Miracall technology
MIRACALL Technology CO.,LTD.
1. Panel Diagram -------------------------------------------------------1
2. Installation--------------------------------------------------------------2
2-1 Installation for Key Phone-------------------------------------2
2-2 Crystal Head Compression------------------------------------2
3. Operation --------------------------------------------------------------3
3-1 Key Program--------------------------------------------------- 3
3-2 Function Introduction------------------------------------------3
4. Instruction Table ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
1. Panel
(1) Handset
MIRACALL Technology CO.,LTD.
(2) LCD screen with two rows and 16 digits, including
incoming call number, program content、extension Number.
(3) Dial Panel
(4)Special Function Key
“REDIAL”__ for the last number redialing
“FLASH” __ for Co. Line flash.
“CONF” __ used when phone meeting required.
“SPKR” ___ for making a conversation on hooking off.
“HOLD”___ for Co. Line holding.
“FORWARD”- used for forwarding an incoming call.
MUTE key – for muting the calling party during conversation.(unavailable in MC-416E)
“ ” - Increase the volume of hand free, handset, and ringing.
”_ Decrease the volume of hand free, handset, and ringing.
“PAGE”- for internal and loudspeaker paging.
“TRFR”- used for the Co. line and internal conversation transferring
(5) Other function keys and Co. line keys:
“CHECK ” – for status checking and system programming usage.
“CLEAR “ – for clearing the content of checking and programming. Also for exiting from the checking or
programming status.
“PAGE UP”- for forwarding to check incoming call number.
“PAGE DOWN”- for back warding to check incoming call number.
“INT”- for internal calling
“LINE ”– for fetch a free Co. line.
1-16 keys- default as Co. line keys, can also be programmed as extension keys and function keys.
Note: On LCD screen, only “Key Phone EXT Extension Number” display MC-416E
2. Installation
2-1 Key Phone installation
Key Phone to the hybrid port in the mainframe. If the line is too short for your environment, you
can select a longer line by yourself. Be sure that the wire order in the line must be correct,
otherwise the phone will not work.
2-2 Wire order at the cable crystal head
2. Green
3. Red
4. Black
2. Green
3. Red
4. Black
MIRACALL Technology CO.,LTD.
3. Operation
3-1 Checking 16 DSS keys at Key Phone
On hooking on status, press “CHECK” key once. Then press the 16 DSS keys respectively, and those statuses
will display at the LCD screen one by one.
3-2 Key Phone programming
Representative function of 16 DSS keys can be changed__ pressing “CHECK” key twice, program status will be
displayed on the screen, then input class code, then input extension port number, CO Line port number or outside
line number, finally press “HOLD” key to save .
class code : “1”: standing for setting CO Line port number.
“2”: standing for setting Extension port number.
“3”: standing for setting outside line number.(must press“ 9” before inputting outside line number.
The function is not included in WS824(3) ).
3-2-1 When CO Lines used is over 8,change to sent DSS key “9-16”to be CO Line key(Ext.key)
and procedure as the following :
When Key Phone is in idle status, press“ CHECK” key twice and enter into program status.
Then press DSS key, which is set, then press”1” . ( or “ 2”)
Input purpose CO Line port number.(or extension port number.)
Press “HOLD” and “ CLEAR” key, then exit from program status.
3-3 Function Introduction
Making an outside call
 Hooking off- hearing dialing tone- press”9”–press outside line number.
 Hooking off- hearing dialing tone–press outside line number
 Hooking off- hearing dialing tone-press CO Line DSS key –press outside line number.
Hooking off- hearing dialing tone- –press “Line” key - press outside line number.
Call Transfer
Can transfer an incoming call_ when ringing at one extension, hooking off and making a
conversation, then dial purpose extension number or press “TRFR” key and press purpose
extension number.
Hearing dialing tone – press “PAGE” key- paging.
When an outside line comes in, hooking off and making a conversation, then press “ CONF” key,
after hearing dialing tone, press purpose extension number. If can route, press “ CONF” key, thus,
can make a three parties meeting. If want more people to join, press “CONF” key again. If still
want more parties again, please do as the above procedure. And 8 parties can be joined including
MIRACALL Technology CO.,LTD.
2 CO Lines 6 Extensions.
Volume Adjustment
Volume of speaker、handle and ringing can be adjusted.
Hand free
User can make a conversation under hooking on status.
Checking Incoming Call Number
If want to check incoming call number, telephone must be connected with extension port number 001-004. And
Caller ID function of Group Phone System operating and CO Line must be allowed. 50 groups incoming number
can be saved at Key Phone. In hooking on status at one key phone, pressing “PAGE UP” and “PAGE DOWN” key,
users can check incoming call numbers and relative information. And press “ MUTE” key to clear all of incoming
call record.
4. Instruction Table
Make Internal Call
Press INT +Ext. No.
Make External Call
Press LINE +Tel. No.
Call Transfer
Press TRF + Ext. No. + Hang Up
Outside Call Hold
Press “ HOLD” key.
Call Hold at one extension
Press INT + 55
Retrieving an extension
Press INT +5+ Ext. No.
Retrieving an outside line
Press INT +53+ outside line No.
Call Pick up
Press INT + 40
Outside line reservation
Press “6” when CO Line is busy.
Extension reservation
Press “6” when extension is busy.
Abbreviation Dialing
Hooking off +press “DND” key + abbreviation code 00-49.
Accompany Password
Press INT +* * +password +9 +tel. no.
Intruding an incoming call
Press INT +“3”+CO Line port number +”1”
Disconnecting an
Press INT +extension number + “ * ”
Call Forward
Set All Call :Press INT +71 + Ext. no. +1+#
Set Busy : Press INT +71 + Ext. no. +2+#
Set No Answer: Press INT +71 + Ext. no. +3+#
Set :Busy and No Answer
Press INT +71 + Ext. no. +4+#
Cancel: Press INT +79 +#
MIRACALL Technology CO.,LTD.
Do Not
and DND
Press INT + 7110#
Press INT + 79#
Setting: Press INT + 722+ 4 digit password #
Cancellation: Press INT + 723+ 4 digit password #
Open : Press INT + 761#
Setting: Press INT + 762# + extension number( 9 +outside line number )
Cancellation: Press INT + 760#
First Duration: Press INT +7851#
Second Duration: Press INT +7852#
Third Duration: Press INT +7853#
First Duration: Press INT +7861#
Second Duration: Press INT +7862#
Third Duration: Press INT +7863#
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