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Safety Instructions
Be careful adjusting the seat's height
while sitting: Slightly lift your body,
then use the lever to adjust the height
In case of emergency, remove the
Do not exceed the permissible maximum
weight of 120 kg/ 265 pound
Minimum size 1,50 m
Maximum size 2,00 m
Report occurring problems
Be careful when running
Sit down carefully and do not lean
back while sitting
Use only in designated work
Manipulation of the device leads to
immediate expiration of the warranty
We strongly advise against the use of
stairs, platforms, etc.!
Size adjustment of the Chairless Chair
How to sit correctly
When you first sit down:
Make sure that another person is standing behind you!
If this is not possible, you can also hold on with one
hand, e.g. at a table
▪ Stay upright and dont bend over
▪ Feet hip-wide in slight "V" position
▪ Sit down like doing a knee bend
While sitting:
▪ hip to back, but don’t fall into a hollow back
▪ Don’t move your centre of gravity forward - Knees
behind the toes
Size adjustment of the Chairless Chair
Adjust the size setting
according to the guide value
of the table in the upper &
lower size setting, at both
skeletal legs
These are indicative values. The personal size setting can deviate from this
Size adjustment of the Chairless Chair
1. Is the belt at hip level?
2. Are the seatpads
located right??
3. Are the joints on knee
4. Is there enough ground
Size adjustment of the Chairless Chair
wearing test
1. The chairless chair must not
disturb while walking
Slipping must be avoided in the
highest seat position
In the lowest seat position,
pressure on the calves must be
Size adjustment of the Chairless Chair
Size Adjustment
Note: The size adjustment is always made from top to bottom
Rubber foot hits
the floor
1. Shorten the strap between the skeletal legs & belt
2. Set the upper size setting one size smaller
- If already with XS: Set the lower size setting one size smaller
Lower part of
the Chairless
Chair® pulls up
when walking
1. Put the belt lower (hip-level)
2. Extend straps between skeletal legs & belt
3. Set lower leg size setting one size larger
- If already at L: set upper leg setting one size larger
The Chairless
Chair® presses
into the calf
when sitting
1. Set the lower size adjustment one size larger & the upper size adjustment
one size smaller
Sliding off the
seat pads in
high seating
1. Wear the belt lower
2. Extend straps between skeletal legs & belt
3. Set the upper size setting one size smaller
Usage of the Chairless Chair
Putting on the Clicker
1. The Clicker is put over the heel from behind, so that one strap runs
underneath the shoe and one behind the heel. Afterwards the fastener
over the foot can be closed.
2. The clicker is located on the outside of the shoe. Pay attention to the
labeling “R” for right and “L” for left.
3. Finally, all straps are tightened.
Usage of the Chairless Chair
Putting on the Chairless Chair without the vest
4. close the belt loose at hip level. Please make
sure that the belt is not closed too high.
5. Then close the two grey tabs on the back of
the belt simultaneously. This is essential to
prevent slipping.
If necessary, you can adjust the length of the
buckles on the back of the harness to ensure the
optimum placement of the seat pads and thus
optimum comfort.
Before undressing, make sure to open the grey flaps again so that the belt fits
perfectly when you put it on next.
Usage of the Chairless Chair
Click-Slider and leg straps
6. The skeleton legs are clicked in the hole of
the clickers by standing in an upright position
and grasping the seat pads. The magnet
locks into the shoe connector with an
audible click.
Now the Chairless Chair can be used!
7. Close the leg straps (short
part above the long part).
Please note, that they are not
too tight and fit comfortably
against the thigh
Usage of the Chairless Chair
Putting it off
8. Make sure that the rubber foot is in
contact with the ground - either by sitting
down or slightly squatting. The slider
must be retracted.
9. By bending over you can now pull the
orange straps of the clickers and, by
moving the heels inwards, you can
release the sliders from the clickers.
▪ To avoid that the Chairless Chairs® is falling to the ground, put off the belt or the vest last
▪ Exception in case of fire
Click out textile parts, release leg bands and open the clicker
Personal size


Key Features

  • Adjustable Size
  • Waist Support
  • Secure Belt System
  • Comfortable Seat Pads
  • Quick Release Clicker
  • Active Sitting
  • Ergonomic Design

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I adjust the size of the Chairless Chair?
Use the size setting table on page 4 to determine the correct size based on your height and weight. Adjust the skeletal legs and belt until the device fits comfortably and securely.
What if my Chairless Chair is too tight or too loose?
Refer to the size adjustment section on pages 6-7 for detailed instructions on how to adjust the straps and skeletal legs.
How do I put on the Chairless Chair?
Follow the instructions on pages 8-11 for a step-by-step guide on putting on the device, including the Clicker, belt, and leg straps.
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