User`s Manual
User’s Manual
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- Please read before assembling Important information for preventing damages upon assembly:
Before delivery, the metal detector is tested and measured to guarantee full functionality.
Assembling the metal detector wrong or overhasty can damage or sever the interior cables.
Therefore please assemble it slowly and carefully!
Reparations of defects caused by wrong assembly will be made at the owner's expense!
Thus please especially take care that the upper and lower part of the shaft are connected
correctly: the cut-out on the lower part has to face upwards, into the direction of the
controlling unit which can be found on the upper part of the shaft. This cut-out shall
protect the cables in the shaft from being severed or damaged. The parts have to be
pushed together in their correct position!
If you do not mind this small, but nevertheless important fact, you may damage the cables.
This may lead to malfunctions of the detector, e.g. loose contacts or even non-function. To
check whether the cables are cut or damaged, please remove the controlling unit by releasing
the small screw.
Detailed instruction how to assemble the Deep Target metal detector:
• Remove the big plastic-headed screw (1) on the upper part of the shaft (A).
• Release the small screw (2) which connects the upper part of the shaft with the
controlling unit (C) - slightly, but not completely.
• Connect both ends of the cables and mind the correct assembling of plug and socket
(3). Small arrows on both point out in which position they are connected correctly.
Wrong assembling may damage the cables.
• Let the lower part of the shaft (B) slide slowly onto the upper part in direction of the
controlling unit. Mind the position of the cut-out as written above! The cables run
through this spot of the upper shaft part to the controlling unit (5). Wrong positioning
of the parts while assembling will damage the cables!
• After you connected both shaft parts correctly, tighten the small screw (2), than refit
the big plastic-headed screw into the hole on the rearside (6) and tighten it as well.
Please adjust the length of the lower stem so that you can stand upright with the
detector in your hand. In doing so the search coil should be hold 2 cm over the ground.
Then turn the stem lock nut in reverse direction until the stem is fixed.
After that, please align the search coil to the ground. The search coil should always be
aligned parallel to the ground.
If necessary, the armrest can be aligned as well. In order to do that please unscrew the
screws on the back side of the armrest.
(Structure change – to be continued with 3.2 Installing Batteries / Preparation)
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