base, not the “T”.
Remove rods by inserting a finger in bar recess and sliding elastics over the
To remove racks from vehicle, undo lever and pull the tab to break the
- When not in use, fit the protective covers and keep the levers in the OFF
- Loc Racs are designed for fishing rods only and should be removed after
- Not for use on ice covered vehicles. Wet vehicles – wipe off excess water.
- Cars parked under trees, long term, can build up aphid deposits.
- Protect your rods by not driving at high speed.
- Keep one key as spare – it can be fitted to a key ring. Put some bright
string on the other key.
- If you accidentally deform the bases, put them on a smooth clean surface
with the levers in UP/OFF position. (They will gradually return to their
shape at room temperature).


Key Features

  • Vacuum-based attachment
  • Adjustable elastics
  • Sturdy rods
  • Protective covers
  • Lever release mechanism

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I attach the LOC RAC to my vehicle?
Ensure your vehicle and the LOC RAC base are clean. Position the rack on a flat surface of your hood or roof, press it down firmly, and engage the lever to create a vacuum seal.
Can I use the LOC RAC on any vehicle?
The LOC RAC is designed for most vehicles with flat surfaces on the hood, roof, or windshield. Always check for a secure fit before driving.
How do I remove the LOC RAC from my vehicle?
To release the vacuum, simply undo the lever and pull the tab. This will break the vacuum seal, allowing you to easily remove the LOC RAC from your vehicle.
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