Can NOAHaud do that?(continued)

Can NOAHaud do that?(continued)
December 2009
Can NOAHaud do that?
By Sue Falkingham, HIMSA Staff Audiologist
manual for more detailed information
on each area installed on your
computer by going to the Start Menu,
choosing All Programs, NOAH
System and Documentation.
Viewing the screen your way
The NOAHaud display is flexible
to allow the test data to be viewed
in a number of different ways.
In NOAHaud you can display an
audiogram for the left and right
ears separately or as one graph and
using the Profile Manager from the
(continued on page 2)
I’m sure you are aware of the
NOAHaud module, but just in
case you have never opened this
part of NOAH let me give you an
introduction to it. The NOAHaud
module can be
used to record
for your
clients, either
entering the
data or directly
from your
Sue Falkingham
HIMSA Staff Audiologist
an Audi-Link compatible audiometer.
As this is within the NOAH software,
the audiograms that you record
are saved as part of your client’s
record. This makes it easy to retrieve
audiograms at a later date. NOAHaud
is installed automatically as part of a
NOAH installation and can be found
by clicking the audiogram shortcut
button or looking on your module list.
NOAHaud has a full chapter
allocated to it in your NOAH User
Manual look at page 64 for more
details on the topics covered in this
article. You can find the NOAH User
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HIMSA Welcomes
Four New Members
Coming soon:
NOAH 3.7 with
Windows 7 support
Can NOAHaud do that?(continued)
Tools menu allows you to define the
information you want to display as
well as how that information will
When entering audiogram data
you can also define the symbols
NOAHaud should display by simply
right clicking on the list of symbols
and selecting Edit test properties.
Extending the high frequencies
NOAHaud supports the use of
extended high frequency testing by
allowing you to input and display
frequencies to 16kHz simply by
selecting this option in the profile
options. You can also include as
many frequencies as you require in
your puretone average calculation
at the bottom of the graph simply
by clicking on the calculator icon to
change the average frequencies.
Helping me answer my patient
I often find my patients ask how bad
their hearing is and I find NOAHaud
has a little feature that helps me
answer that question. In NOAHaud
I am able to display an underlay on
the audiogram so that I can discuss
the Speech spectrum and severity of
loss in relation to the patient’s own
audiogram. I have also been able
to tailor the severity of loss scale
so that it fits my population data.
Having the visual cue for my patient’s
really helps their understanding of
hearing levels and what they mean for
speech communication. The NOAH
User Manual has a section on the
NOAHaud module if you need help
to tailor your graphs.
I also use the graph to review and
compare the existing audiogram with
the new audiogram I have obtained.
Although many patients ask if their
hearing has decreased since the
last test and this will allow me to
display the change for them I find the
comparison of the previous action
is also a valuable tool for my own
interpretation of the test results and
the issues facing my patient.
All of these features are found in
the View Menu on the NOAHaud
One last thing…
If you are entering older audiogram
data don’t forget to alter the date of
evaluation under the Edit menu and
always enter the latest audiogram last
so that it is the one pulled through to
other modules.
For more NOAHaud tips, visit our
website at
HIMSA Welcomes Four New Members
HIMSA is pleased to welcome four
new member companies.
Inventis ( is an
Italian young, innovative, high-tech
company, which develops leadingedge diagnostic systems dedicated to
the ENT specialists.
Inventis core team has been active
for many years in the development,
production, sale and support of
medical devices. In a few years,
Inventis developed a broad product
line covering all the ENT specialties,
used by a fast growing number of
professionals worldwide.
Inventis goal is further widening the
product line, in order to become one of
the world-leading suppliers of medical
devices for ENT doctors.
Real Ear (
is proud to offer a modern, up-todate solution for leasing your fitting
Primus Fitting System, the most
visionary system on the market,
includes everything you need within
audiometry, real ear measurements,
client counseling and hearing aid
We ensure a fast and easy start-up,
automatic calibrations and a short
contract period. You have access
to online software updates around
the clock and calibrations are done
without downtime. You pay a regular
low price – all inclusive.
Entomed AB, founded in 1986,
is a Swedish company specialized
in development and manufacturing
of audiometers. Recently Entomed
launched a new generation of
audiometers. The new generation is
digital and RoHS compatible and
thus, well adapted to the modern
user and environmental concerns.
All Entomed products are considered
as user friendly, robust, reliable and
yet affordable. Entomed products are
exported to more than 60 countries
around the world. Visit for further information.
title + + ( offers
customized software solutions both for
customers in the industry and small
title++ has developed the digital
audiometer ear20 ( This
high-quality audiometer is manufactured
by Auritec Medizindiagnostische GmbH
( in Hamburg and can
be obtained worldwide.
As a member of HIMSA, Olaf
Title, the owner of title + +, plans
to continually improve and develop
audiometers. Through experience and
contacts with other HIMSA members,
the device can be optimally integrated
into existing NOAH office solutions.
Coming soon: NOAH 3.7 with Windows 7 support
NOAH System 3.7, with Windows
7 support, is in final testing and is
expected to be released by the end of
the year.
HIMSA will soon begin certifying
NOAH modules on Windows 7. In
the meantime however, we suggest
that you contact your NOAH module
suppliers to ensure Windows 7
compatibility before purchasing
Windows 7.
Watch out for 64-bit!
While 64-bit operating systems
may offer advantages, a great
number of currently certified fitting
and measurement modules will
not function with 64-bit operating
Once NOAH 3.7 has been released,
HIMSA anticipates that it will take a
great deal of time for a larger number
of these modules to be HIMSA
certified for 64-bit operating systems.
In addition, older 16-bit NOAH
modules originally written for NOAH
2 will NEVER be able to function on
64-bit operating systems.
Therefore, if you plan to purchase a
new computer
with a 64-bit
system, please
check with
your module
suppliers first.
Certified NOAH 3 Products
The following is a list of products that have been certified through December 1,
2009. For a complete list of current certified products, visit HIMSA’s website.
** certified for NOAHlink
** certified for Windows Vista
NOAH 3 Fitting Modules:
Argosy Professional Fitting Guideline 8.6a **
Argosy iPFG 2.4 **,**
Audifon Audifit 4.3 **,**
Audina ezFIT 4.16
Authorized Hearing Systems QuikFit 3.8.3
Beltone Selectafit 4.2b
Beltone Solus 2.7 **,**
Bernafon Oasis Plus 11.0 **,**
Cochlear Baha Fitting Software 1.0 SR1 **,**
Coselgi Amadeus 4.1 **,**
Coselgi C-tune 1.0 **,**
ExSilent Q Fit 1.05.34 **
GN ReSound Audifit 1.30 **
GN ReSound Aventa 2.9 **,**
GN ReSound Danfit 4.30g
GN ReSound Resource II 1.6
Interton CompuFit 4.4 **,**
Interton Appraise **,**
Magnatone DigiPro 6.05.09
Micro-Tech Meridian 5.5.35 **
Oticon Genie 2009.2 **,**
Oticon Otiset 5.1
Phonak Fitting Guideline 8.6b **
Phonak iPFG 2.5a **,**
Persona Medical VoicePro for NOAH 1.01 **
SeboTek Fitting Software 4.8 (0507) **,**
Siemens CONNEXX **,**
SONIC Innovations Expressfit 6.1 **,**
Starkey PFS, NuEar, Omni, Qualitone 4.5.309 **
Starkey Inspire OS (AudioSync, Audibel, Micro
Tech , NuEar, Omni, Qualitone) **,**
Unitron U Fit 2.1 **,**
Unitron Unifit 5.51 **
Vivatone Vivaset **,**
Widex COMPASS 4.7.2 **,**
eTONA Modules:
Siemens eForms 4.2.1
Siemens Order Creation Module
Starkey Inspire OS **,**
Measurement Modules:
Bertges EAR 2.0
Frye Electronics Fonix for NOAH 1.23
Frye Fonix Technicians Module 1.0
GN Otometrics OTOsuite **
Grason-Stadler GSI Audio Tymp 1.0
Inmedico Oscilla 2.02 **
Interacoustics AC440 1.08
Interacoustics REM440 1.09
Interacoustics Affinity HIT 1.0
Interacoustics IA-NOAH-AUD 1.16
Interacoustics IA-NOAH-IMP 1.07
Interacoustics IA-NOAH-REM 1.08
Madsen/Otometrics AURICAL plus Aud 4.03.0222 **
Madsen/Otometrics Conera Aud 4.03.0222 **
Madsen/Otometrics AURICAL plus REM **
Madsen/Otometrics AURICAL plus HIT 4.1.0130 **
Madsen/Otometrics Capella 2.12 **
Madsen/Otometrics OtoCam 3.1.12
Madsen/Otometrics Tymp-Link 1.0
Madsen/Otometrics Zodi-Link 3.0
Madsen/Otometrics Aurical Visible Speech 2.01.03
Maico Audiometry 3.0
MedRx Avant HIT 1.0
MedRx Avant A2D 2.0
MedRx Avant AUD 2.0
MedRx Avant REM Speech 2.01
Otovation Symphony 1.1
Siemens UNITY (Aud, HIA, Probe) 4.7
Siemens UNITY VO 2.0
Other Modules:
3shape Scanner Module **
GN ReSound Pro Counsel 1.3 **
Interton ProFiler 1.2 **
Office Systems:
ASEGO 09/2008
AuditData Mirage 2.5
AuditData Auditbase System 4.14.04
Bertges Power Office für Noah3 - SQL 2.0
Computers Unlimited TIMS for Audiology 5.1.1
EMAR Lægesystem 11.0.1
Fischbauer Software FS-Akustik 2.13
IPN Systemhaus AkuWin Office NG 2.4
Siemens Practice Navigator NHS
Starkey Laboratories ProHear 6.3.82
Widex InfoTrack 1.2
Support Corner
Should I Upgrade to
NOAH System 3.7?
The release of NOAH 3.7 is right around
the corner; but do you need to make the
The changes in NOAH System 3.7 from
NOAH 3.6.1 are installation changes.
Therefore, if you are running NOAH
3.6.1 Patch G on a Windows XP or Vista
operating system, you may not need to
move to NOAH 3.7.
If however you are running any version
of NOAH System earlier that NOAH
3.6.1, now is the time to update! NOAH
3.6.1 and NOAH 3.7 when released are
the only supported versions of NOAH
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