• Select shade – Turn the Shade Control Knob to choose the desired
level of browning. For your first toasting cycle, you may want to try the
midpoint on the Shade Control Knob, or refer to the Suggested
Settings chart for specific bread types.
2 & 4 Slot Toaster
Models HE201ST / 1832632 & HE401ST / 1832634
NOTE: Calphalon makes two slot and four slot toasters.
This guide includes instructions for both models.
Step 1: UNPACK
• Carefully remove the toaster from the packaging.
Remove any stickers or temporary labels from
the toaster.
• Make sure packing materials are removed from
the toasting slots.
• Place the toaster on a clean, dry, sturdy surface
that is clear from any potentially flammable materials.
• Ensure the crumb tray is properly installed. The crumb
tray is located at base of the toaster on the opposite
side from the controls. The tray should be inserted completely.
• Plug the power cord into a suitable 110V/120V AC electrical
outlet away from the edge of a counter or table.
• Lower lever – Press the lever down until it locks into place. The toaster
cycle will begin once the lever is fully engaged.
• Choose mode – If toasting BREAD, the toaster is ready for operation.
Press “Bagel” for sliced bagels. Only the inside heating elements will turn on in each
toasting unit. This toasts the cut sides of the bagel without overbrowning the exterior.
Press “Defrost” for frozen breads or pastries. The toaster will begin by thawing the
frozen item and then automatically toasting it to the desired level of browning. Inspect
frozen toaster pastries or strudels to make sure they are not leaking any filling.
Press “Reheat” button if you’ve already toasted something and want to quickly reheat it
for serving. You do not need to make a shade selection for this mode, since this is
simply a reheating mode and not a browning process.
• Remove toast – Once the toasting cycle is complete, the lever will release. If needed, pull
the lever up slightly to assist in removing your toasted item.
If you need to stop the toaster for any reason, press “Cancel” or disengage
the lever.
The following chart is meant to serve as a general guide for choosing the appropriate toaster
settings. Experiment a bit to identify your preferred settings.
Type of Bread
(for medium browning)
Type of Bread
White sandwich bread
English muffins (sliced)
Wheat or rustic breads
Frozen waffles
Toaster pastry tarts
• Load – Place one slice of bread at a time in each toasting slot. For best results, use a similar type
and thickness of bread in a single toasting cycle. If toasting large items such as bagels or English
muffins; cut them in half and place one half in each slot. Position the cut sides facing the center of
the toaster.
Frozen toaster
Bagels (sliced)
Your Calphalon 2 or 4 Slot Toaster features cool-touch plastic on the sides, front and back; however, the
chrome plate on the top of the toaster is made from metal and will be hot during and after a toasting
cycle. To prevent burns or personal injury, please do not touch this chrome plate during or after a
toasting cycle. Always exercise caution when removing toasted breads from the toaster.
(for medium browning)
Do not operate toaster empty.
Attention 4 Slot Toaster Owners – Your toaster is equipped with two independently
controlled pairs of toasting slots. There are two control panels that may be used on different
settings at the same time.
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